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A Bakeri Grows in Greenpoint

by Grace Bonney

Design*Sponge Tour of Bakeri in Greenpoint (Photos by Max Tielman)
I’ve spent some of the best years of my life living in the northern end of Greenpoint. Though I’m by no means a native, I feel like this small area just south of the bridge to Queens is my home. While it seems like a new space opens up every week in the neighborhood’s mid-way point (on Greenpoint Avenue), there hasn’t been quite the same rush to turn empty storefronts into retail shops and restaurants a few blocks north.

Freeman Street between Manhattan Avenue and Franklin Street is a quiet block just a short walk away from the last subway stop in Greenpoint. The first week I adopted Hope, I walked her around this block countless times (sometimes at 2 in the morning) and never imagined that it would become the home of something so special and beautiful. But it has, thanks to Nina Brondmo of the beloved bakery, Bakeri.

Design*Sponge Tour of Bakeri in Greenpoint (Photos by Max Tielman)
Design*Sponge Tour of Bakeri in Greenpoint (Photos by Max Tielman)
Originally from Norway, Nina Brondmo opened her delicious, bread-filled hotspot in an old home in Williamsburg in 2009. Its sweet treats, sandwiches, salads and desserts developed a devoted following almost instantaneously and fans now come from far and wide to not only sample the delicious food, but to admire the decor – a look that is uniquely Nina’s. A bit of old-world charm mixed with handmade touches (Nina’s good friend painted beautiful scenery and signage on the shop’s windows and doors), Bakeri is quite simply my favorite spot to grab something special and sweet.

You can imagine my delight when I saw, on Instagram, that Bakeri had opened a new location in Greenpoint. A few quick emails later, Max, Amy and I are walking up the block to photograph Nina’s latest location – and what I’m convinced is the most beautiful wall in Greenpoint.

Photographs by Maxwell Tielman

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Design*Sponge Tour of Bakeri in Greenpoint (Photos by Max Tielman) Design*Sponge Tour of Bakeri in Greenpoint (Photos by Max Tielman)
Design*Sponge Tour of Bakeri in Greenpoint (Photos by Max Tielman)
Bakeri’s Greenpoint location was born out of a need for more baking space. Nina explained that the Williamsburg location was so cramped that they sought out a larger space where they could devote more real estate to daily baking and shuttle the food back and forth based on the other location’s needs. But word of the new location has spread quickly and already locals have been dropping by to get coffee and fresh breads until the lunch service is in full swing (hopefully next week).

It’s easy to be blinded by one stunning wall in the space, dominated by the incredible wallpaper creation of French designer, Nathalie Lété. After seeing the paper in an Anthropologie catalog, Nina fell in love with it and quickly found herself in a hunt for the last remaining rolls (Nathalie only produced 100 rolls). Luckily, she was able to find two rolls in Europe and after they were installed, the space was flooded with colorful images and bright, cheerful flowers.

Design*Sponge Tour of Bakeri in Greenpoint (Photos by Max Tielman)
Design*Sponge Tour of Bakeri in Greenpoint (Photos by Max Tielman)
In addition to the wallpaper (which I’m pretty sure is bound to be an Instagram “most photographed” contestant soon), Bakeri’s Greenpoint space also features interior decorations, from tables and lighting to mirrors and display cases, that are almost entirely salvaged. Nina told us that she is always picking up pieces here and there during her travels and bringing them home to find a new space in her bakeries.

Design*Sponge Tour of Bakeri in Greenpoint (Photos by Max Tielman)

Design*Sponge Tour of Bakeri in Greenpoint (Photos by Max Tielman)
The most striking found feature is definitely the grand doors that form Bakeri’s entrance. Salvaged from Bedford-Stuyvesant, the doors are part of a beautiful and elaborate storefront Nina had designed and built to accommodate commercial ovens – and to welcome patrons in style. Nina’s good friend painted the gold floral detailing on the side panels and door windows, a delicate touch that highlights Nina’s attention to details at every step.

So many new restaurants open with an instantly “worn in” look these days, but without the heart and soul that makes it feel real. Nina has done such a beautiful job creating a space that feels homey and worn-in, but with the warm welcoming feel that comes with a space much, much older. We’re so lucky to have Bakeri in the neighborhood – welcome, Nina and Co.! xo, grace

Design*Sponge Tour of Bakeri in Greenpoint (Photos by Max Tielman)

Design*Sponge Tour of Bakeri in Greenpoint (Photos by Max Tielman)

Design*Sponge Tour of Bakeri in Greenpoint (Photos by Max Tielman)

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  • Not to ignore the fabulous wallpaper, but I love how the exposed ductwork blends so well in the retail area. Perfect rustic chic.

  • I wish I could visit today! I love it when antiques or older pieces are incorporated into a public space.

  • I love the whimsical wall! I thought it looked familiar… I pretty much associate Anthropologie to Nathalie Lété’s work. That said I see a huge Josef Frank influence! :) Reminds me of the Vegetable Tree and the Italian Dinner. Lucky for her to score the paper. Lovely space!

  • Wow! Absolutely stunning space! If that place were near me…I would probably gain a few pounds from buying baked goods just to admire the scenery! I can only imagine how delicious everything tastes!


  • Lovely! I saw a photo of a horse, but no animal body parts on display. So refreshing to see a space that isn’t decorated with tanning and taxidermy. I hope this signals a change in course! It looks fresh and beautiful… and yummy.

  • Haven’t been there since this amazing renovation. It’s a little gem of a place with good thing to eat and lovely people to serve you. Loving the walls!

  • I’m SO glad Bakeri is coming to Greenpoint! Their ciabatta rolls and brioches are the BEST. Obviously diggin the new space, glad it’s roomier (and gorgeous!).

  • The mixed media of this design is stunning. The contrasting tiles with the faded wood offers a merger of architectural decades. The floral prints and gold details accent the natural light and comfortable layout. The decor is fresh while deterring any element of starkness.

  • Oh wow, Bakeri is one of the places I miss so much since we moved out of the city. Its former location was our relaxing weekday breakfast date spot. If you have a chance, go there and eat all the tasty baked goods (lots of savory as well as sweet options) because it is one of the best bakeries in NYC, no contest. Glad to know they have moved into a bigger pace.

  • We just moved from this part of Greenpoint last summer after 7 years (Dupont Street) and I miss it like crazy!! This Bakeri somehow looks even more beautiful than the one in Williamsburg.

  • I really, really wish there was more of this wallpaper available. I have a new home with the perfect place for it. So stunning!

  • Absolutely beautiful, very special style. Wish I could be sitting at that old table with my sisters Ana and Claudia and my brother Riqui. We would enjoy, I’m sure of it. Maybe soon…

  • This beautiful space is my cup of tea! or coffee! I have a question about the table. Was it stripped to it’s natural wood and sanded? I’m not very knowledgeable about wood but I’m willing to give it a try. Any guidance would be appreciated. I love the look and would like to redo a few pieces to have this look.