A Day In The Life of Max Poglia

Max Poglia is living proof that an artist doesn’t need to be defined by a single label. Whether he’s creating brand designs and signage for restaurants like Buvette and Bedford Post Inn or designing and producing his own line of leather bags, hand-forged knives and blankets, Max is always working on something beautiful. I first came in contact with his work when Julia introduced me to Buvette. She was working on the cookbook and Max was responsible for so much of the lettering, signage and branding that would go into the photography for the book. So I first became a fan of the graphic work he was creating for that special space. Then I discovered that he had legions of fans who followed him not just for his beautiful branding and photography, but for his incredible collection of handmade leather bags and a line of knives that seems to be every food stylist’s must-have for shoots these days. Clearly this Brazilian-born designer is just getting started, so I can’t wait to see what he’s working on next (a collaboration with Ouigi from Brooklyn Circus is in the works, too!). Today Max kindly offered to give us a peek inside his daily life, from walks in Central Park to packing off knives to be sold and setting up photo shoots for a new project. I hope you’ll enjoy this peek as much as I did. You can visit Max online here, on Instagram and check out his work online here. xo, grace

Music by Latche Swing at FMA

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My day starts around 7:30 am, but I always stay a little more time in bed checking emails and doing some reading. When I’m lucky, the day will start with a fresh squeezed OJ brought by my wife, Cecilia.

8:00 am: The day really starts after I make my cappuccino. I love to feel the cold of the spring mornings drinking my coffee on the balcony.

Contemplating Central Park is a ritual to me, especially at this time of the year with all the magical changes.

Lola is the best excuse to go to Central Park everyday.

Our morning family walk.

After the park I’m finishing some leather sleeves for the knives that I have to ship and for the photo shoot I will have in the afternoon.

Leather bags and knives to be shipped.

A selection of props and goods for the photo shoot.

12:30 pm: I stop by Buvette for some protein and to grab a copy of the book that will be released in a couple of days.

2:00 pm: I’m meeting with Ouigi Theodore, from TheBrooklynCircus, for a special collaboration we have been working on together.

Props on set for the photo shoot in collaboration with Ouigi.

One of my bags ready to be shot.

I always try to be home before sunset. The same way my day started, it ends contemplating the park and having a glass or two of wine.