Carolina Silva and Dorotea Ceramics

Whenever I get a product recommendation from someone who works in the food world, I get excited. Mainly because that sort of praise often comes with a real-life use and testing you don’t always get from other sources. These beautiful tabletop ceramics are the work of ceramicist Carolina Silva, a friend of food writer, stylist and photographer Aran Goyoaga. I’ve been a fan of Aran’s work and her blog for a long time (I love the way she always makes food look colorful and fresh), so when she recommends someone’s tabletop craft, I pay attention.

Originally from Spain, Carolina now lives and works in Seattle. Her work ranges from beautiful textured tabletop designs for retail to more dramatic fine art pieces that are displayed in museums like the Seattle Art Museum. This tabletop range that Aran photographed for Carolina is so full of detail. I love the little floral touches here and there and the fine etching details. These are the sorts of pieces that I’d of course be happy to see en masse, but I really love the idea of having one or two treasured pieces that you can use for everyday occasions. This year I really learned to enjoy using “special” dishes and ceramics for everyday meals (Thank you, Julia), and these pieces by Carolina feel like just the type of pieces that would make a weekday breakfast feel special. Thanks so much to Aran for these beautiful photos. You can view more of Carolina’s work here or see it in person at her show tonight (6-9 pm) at The London Plane in Seattle (a beautiful market/flower shop/restaurant). xo, grace

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Dalit Vic

Great ceramic work. Can really feel the material in this not too polished finish and the use of ceramics with out varnish on it. Loved it

Maya @ House Nerd

Oh my goodness, these are gorgeous. I have never seen anything quite like them. I love that sort of grey-blue colour she uses and I like that they are not ‘perfectly perfect’ but handmade and real.

Pilar. González

Me encantan estos trabajos, aportan frescura y originalidad alegra esas comidas aburridas o esos desayunos que tanto nos cuesta después de una noche sin descansar bien. Te alegran la mañana para empezar el día . Feelicidades Carolina, como siemprre has hecho un buen trabajo. Besos .