Arrangement of The Month: Spring Wreath

by Maxwell Tielman

Design*Sponge | Spring Wreath

Although the so-called “first day of spring” was a few weeks ago, it only just started to feel like spring around these parts this week—and I can not even begin to describe how happy this makes me! After a winter that—even by historical standards—was unbearably oppressive, the onset of warmer weather has left all of us at Design*Sponge walking with a slight spring in our step (no pun intended!). To celebrate this annual shift in seasons (and overall mood), we had the wonderful Kristen Ossmann of Pretty Streets Botanicals share a simple spring wreath for April’s Arrangement of The Month. With a few seasonal blooms, this lovely creation will help you get in the spring mood in no time! —Max


First, gather your wreath making materials. Choose things that appeal to you and will hold their form and color over time. You can source from flower markets, farmers markets, spring garden clean-up materials, the side of the road or the woods.

Design*Sponge | Spring Wreath Ingredients

For this wreath I chose heather as my base. Heather is great for texture and color, but be forewarned, it’s messy. I sort of love the amazing amounts of dark pink heather dust it leaves behind on my studio floor and it’s super easy to just sweep up. I also chose to work with rice flower, poppy pods and some wild grasses. I like to add some flowering branches in at the end, such as dogwood or magnolia. They won’t last more than several hours out of water, but you can add them for special occasions and remove them after they fade.

To start forming the wreath, trim the heather branches and layer them on top of each other a few branches at a time. After securing them with floral wire, layer another gathering of branches, staggering them so they overlap where you have bound the branches with wire. You will start to form your shape. Keep doing this until you can connect the two ends together. I am not too strict on the circle. I like my wreaths to be a little bit wild and somewhat nest-like with pieces sticking out here and there.

Design*Sponge | Heather Design*Sponge | Heather Wreath

After forming the base of your wreath, start adding all of the cool things you gathered. I like to put them together in a mini bouquet style and twine them together so it is easy to attach them to the wreath. You might prefer to individually wire them. I tend to work the extras in a little off-center in a cluster, but there is really no right or wrong. Try adding items in the center or staggered throughout the wreath, whichever works and looks best to you. I couldn’t resist the poppy pods, so I ended up adding quite a few embellishments! This made my wreath a little heavy for the heather base, so I attached the whole thing with wire onto a grape vine form.

Design*Sponge | Spring Wreath Bouquet

For embellishments, consider adding some flowering branches or anything else that suits your fancy. Ferns, herbs and flowers can add another dimension and beauty to your wreath. Some of these embellishments might not stand the test of time. My solution is to securely tuck these items through the base but forgo the wire so you can easily remove them once they fade. If your wreath is kept away from the elements and the harsh sun, the rest of the wreath should hold its own for quite some time.

Enjoy your wreath making! Happy Spring!

Design*Sponge | Spring Wreath

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