Sweet Paul Makerie This Weekend!

I love that there are so many options now for people looking to get inspired and learn new art and business skills in person. What I routinely look for in a great conference is someone behind it who I trust implicitly- someone whose taste, business ethics and ideas are in line with what I feel are the best goals of the community. For me, Paul Lowe is one of those people. I’ve admired and respected Paul’s magazine, Sweet Paul, since its early days and have enjoyed watching how Paul has grown his business and expanded to teach people a wide range of craft and design skills. And this weekend Paul and his team are hosting their very first Sweet Paul Makerie- a creative retreat in NYC to bring their magazine to life through workshops, meals, speakers and a few special surprises.

Along with some great craft classes (Wreaths with Matthew Robbins and Soft Sculpture with Tamar Mogendorff are two of my favs), I’ll be joining Paul on stage for a discussion on the first night to talk about all sorts of design-related topics, issues and inspirations from the creative community. But what I’m most excited about are the food photography and styling classes taught by Paul himself and Colin Cooke. It promises to be quite the inspiring weekend, so if you’re in the area or want to check out more, click here for all the details and to buy a ticket. xo, grace

Emily @ Clementine

I am so excited to attend and am thrilled you’re going to be there, Grace! I agree with your thoughts about making time to learn new things. Yet, as a small business owner, it can be so difficult to actually to find time and spending it on crafting and making. I’ve been savoring dreams of this weekend for some time now and using it as a reminder to make more. I can’t wait to be in the same space with the incredible teachers, and SP/makerie creators who will be there!