A Day In The Life

A Day In The Life of Maryanne Moodie

by Grace Bonney

As most textile lovers can attest, there is something magical about watching things be woven on a loom. Whether it’s beautiful material for dresses or a detailed wall hanging, seeing hundreds or thousands of tiny strands moving and working together on such a large scale – controlled by a single human being – is like watching an elaborately controlled dance. I’ve got a short list of textile-based artists I watch on a daily basis, and artist Maryanne Moodie is one of them. I came across her work relatively recently on Lucy’s blog, The Design Files.

Originally based in Melbourne, Maryanne now lives in Brooklyn with her family and creates stunning tapestries by hand. I love the vivid colors and rich texture she works into her pieces – they’re almost like living creatures on the wall with their own character and personalities. Though she’s only been weaving since 2010, Maryanne has built a devoted following who adore everything from her well-curated vintage collection to her dramatic custom-order wall hangings. Today we’re taking a peek inside her daily life, including time with her son and packaging up custom orders ready to mail. Thanks so much to Maryanne for sharing her day with us! xo, grace

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hot cross buns
Hot Cross Buns: I live all year awaiting the arrival of these in bakeries in Australia. I was devastated to find they are not “a thing” in NYC. So I got up early and baked my own. Aaron, Murray and I ate four immediately as they came out of the oven. Yummy!

design meeting
Design Meeting: I have a quick morning meeting with a new client to commission a weaving to be given to her two best friends on the day they wed.

Out we go: Spring has sprung in Brooklyn!

the old stone house
The Old Stone House: Had a meeting to view the space I will be using for my two weaving classes on May 11. They are phenomenal.

work space
Back home for a little weaving time. I’m working on a collection for a Brooklyn shop called Straw and Gold.

Murray goes down for a nap whilst I have a simple lunch. Too many hot cross buns this morning.

…And he’s awake. Hi, Murray!

A little play time before a busy afternoon.

photo1 (2)
So excited. My new friend is a candy maker in Brooklyn and she makes her products by hand. She came over to show me the new identity for her Cracked Candy and have a taste. Yummy and pretty.

Dal and Spicy Potatoes: Tonight I am cooking from my mate’s blog.

Murray is fed, bathed and in bed singing himself to sleep so I have some time for yoga.

Packing up some woven tapestries to be sent off in the morning. It’s always nice to gift wrap my work as most of the time they are gifts – even if they are a gift to themselves.

And finally to bed: Most of my day, house and life are filled with crazy color and so our bedroom is calm and quiet. No screens in here, just a pile of old penguins that have been lovingly read and reread over the years.

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