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Best of Hardware

by Amy Azzarito

One of the challenges of living in the same space for an extended period of time is that you stop actually seeing it. But sometimes all it takes is a few little changes to make your home feel fresh and updated. And hardware is one of those oft-overlooked home details that can make a huge difference to both the look and feel of your home. It’s also one of those things that renters are often afraid to swap out. But I say, as long as it can be undone (just save the old hardware and swap it back out when you move again), then go for it. Often those “temporary” living situations can stretch on for a long time. And I should know, I’ve been in my current rental for almost ten years! And it took me nearly that long to start making some hardware changes. I only recently changed out my closet door handles (there’s a photo of my new goddess handles below) and every time I open my closet doors, I feel happier. (That is until I’m confronted with the disaster that my closet has become – spring cleaning time!) But if you’re reluctant to make a big change to your doors or cabinets,  the other fantastic option for an upgrade is to swap the hardware on furniture. It’s a move that can make a serious upgrade to that Ikea dresser. See below for some examples. –Amy

Image above: In their 1905 farmhouse home just outside of Boise, Idaho, Steve and Kalah Kren have a different doorknob on every door. See all the photos of home for a family of five here.

Image above: The bedroom doorknob in Scottish graphic design Glenn Garriock’s converted aircraft hangar home brings a touch of vintage in an otherwise modern space. See what life is like in an converted aircraft hangar right here.

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This post is brought to you by Schlage, a design leader that bridges the gap between strength and design. The preferred choice for door locks, handlesets and levers, Schlage is bringing attention back to the door and encouraging homeowners to rethink their doors with stylish hardware upgrades. Check out https://www.facebook.com/SchlageLocks to get in on the fun!

Image above: Gorgeous door knobs at the American Trade Hotel in Panama City. See all the photos here (But watch out! You’ll be wanting to book a plane ticket, asap.)

Image above: The simplest black knobs make a big statement in this black and white bathroom. See all the photos of this historic Craftsman home here.

Image above: Original door hardware in Kirsten Marchand’s 1700s home. The house has been everything from a tavern to a doctor’s office. Now it’s home to a couple with twin toddlers. See all the photos here.

Image above: Hardware is not only for furniture. These drawer pulls are repurposed as earring storage. See all the photos of this creative set designer’s home here.

Image above: Living in a rental doesn’t mean you have to just accept the ugly hardware. I found these Nagkonya goddess handles on eBay and used them to replace the pulls on my closet. See all the photos of my Williamsburg home here.

Image above: Even the cabinet pulls are colorful in this French home. See all the photos (and lots of color!) here.

Image above: The original 1965 door handles in this Danish home are on all doors throughout the home. See all the photos here.

Image above: An Ikea dresser gets a makeover with new drawer pulls. See all the photos of this Chicago apartment here.

Image above: This simple white cabinet is a graphic statement with elaborate black hardware. See all the photos of this house in the Hudson Valley right here.

Image above: White knobs on all black kitchen cabinets are a pretty fantastic way to upgrade a kitchen on a budget. See all the photos of this Massachusetts home here.

Image above: This Ikea dresser got a major upgrade with a simple coat of red paint and new hardware. See all the photos of this San Francisco home here.

Image above: Bright new knobs give life to an old dresser found at a flea market for $45. See all the photos from this Minneapolis home here.

Image above: Serious hardware on this red front door Melbourne, Australia. See all the photos of this World War II building right here.

Image above: These bright green knobs were part of the kitchen when Leslie Lewis Sigler and her husband Nathan moved into this Santa Barbara home. See all the photos of their Spanish Colonial here.

Image above: A new restaurant in Greenpoint, Brooklyn celebrates old hardware. See all the photos here

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  • I’m really a nut for good hardware mainly because my brother is a blacksmith and he makes the most beautiful hand forged stuff.

  • We just signed the lease on our apartment for an additional two years, so I swapped out the hardware in the kitchen and the powder room. A quick trip to Home Depot and $25 made such a difference! I went with brushed bronze, almost black, in my white kitchen, and crystal in the powder room. I couldn’t believe what a difference such a small change made.

  • Love this post! It’s so easy to overlook hardware, but it can make a HUGE difference in the look. I’ve lately become obsessed with door knobs as we have to change out the one’s we have currently. There are so many choices. Whatever we choose will have a big impact on the look of the h0use. Thank you for posting these ideas to feed my new obsession!