Sweet Paul Book + Anthropologie Giveaway!

Sweet Paul Cover

Oh, Sweet Paul, master of all things home—we just can’t quit you! Over the years, we have watched Paul Lowe’s wonderful cooking and DIY publication Sweet Paul blossom from a tiny digital production to a full-fledged print magazine, filled with wonderful tips, beautiful projects and mouth-watering recipes—each with Paul’s trademark combination of modern charm and rustic simplicity. Now, our dear friend is diving into an all new venture, his first book: Sweet Paul Eat and Make. Jam-packed with beautiful photographs and delectable treats and crafts for your kitchen, the book will help you to, as the Sweet Paul motto goes, “chase the sweet things in life.” Today, we’re pleased to announce that we’re giving away three copies of Paul’s fabulous new book and, for one grand-prize winner, we’re throwing in a $100 gift card to Anthropoliogie! To enter, simply leave a comment below to tell us about one of the sweet things in your life (it can be anything, from a favorite recipe to a treasured object)! The winners will be chosen at random. Last day for entries 4/4/14. Good luck! —Max

[Update: congrats to Lisa for winning the giveaway!]

Ranae Guiles

One of the sweet things in my life is the Thai coffee shop across the street from the Korean mechanic that saved us hundreds on our car. Sweet Hut in Atlanta is a wonderful place to stranded with a new variety of slightly sweet pastry bun.

Jennifer Yeatts

One of my favorite sweet things to make & enjoy at home is my mom’s apple cake, which is mostly apples, really. We love it the next day, cold, for breakfast, drowned in homemade yogurt.

Mary Beth

My sweet thing is my fuzzy kitty, Dmitri, who wakes me every morning with snuggles. =^. .^=

sara bennett

My six year old daughter’s drawings are a sweet thing to me. It’s the beginning of a lifetime of being an artist and a maker.


The bunch of flowers on my coffee table is making me smile.


The sweetest things in my life are friends and family. Making meals and sitting around the table together make for the sweetest moments.


my daughter is certainly sweet and so are the corne de gazelle cookies I made for friends this Friday, happy Friday… love this giveaway


That book looks fantastic! I’d have to say the sweetest thing in my life right now is my family — is that corny?


Oh I have so many sweet things in my life, how to pick just one? My kids and hubby first come to mind and my favourite sweet moment each day is when we all sit down to dinner, to eat, talk and laugh!


Many sweet things in my life, but my most treasured item is a tiny green glass vase with opalescent grey glass winding around the outside. I inherited the vase from my great grandparents who were antiques dealers. When my great grandmother died, we discovered that she had masking-taped people’s names to the bottom of certain objects because she wanted us to have those specific pieces–this was my piece. It is not signed and I have no idea where it is from–country or time period–but I love it and have cherished it for many years.

Lindsay P.

The sweetest thing in my life is my grandmother’s cherry pie recipe. Except for the one Thanksgiving when she forgot to add the cup of sugar. Only time I’d ever heard her swear.


This book looks great, would love a copy! The sweetest thing for me right now is my husband, he made me a fancy steak dinner last night just because :)


The sweetest things in my life are the hugs I get from my kids when they just wake up and are all warm and snuggly and not quite awake yet. Makes me so happy I want to cry. But my favorite sweet recipe is my Grandmother’s Pineapple Nectarine Jam. There is nothing on earth quite like it.

Kelly Brown

One of the sweet things in my life is an old camera my grandpa had since the 1940’s. It’s so special to me. I got it after he passed away. My grandpa and I will always share a love of photography.

Cindy Krowe

Ooh, what a perfect combination of pure lovliness. I want a copy:)

jessie g

The sweetest thong in my life is my new puppy dodge :) nothing’s sweeter then unconditional love!


my german shepherd dog who is always so happy to see us and love on us.


My friends and I made handmade cards during a crafting session once, and I’ve been using and receiving them since! It makes me smile to use them, display them, and tell the story behind them.

Mary Ellen

We have a set of Doctor Who salt & pepper shakers on our kitchen table. They always bring a smile and have opened up some wonderful conversations.


One of the sweet things in my life is my pup, Harper. He’s a Lab mix and a big boy, but he’s a little guy to me. He’s so happy when I come home from work or talk to him or run through the house. Never a down day in his life, or mine, with him. :)


Salted oatmeal cookies. They’re the sweetest, perfectly salty cookies ever.

maggie graham

I make chocolate crispy cakes for every childrens’ party. Rice Crispies (or puffed rice) milk chocolate and raisins, mixed together and placed in spoonfuls in pretty paper cases. Kids and adults love them <3


My daughter is one the sweet things in my life ;). She makes me smile every day.

Joni Bree Castillo

Sweetest thing in my life is my dog, Nugget.


I love my collection of house-shaped items. I don’t know why, but the shape of a house always speaks to me.


sweet thing in my life…. my dog. :) (my kids, too, of course!) my dog is totally devoted though and just wants to be near me…. makes my heart smile.


My beautiful 94 year old grandmother is one of the sweetest things in my life. She is an inspiration and a wonderful cook! All of my best baking recipes are thanks to her.


My kitchen is my “sweet spot” in my home. I love spending mornings there with the sun coming in through the big picture window while I cook a big breakfast!


That cup of coffee first thing in the morning… and cuddles from my boys in their cozy p.j.’s! Definitely a daily sweet!

Jennifer Yeatts

My mom’s apple cake, first piece warm and crumbly from the oven, then cold the next morning, drowned in homemade yogurt. Mmm.


my baby is definitely the sweetest thing :) i’m enjoying decorating her room and dressing her in cute outfits. sweet sweet sweet.


A sweet thing is the anxious butterflies I get from planning (and over-planning…I have EVERYTHING written down, where to go, what to eat, etc.) trips with my friends…next stop France & Italy! We all work crazy jobs and it’s the one time we all get to relax (even if we’re not sleeping for a week straight!).


The daffodils poking up through a bit of snow still on the ground… signs of spring are sweet, indeed!


My sister, who has to leave the room any time there’s even a suggestion that an animal might maybe possibly get hurt during a movie.


my husband, our little apartment and it’s band of backyard cats, lavender hot chocolate in the morning, and champagne at night.


The sweetest thing in my life is my pup, Dylan. No one has ever been as excited to see me come home as he is


my sweetest things are our two cats, brother and sister, bo and eve. they can drive me crazy (especially bo who is the loudest, most vocal cat i have ever owned) but i don’t know what i would do without them.


I am lucky with lots of friends and family to sweeten my life. At the moment, the sweetest thing is time to linger over a cup of coffee in the morning before heading out into the work day.


My sweetness is being a homeowner for the first time! It’s only been a few months, but I’ve gotten to dig in and DIY like never before, as a former perpetual renter. The former owner was also an avid gardener, so all sorts of Spring surprises are showing up every day. Love!


A sweet thing is the anxious butterflies I get from planning (and over-planning, I have EVERYTHING written down, where to go, what to eat, etc.) trips with my friends…next stop France & Italy! We work crazy jobs so it’s our chance to relax (even if we’re not sleeping for a week straight!).


My 180 pound St Bernard is the sweetest thing ever!


My dog is just the sweetest! I have an almost 8-month old baby, and despite his extra-large size (109 lbs!) and boisterous 2-year old lab puppy self, he is so kind and gentle with her – even when she discovered his ears and decided to pull them.

Sara Denney

Wow! Awesome giveaway- love Sweet Paul! The sweetest things in my life are my friends- I’ve been very blessed to have the same wonderful friends my whole life. I don’t know what I’d do without them… and now I’m marrying one of them! Funny how things turn out. Thanks for the opportunity.

Jill Conversano

The sweetest thing is my husband waking up before me and making a pot of coffee…every day! He even warms the milk for my cafe au lait. Sweet!


A good book, a blanket, a cup of coffee and my cat nearby :_


I love going for a walk with my family. It is a great way to unwind and celebrate the day.


Morning mug of tea at sunrise and accompanying birdsong

Katie DeLaV

I mad broiled grapefruit for the first time last night and it instantly became one of my favorite sweet things!


right now it’s sweet to work with an amazingly supportive and compassionate group of colleagues.


This makes me smile because I would definitely say my sweet Momma! She’s somehow convinced my niece (her first granddaughter) to call her “Sweet Granny!!”


The sweet things in my life (out of many) are my cat, Lincoln, and my foxy doggie Zoe. :)


One of the sweet things in my life is my time spent with my family. My parents are fun and we have the same sense of humor. my sister recently got married and we all enjoy time together. Last weekend, we hiked up a mountain, this weekend, it’s to the beach. As a “grown up” married woman, you realize how precious time with your family is and how silly you were to roll your eyes at them so much as a teenager.


The sweetest things in my life are my Hubs and our 2-year-old daughter. No matter the leaking bathroom sink, piles of dirty dishes, a seemingly-endless To Do list – they remind me to enjoy the moment and find the sweetness within each day.


Despite the 8 inches of snow we got yesterday in northern Minnesota, spring is still sweet!


Cheesy but sweetest thing in my life right now is my baby boy…technically a toddler, but baby boy sounds cuter.


My family is the sweetest thing in my life. No matter what happens they always welcome with open arms, smiles, love and a large glass of wine!


Snuggles from the three boys (ages 6, 9, and 50!) who live with me!

Kate E.

The sweet rescue dogs that we foster … each has been through so much but their resiliency is amazing!

Liz R.

My neighborhood, from the local restaurants to the green parks to the people. It’s a gem and I treasure it!

Megan A.

The sweetest thing right now is how loving and patient my husband has been with me while I work late nights and get up early. Getting little sleep means I can get cranky!


Saturday morning brunch at a café followed by a sunny walk on the beach with my husband and puppy

Chelsea Amato

The sweetest thing in my life would have to be my grandmother’s old handkerchiefs and lace doilies that now adorn my apartment. Spring brings me back to her.


A glass of wine with dear friends after a stressful week.


My local farmers market filed with fresh fruits, veggies and flowers.


My jet black cocker spaniel, Archie. He keeps me company while I cook, on the couch after a long day working overnight, and gets me outside in Cleveland winters. He’s the sweetest!


So excited for this book to come out. One of te sweet things in my life is a good cup of tea and lavender shortbread. My favorite afternoon treat!


The sweetest thing right now is my in-laws; they are coming down in two weeks to help with our office renovation project because I’m pregnant and nesting and not having it done is driving me crazy! They are quite sweet to help us.


One of the sweet things in my life is when my husband makes me dinner. He gets home from work before me and almost always has dinner going when I walk through the door – it means a lot to me!


Sweet is how my husband sometimes gets me a comic book and leaves it under my pillow.

Meg S

I’ve been making my own iced chai lattes at home and it’s so wonderful! Loving making this treat for myself.

Kathy Shimer

My sweetest thing is lying on the beach feeling the sun, watching and listening to the waves hitting the beach. Plus my family!


The two sweet little handmade pine-needle sachets I have, one made by my grandmother, and the other my my mother – both remind me of my childhood.

Els M

I live in belgium.. probably the sweetest country in the world! Waffles, chocolate, special beers,.. A true belgian loves to eat :)

Stephanie P

My family, husband, friends and pups! I am very lucky to have so many sweet things. Oh, and frozen mini kit kat bars should definitely be included. :)


knowing that Spring is “just” around the corner which opens up the windows and doors of New York City for outdoor eating & entertaining!


Going on a fast yet leisurely run along the river is so sweet.


I have a small, (5×7) foam core mounted collage my sister made me for my 20 birthday. 23 years later, it practically falling apart, but I treasure it because of all the memories she captured in that tiny space.


The sweetest thing is sleeping in on a Saturday morning, then have coffee in bed while reading a book. No phone, no computer….just me, the wonderful aroma of coffee and a good book. Fingers crossed! Great giveaway. Thank you.

Sister Style


Hugs from my five year old son…they never get old and are simply the best and sweetest. My grandmother, now in assisted living, used to make the best apple pie ever!! Light crumbly crust, paper thin apple slices and just a hint of sweet. Delicious!


Scones with jam and cream! The perfect sweet treat and my ultimate comfort food

Gina Waterfield

One of the sweetest memories in my little collection of ‘giftings’ is a beautiful Cameo pin/pendant. In my mind , it’s the color of ‘Vintage Love'; surely a divinely-ordained shade of translucent rustic-peach background, an almost mystical bust of a woman in cream, all surronded be a filmy gold-etched shank. It was one of the many treasured remembrances from my beloved paternal grandmother.


Sweet sunshine streaming through my windows each morning makes my heart sing. Thank you for the lovely, lovely giveaway!

Rachel S.

Just finding out I’m pregnant. :) We’re so excited!


Right now, the sweetest thing in my life is my one-year-old son! His little smile just kills me.


My favorite sweet thing is my kitty, Henry. He is a big, grey tabby and will be 6-years-old next month and I’ve lived without him for the past 2 years while I completed a work assignment in Madrid, Spain. But! I’m moving home (to Boston) to go back to school and I’m really looking forward to curling up with my sweet boy on those chilly, New England fall days :)


I have to pick my doggy! He’s the sweetest and always brings infinite joy to my life <3
Thank you again for the giveaway!


One of the sweetest things to me are easy Sunday mornings, especially with it now being Spring. Sleeping in a bit, making brunch (eggs, challah with apricot preserves, fresh squeezed OJ and french press coffee!), then playing with the pup and kitty, all while the sun is pouring in and the windows are open. The best!


The sweetest thing in my life is my dog. He’s the best dog ever.


A sweet thing in my life is sunny spring days. I’m happy nicer weather is around the corner!


My sweet boxer dogs, who are grown but will never pass up a chance to crawl in my lap.


One sweet thing in my life is the huge grin on my boyfriend’s face when he walks in the door after work when I show him my project of the day, the way I’ve made our little home homier . Sometimes its a dinner I’m cooking, an area of a room I’ve reorganized, a new plant I’ve bought, or flowers I’ve arranged. No matter how small a project his grin is always the same, huge and filled with love. So Sweet!


The Cara cara orange–sitting on my desk–that I’m looking forward to eating at lunchtime.


My sweet thing is the way my son cuddles up to my husband as I when we fall asleep at night.


A hot cup of tea at the end of a long day is very sweet to me!

Jessica S.

My days start with the sweetest mornings. I wake up in a king-sized bed, next to my loving husband, while our two dogs lay nestled between us. Followed with sips of dark coffee and watching our pups run, wrestle, and play in our private back yard…it’s a warm, snuggly, and happy way to greet the day.

I wouldn’t trade those moments for anything in the whole world.

Sarah m

one of the sweet things in my life is my 2 hours alone every morning. My husband goes to work really early (6AM) and I wake up and read, study, and work for 2 hours until my kids wake up. It has improved my mood so much and I look forward to it!
Sarah M


Morning cappuccinos from the friendly folks at the coffee shop next to my office :-)


My Mom’s cinnamon roll recipe–it requires commitment, time and care and the results are typically eaten within two days–but the process always reminds me to slow down and remember the sweetness in life. Congrats to Lowe on “Eat & Make”–what a sweet feeling to see your passion in print!


my kitty is the sweetest things my life! cliche much?? =]

Eden Scharer

This morning I woke up and over breakfast with a good friend she told me I was glowing :) she is something sweet in my life!

Brookes E.

Constant hugs and kisses from my almost-3-year-old daughter are by far the sweetest part of my daily life. Though seemingly random, they are always well-timed.


My little boy’s hugs and kisses!
Thanks for the chance…


Sweet thing: my mom who just announced she’s going to visit me! We live 300 miles apart.


My mom and I live states apart and are hardly ever on the same schedule, except in the mornings–so we make a point to start every weekday with a phone call. Such a happy way to begin a new morning, even if it’s just a couple minutes to say hello.


a sweet thing in my life?….my Mema Jean Jean’s poundcake recipe! It never gets old and it’s super fun to jazz it up in different ways every time I serve it.

Laurie Champ

I love family & food! My favorite is to make the same cookies my grandmother used to make for me and be able to tell people about them… when I share. :)


My sweet thing was used to make sweet things, literally. It was my mom’s old fashioned rolling pin! You know the type. Is is heavy wood with the green handles. Every little imperfection is a testament to a life well baked. It does not get better than that, for me.


The sweetest thing in my life is my loving partner… and the fact that she buys me ice cream!


A favorite photo. 4 generations…me, my mom, grandmother, and great-grandmother, all wearing raincoats, sitting on the sidewalk’s edge and watching a parade go by.


My friends 4 year old niece likes to send me (and my cat) iPhone videos. They always make my day!


My sweet thing is my Frenchie, Remy. I never thought I could be so smitten. I’m so in love with his smushy nose and snorty noises. ;-)


My Mom is the sweetest thing in my life! Even though I live 3000 miles away from home she comes to visit as often as she can and helps me do projects around my house and cooks wonderful recipes she has saved for her trips out to NY. She even cleans my computer keyboard! I hope I spoil her as much as she spoils me on her visits. She’s a pretty sweet and special lady.

Sarah J

My 14-month old is pretty sweet – How’s that for a corny answer :)


One of the sweetest things in my life is my little apartment. We have lived there for a year, and have taken the time to craft it into a home that fits both myself and my boyfriend. I love our place!


My sweet thing was used to make sweet things. It was my mom’s rolling pin. You know the type. It is the old fashioned heavy wood with the green handles. Every little stain or imperfection is a testament to a life well baked. This conjures up so many memories, I could not keep count. It does not get better than that for me.


A favorite photo. Four generations…me, my mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, all wearing raincoats, sitting on the sidewalks edge and watching a parade go by.


Memories with friends are especially sweet to me at the moment. I look forward to making more memories with people I love but the ones behind me are still some of the sweetest.

Emily R.

My cats, Nancy and LBC, are the sweet things in my life. And my husband’s bond with Nancy, particularly, fills me with joy. He and his ex-girlfriend took her in as a tiny stray kitten many years ago, so she’s basically his best friend (in the animal kingdom, anyway). :)


I love my sidetable that’s filled with pictures of friends and family smiling and making memories. It always makes me happy!!


the sweetest thing in my life, right now, is the gorgeous weather we’re experiencing here in Ghent! the sun is shining, it’s warm enough that I don’t need a coat and I LOVE it!


We keep a picture of my childhood dog who passed away a few years ago in our living room and it captures her personality perfectly. It’s the sweetest reminder of her and what she meant to me.


The sweetest thing in my life is my new recipe box from Rifle Paper Co.. I love the way it looks on my countertop and it excites me to know that I am building a collection of recipes to hand down to my children one day! :)


The sweetest thing in my life are my hubby and puppies!


The sweetest thing in my life today is a slice of homemade banana bread followed by snuggling with my most darling cat, Lucy!


My husband, especially when he surprises me with silly poems. :)


Much like the picture on the cover of Paul’s book, the sweetest thing in my life is my pug, Dusty. He brings me joy each and every day, always showering me with love.


The sweetest thing in my life — though, not the only one — is my wonderfully awesome daughter, Luna. The light of my life!!! Sweetness to the core.

Trish T.

My grandmother gave me her high school class ring. She graduated in 1949, I in 1999. It is timeless and looks more like a signet ring and I love it. I wear it whenever I need a little extra encouragement for the day.


The sweetest thing in my house is probably my sweet tooth. Out. Of. Control.

azmina manji

Creative cooking is one of my sweetest things in life. Like my grandmas and my mom, I love exploring spices and herbs in my cooking – its equally delightful to enjoy my newly created meals with my sons and family!


The sweetest thing in my life right now are quiet brisk mornings at the dog park with my dog and a mug of coffee.


Sweet right now: when my neurotic dog deigns to give my hand a few surreptitious, affectionate licks (and then scampers away)


My sweetest thing is my dog, Charlie. He just loves to give kisses and brighten my day!


Sweetest thing lately was the tiramisu gelato the hubs brought home as a special treat for us to share!


Surprise hugs from my teenage son (never take those for granted!) and snuggling with my younger son at bedtime. Getting to be the one who sleeps in on the weekend and waking to the smell of coffee my husband has brewed for us. So sweet!

Elizabeth Williams

There are so many sweet things in my life… right now, it’s a sleepy cat resting on my feet.


Today the sweetest thing in my life is the Russian student staying with us for a few days. It is her second visit, and she is just delightful. Watching her expand my kids’ world while we expand hers (tacos!) gives me hope.


My life is full of sweet things and right now, one of them is looking right at me: my cat, Minnie.


The sweetest thing in my life is my amazing husband. We have been married nearly 30 years and he has always treated me above and beyond. We just retired together and now we are on a long, beautiful vacation. He has truly made my life a joy.


The sweetest thing is my baby boy – our first, and three months old now. Loving every new smile!


I’m lucky to have many sweet things in my life including my kids and loving husband, but my most recent sweet thing is my new boston terrier puppy, Spike. We are all loving the sweet addition he brings to our family!


The snowdrops blooming outside our side door are adding a bit of sweetness to my days.

Vivian G.

One of the sweetest things in my life is my husband. He puts up with my crazy and supports my dreams and ambitions.


The brunch my boyfriend cooked for me before he proposed.

Amanda Paa

The sweetest thing in my life is my sweetheart of 4 years who always does the little things to make me smile. Oh, and chocolate chip cookies that I made last night :)


my baby girl and her giggles right before sleep at night.


All three of my pets (2 dogs & cat) snuggling with me in bed is the sweetest

Heather F

I have a tiny pink ring box that was my mom’s. It is a collection of little treasures that she had as a child. a tiny rock, a pretty button and a little ring. She kept it all her life and then gave it to me.


My dining room table filled to the brim with friends and feast- such a sweet thing!


The sweetest thing I have is the workbench that was my grandfather’s. It used to be in his garage where he would tinker and fix things and after he passed away I brought it into my sewing studio and I use it as a cutting table.

yuliya robertson

The sweetest thing in my life is my husband/best friend.. Life would be so bland without him! Love that guy :)


One of the sweet things in my life is the four layers of ombre-coloured cake that are cooling right now on my kitchen counter and filling the house with the most wonderful, welcoming smell!


The sweetest thing in my life right now is a giant Venti coffee :) Much needed to wrap this week up!

yuliya robertson

The sweetest thing in my life is my husband/best friend. Life would be so bland without him! Love that guy :)


This week, it’s the four tiny chicks living in my bathroom – scartching around, chirping, and slowly growing into the laying hens that are going to supply the family with eggs to make the delicious recipes from Sweet Paul!


The sweetest thing in my life is my dog Maddy. I adopted her from the SPCA 10 years ago when I was going through a rough time. It hasn’t been easy with her, and there have been times I thought she wasn’t going to make it because of her skin allergies, but she’s always pulled through.


My sweet things is my little immediate family; my fiance (Antoine), our basset hound (Cheese) and our cat (Guillermo). Love them so much!

Jane Y.

sweetest thing in my life right now are these amazing batch of cookies i just baked – white chocolate chip with macadamia nuts.

nancy brennand

What would I take with me if I moved? How sweet are my things? looking around I would always find a spot for my thrift shop found chair,now reupholstered in matte silver leather! Too sweet to ever be left behind.

Jessica Thiessen

I have so many sweet things in my life! One thing I’m especially grateful for is my grandmother’s typewriter. Man, that thing is durable! I use it for a ton of projects and I always think of my grandma when I start loudly typing away at it.


This warm cup of coffee in this cold office is pretty sweet right now :)


I can’t help but declare the sweetest thing in my life my cuddle-bug of a shiba inu. Except for the rare occasions when he’s snatching abandoned food off the sidewalk, he’s constantly melting my heart into goo.


It would be… dishonest if I didn’t write about the sweet thing that popped into my head immediately. I am desperately, pathetically in love with my sweet cat. sigh.


The sweetest thing in my life right now is my BED! I’m dreaming of crawling back under my puffy blankets and sleeping through the rain.


My sweet new patio table painted in orange and brown stripes! I can’t wait to sit outside at it once it gets warm!


The sweetest thing in my life is my dachshund puppy who always makes me smile with her antics


Currently: Drinking tea and playing with my sweet kitties on my day off and looking forward to my sweet friend coming to visit me for my birthday on April 4. :)


Sliced tart apples with sharp cheddar cheese. In the afternoon. With a cup of milky black tea.


My 17 month old daughter! Crossing my fingers the winner will be selected randomly, ha ha – I never win for creative content. ;) Go, Sweet Paul!


My friends are the sweetest thing in my life! Don’t know how I’d get through some days without them!


As a traveling consultant, the sweetest moments are quiet times with the family.

Jennifer C

Goat cheese and pear (or cherry) ice cream from a local ice cream shop. I treat myself about once a month and the whole experience is sweet bliss.


One of the sweetest things in my life is my boyfriend, who cooks a delicious boulabaisse for me.


I have sweet moments with my mom, who has dementia, when she has flashes of recognition and I get to spend precious time with her!


My darling husband who always shows me undeserved kindness and generosity.

Maria Swift

Ah- I found you comments! Anyway, so many sweet things in my life—but I will land on one OBJECT. My mother gave me a beautiful little Bing and Grandal (sp)pitcher a year or so before she died. Back in the 60s a good friend had given it to her. This friend of my mothers was dying of cancer as a young woman. I was my mother’s caretaker as she was passing and a few years before she died she gave me this pitcher because I was her best friend. Sweet.


The sweetest thing is of course my family :) And talking of actual things the sweetest thing in my life is my tiny and messy garden.We moved here a bit over a year ago and renovating the garden has only just begun last summer.Looking forward this spring!There is still snow in Finland..


It is not fair talking about food the first thing in the morning. I’d rather choose talking about a treasured objects. I make candles and pour them in very unique containers. They are either hand painted mason jars or vintage teacups. So the other day, I bought a delicate hand painted Japanese teacup. I was holding it in my hands and I was afraid I might break it. The teacup is painted by an artist last century and it is now in my studio in NYC. It’s amazing that something so delicate and unique that it can survive all this time.


I’m enjoying the sweetness of the vanilla bean marmalade that I made recently.


My life is filled with sweet things, but one of my favorites is when my three sweet pups keep me company when I’m making chocolates in my cozy kitchen. Love love love those girls.


one sweet thing I’m looking forward is late Spring nights and summer evenings in the patio at home. Drinking wine, and enjoying our dog and daughter! We cant wait to see fireflies and sweet giant moths! I’m dying for a copy of his book, i love Sweet Paul!

Hannah Mayhew

One of the sweetest things in my life is my fiancé and being able to start our lives together developing our own traditions. It is so sweet to be able to cook with him & create new recipes.

{KitchAnn} Ann Porter

I naturally have to say my Dog is the sweetest thing. He sometimes acts like a cat and I find him waiting for me on top of the dining room table when I come home.


my sweet, old kitty! he still sleeps right next to me every night. <3


I just had a donut with cocoa puffs on it that was pretty sweet!

Monica J-G

The Sweetest Thing- Pictures of my loved one on my work desk, reminding me what is important in like.


My parents are moving to my town in one month. We’ve lived apart for almost 40 years. The sweetest gift ever!

Monica J-G

The Sweetest Thing – Pictures of my loved ones on my work desk, reminding me what is important in life.


The cup of Campbell’s tea steeping on my desk right now!


The sweetest things are my two kitties. Always so funny and cute. Those little fuzzballs wake us up everyday with snuggles.

A. Von Felts

My sweet thing is my hubby! I’m the designer and he is the maker together. We work so well together and that is SWEET!


The sweetest thing is enjoying a relaxing weekend morning with my husband!


My sweet things are my husband and our (first!) new home!


One of my favorite sweet things to make.. toffee with chocolate on top! It is super dangerous to have around!


The sweetest thing in my life has got to be my daughter…baking cookies with me of course!

Barbara Long

all the packs of flower seeds on my porch table, waiting to be planted !


I just adore all things anthro and huge love for sweet paul!

The sweetest things in my life are my wonderful husband and my precious pup, Stoney. They bring joy to me each and every day!

sarah mcc

the simple things are sometimes the sweetest – like sitting in the sun with a good book!

Hannah DeBoer

The lovely coming of spring. With the return of the birds and the buds on the trees.


My sweet thing is having access to the outdoors on a daily basis and getting out with my husband and pup.


My puppy the first thing in the morning and when I come home from work.


I’ll sound like a crazy cat lady, but seriously, the sweetest thing in my life is the very existence of cats. I love and adore them, especially my two furry little sweethearts. :)


My grandmas collection of Bob Dylan albums and her old record player ,she passed them on to me and I play them on rainy days because she loved the rain …


My cuddly yet attitude filled Australian Shepard, Ayda, is the sweetest thing in my life.
Sweetness for everyone! <3

Debra Roberts

Watching my two sons (8 an 10 yrs old) play nicely together.


It’s cheesy I know, but the sweetest thing in my life is when my husband knows I’ve had a rough day and brings me home chocolate. A sweet surprise from my sweet man :)


the sweetest thing in my life: our home. the collective conscious of a husband, a wife, and a dog. the honest reflection of the amazing life we have built together. nothing could be more sweet!


One of the sweetest things in live is having that special someone to help you through big changes. It’s easy for me to get caught up in anxious thoughts, but that special someone helps me see the grander picture, and the more beautiful side!


My Labrador Retriever, Maggie. She’s 11 (and she has bad hips), but she leads me towards the “sweet things in life”—and I love her.


I’d have to say my card catalog! Half of it is in use as a bar (got a custom marble top so we can mix drinks on it), and the other half as yarn storage in my office. Love it madly.


sweet, sweet things… family and friends who love me – even on those days when I’m not especially lovable!


A sweet thank you note from my 22 year old daughter. Love it so much I had it framed.


The sweetest things in my life are my two stepchildren (3 and 5yrs old) who absolutely light up me and their daddy’s lives!


Granny’s Texas Sheet Cake! One bite takes me right back to my childhood growing up in Michigan, NOT Texas!


A sweet thing in my life right now is my new niece Margot


The sweetest thing in my life is my baby’s smile when somebody comes over to greet him.

Shannon J

My sweetest thing right now is a new cuddly 6 month old bulldog named Sunny. He is such a sweetie and his little wrinkle rolls are to die for!


My dog, Olive (rescued, of course)…24 lbs of pure sunshine wrapped up in a fuzzy little bundle of love and sweetness.

Sarah D.

Saturday mornings, which are reserved for baking new recipes and listening to my favorite radio programs, are my weekly dose of sweetness


Irresponsibly long showers and using the “10 Minute” rather than “5 Minute” button on the alarm clock …


The sweetest thing in my life is absolutely positively my husband. A close second is our dachshund, Sophie.


The sweetest thing in my life is absolutely positively my husband. Our dachshund, Sophie, is a close second.


My pistachio green kitchen-aid mixer! Cute, sweet, and a workhorse!


A ring my parents gave me when I was young. My husband carried it on his keyring for a while when he swapped me for my engagement ring. It is very special to me now that my Dad is no longer with us and a permanent on my right hand.

Lauren S.

Oh, I LOVE Sweet Paul and Anthropologie, so this is an amazing giveaway! The sweetest thing in my life is waking up to our newly-adopted puppy and having her nestle her face into me. It makes being a morning person SO easy! :)


Definitely my sweet little beagle/bulldog mix, Elvis. Even when he destroys my shoes.


Drinking a warm cup of creamy chai tea while reading a good book with my puppy on my lap.

Sarah D.

One of the sweetest things in my life is my loving husband! We are expecting parents due in 7 weeks and my husband has been ever so caring throughout the whole pregnancy, helping me as much as I can since I’m getting bigger. I’m very thankful and blessed for his love and truly believe I don’t deserve a husband like him!


Definitely my sweet husband, who brings me home giant ginger cookies from dean & deluca, coffee in bed on Saturday mornings and always does the dishes <3


The sweetest thing in my life right now is my amazing boyfriend.


The sweetest thing in my life is cuddling with my children and husband. Nothing comes close to that! :-)


I love when my sweet kitten meets me at the door at the end of the day… but even more I love when my long-distance-honey meets me at the bus stop every Friday evenings reunite for the weekend.


My grandma’s totally-not-my-style dainty pink floral miniature pitcher which graces my table every pancake Saturday because it is perfectly sized for syrup!


Sweetness is my guy Sol making me laugh. Close second: my two cats Lily and Gigi.


My sweet boston terrier Kuna P Bear AKA Snoozer is the sweetest thing in my life.


The sweetest thing in my life are newly discovered Berger Cookies in the Annapolis-Baltimore area. Shortbread. Fudge. Cookies. The trans fats are worth it.


My sixteen year old daughter who says she loves me even if I am a little off the wall.


my gratitude jar filled with tiny slips of paper documenting sweet moments from my life.


My sweet dog who cuddled with me last night when he got scared of the storm.

Ann Alford

One of many sweet things…my grandmothers garden gate. It is a heavily white painted wood gate made of 4 vertical boards, two of which top off in a silhouette of a rabbit and the other a bird. It’s very old with paint chipping of but it reminds me of my grandmother’s love of the earth and gardening. She could grow anything and she did. In town, where the gate lived, she had a smallish garden containing all sizes of tomatoes, squash, beans, collard greens, and melons to name a few. This is where she would “compost” by simply burying her kitchen scraps. By doing this she tended to have surprise seedlings. The “garden” at her farm was 3 acres.
I’ve had this gate for quit some time not knowing what to do with it just have it leaning agains the house on the deck. I have recently decided to begin selling my ceramics creations and have needed to come up with a name for my business…”Hare’n Bird” after my grandmothers gate. She was always an inspiration and my guide into nature, teaching me to love and respect it. She also taught me how to put a worm on a hook for fishing, walk safely in the woods, grow vegetables, listen to the birds, love, be kind to all, stop to smell the flowers and so much more. I love and miss Goldie, though I know she’s with me everyday.
I would love to be able to submit a photo of the gate and share more stories.

The couple who bought her house are landscape architects who love the house and still see it as the “Bradford” house. I told the husband that I have the gate to which he was happy to learn it still existed. Because he spent 5 years tracking down the architect and blue prints that showed the drawing for the gate. I have a copy too.

Thank you
Ann Alford


I would say that two of the sweetest things in my life are our two baby cats. They are always ready with snuggles and love when you feel down!

Amanda Thompson

The sweetest thing in my life is my four month bsby girl! I just can’t get enough!!


A sweet thing in my life? It’s gotta be my chocolate shop. I love flipping on the lights in the morning and being greeting by all those happy, bright, delicious wrappers! And then to break on open and enjoy it through the day….


This book looks lovely! Being able to spend my life with such a great guy is the sweetest thing in my life.

Kelly G

Sweet things I love are my kids, Chocolate pots de creme, and spring bulbs like my daffodils!

Ann Alford

My grandmothers garden gate which has inspired me to use as my logo for my new ceramic business. My grandmother taught me so much about nature, to appreciate and respect it’s gifts. The gate is a beautiful old, heavily white painted, handmade gate consisting of 4 vertical boards. Two of which top out into silhouettes, one of a rabbit and the other a bluebird. It was the entrance to her garden.

Ashley Johnson

Hands down my two nieces and two nephews are the sweetest things in my life. They are all under 4 1/2, never cease to amaze me, and make my heart smile. Being an Aunt is so precious.


Our Saturday tradition of picking up a coffee to go and walking to Alta Plaza park to sit on a bench and take in a San Francisco morning.

Danie Romrell

The sweetest thing to me is my husband. I couldn’t live without him.


My two sweet boys, and the coffee I need to keep up with them.


my short-haired white cat Marian is the sweetest thing I know!

Mary VZ

A 3-year-old girl, a 1-month-old wee boy, and homemade marshmallows are my sweet things today.


My amazing sister who shares my taste in everything. I love getting excited about new finds and sharing them with her.


My husband is the sweetest thing in my life. And also my little pup, molecules!


I sell pies at a farmer’s market and one of the sweetest parts of my life is coming home with fresh flowers and food each week.


The sweetest things in my life obvious answer are the squishable faces of my kids. The not so obvious, hidden shame answer is Geotze’s caramel creams, a Baltimore original. With a side of Swedish fish, life is grand.

Theresa Wright

One of the sweetest things in my life is my husband – but of course he calls me his sweetness, so how could he not be mine!

Joan Noyes

The sweetest thing in my life right now are my two grandchildren, so full of wonder and love!


i have two men (my bf and my pup) who are the sweetest things in my life. :)


One sweet thing in my life (and being passed along) is the pineapple upside down cake my mother made for all my birthdays growing up, and that I now make for each of my children’s birthdays.


My little puppy turns 1 tomorrow and is the sweetest little thing!


The cup of coffee my fiancé brings me in bed every morning. Also said fiancé is pretty sweet!


Reading the other comments has made my day a little sweeter! The sweetest thing in my life is definitely my husband who always puts his family first and takes the time and effort to send me flowers when he’s away on miserable business trips for “putting up with him”.

Bonnie B

I would say the chocolate with chilies I am munching on while reading your blog. :b

Bridget P.

One of the many sweet things in my life are toddler hugs. Then again, a sleeping toddler is a very sweet thing too.

Lynne DeVito

One of the sweetest things in my home are my friends, when we all gather for good food and friendship!


The sweet thing in my life is my husband of 31 years. I have been truly blessed.


Sweetest thing in my life right now is the agave syrup I just bought last week. I learned it has more fructose in it than high fructose corn syrup!


honestly, the sweetest, most happiest part of my life is my son. he bring me such incredible joy.


The sweetest things in my life are my boyfriend and my adopted stray cat, Milo. They make my world.


I would love a copy of Sweet Paul’s book! I have a subscription to the magazine, and I think my sweetest times in my house are curled up on the couch with a cup of tea and the new issue. Congrats on the book!


The sweetest thing in my life is my husband. We have been through a lot and he is the best support I could ask for.


The bun I have in the oven, that will come out in about seven weeks, I can’t wait to bite her cheeks!!


My 5-month-old son is the sweetest thing in my life… it’s wonderful watching him grow!


My sweet pit bull – rescued from a basement of an abandoned house with 2 other pit bulls, destined to be a bait dog – is the kissiest, snuggliest, friendliest dog ever. She cries if I don’t spoon her at night.

Andrea C.

The sweetest thing in my life, when I’m lucky enough to visit during a bake session, are my sister’s chocolate chip cookies – both literally and figuratively!


The sweetest thing in my life is my baby sister who always makes me feel loved and special no matter how hard of day I have or what crisis I’m going through. She’s my biggest fan and supporter. Sisters are really are a gift!


My husband has been the sweet thing in my life, especially in the midst of lots of change and unrest.


I have lots of sweet things in my life, but one thing right now is the fact that the crocuses and snowdrops are peeking up! It has been a rough and long winter, and seeing them makes me so happy that spring is coming!


The sweetest thing in my life is when my partner and I get go to the coast to visit my family!


This is a good question! I think the sweetest thing in my life today especially is my black lab and the cuddle session we had this morning. Nothing like a furry ball of love to start the day with!


one of the sweetest things in my life is my daughter, who is sensitive and kind, and helps take care of her younger brothers, and makes me bracelets and pretty cards. :)


I learned to make a mint ice cream a few years ago, a sweet thing that makes my sweet husband melt :)


The sweetest thing in my life is my husband, who wakes me up every morning with the smell of fresh coffee in the French press. :)

Jamie Hoffmeyer

One of the sweetest things I have in my life is an antique candy dish that belonged to my great-grandmother. We visited her every week, and every week she would fill the jar with different candies. Once we finished our chores, my grandmother would help us pick the candies of our choice. It is one of my favorite memories from my childhood. Now, I have the candy dish sitting in my home, and I fill it with a new candy every week. Each time I grab a candy, I think of her.


The sweetest things in my life are my two fuzzy pomeranians puppies and my sweet husband who takes care of them when I can’t get myself out of bed! He makes breakfast for all four of us every day before heading out to his job at the public library. :)


The felted creatures my friend Hillary makes are very sweet to me. They represent how generous of heart she is in making things in order to delight other people and the joy she takes in creating. Thanks for the opportunity to enter this give away!

Merrissa Janas

The sweetest thing in my life today, is that I get to go to hot yoga after work with my best friend! Namaste :)


Today, the sweetest thing in this cold, snowy weather is seeing my sweetpeas stick their green little heads out of the soil, reminding me of summer coming and every good thing.


The sweetest thing in my life today is being able to do hot yoga with my best friend! Namaste :)

Erika Katayama

Knowing that the ocean is 5 minutes away! So wonderful.

Kim S.

The two sweetest things in my life are my nieces. I am single and don’t have children of my own, so having them in my world (and being able to lavish them with love) makes my life rich and my heart full beyond measure.

Heidi Hess

My shelter dog is the sweetest thing in my life. She came to us frightened, shy and abused. She is now happy, healthy and the most lovable girl in the world.


Sweet thing in life: Ceviche on the patio when the weather gets warmer (I’m in MN so it’ll be a while still lol) it was the first thing I ever made my husband and he had never tried it before. It’s his favorite dish now ;)

Lea Anna

A sweet thing in my life is all the trees around me blooming. Pink and white petals everywhere!

Mattie W

The sweetest thing is my dog, even her name is sweet – it’s Sugar!

meg mcallister

A sweet thing in my life is my 6 week old baby boy Winslow Henri :-)


The daffodils in our kitchen and blooming in the yard are pretty sweet right now! Also my husband, who made coffee and eggs for a sweet Friday morning today.


Morning sunshine through my bedroom window, or rain sprinkles on the roof


my husband and the way he treats me. cheesy but true! :)


I’m knitting a sweater right now out of a merino/silk yarn and I want to squish my face in it every day. That’s my sweet thing right now.


The sweetest thing in my life is my daughter, whose only words so far are dada and woof, woof, and she says them with such conviction they melt my heart!


One of the sweetest things in my life is being surrounded and inspired by my loving group of friends, who can make me think deeply and laugh riotously all in one breath!


The sweet pleasure of a quiet Sunday morning with a cup of hot coffee and the newspaper. Pure bliss.


My husband gave me a little black and gold bee pendant that I love – it’s become a sacred object! Whenever we’re apart I wear it as a token to remind me of him :)


One of sweet things in my life is my ridiculously adorable cat =)

kelly rae

we are about to move to Glasgow from Texas. We are excited about the new culture we are going to experience.

Dawn Plew

My five sweet chickens who leave me beautiful and colorful presents everyday!

Megan Maes

Today I am grateful for the sweetness that a Friday afternoon holds.


The sweetest part of my day: relaxing in my backyard in a hammock between two plum trees


Awesome giveaway! I can think of so many “sweet” things in my life – my family, the weather, my husband, and Girl Scout cookies to name a few! Thanks for hosting!


Warm weather, my family and homemade bourbon chocolate milkshakes. Because sometimes it’s raining and the kids are awful, but bourbon is always good with chocolate.

A. Tran

One of the sweet things in my life is curling up with a good book, a cup of hot tea, and my lap kitty, werther :)


The sweetest thing in my life right now is the many tiny blossoms appearing in my garden. Loving the signs of spring in the Northwest.

Brannon Anderson

One of the sweet things in my life is living on a block bustling with kids who feel comfortable enough knocking on our door to ask what we are baking (and sharing!) that day!


sweet potato fries! a new obsession for me this year.


A day when there are no plans, its spring, and I have time to draw. Actually it is a
day like today!


My sweet thing right now is my tree blooming purple in the back yard. It only stays this way for a few weeks, but it’s my favorite thing to see when spring comes.


My new baby (due in August) after a 9 year gap in kiddos.


My sweet little fuzz all, Tessa, she can always cheer me up just by touching my face with her little paw, and purring. Oh… And bubbles.


Drawings from my two adult children when they were in elementary school. They instantly bring a smile to my face!

Elizabeth Albert

One of the sweetest pleasures in my life are my my morning phone calls with my father. I live in California and he lives in Ohio, and I often call him while I am on my way to work. These morning chats make me feel like I’m not that far from home!


My shelter-adopted 2-year-old kitty! She’s the first pet I’ve had, and I’m always glad to see her at the end of the day!


My big, comfy bed is probably my favorite sweet thing, especially when I get to sleep in! (Practically never.)

Terri H

Thanks for the chance to win! The sweetest thing in my life is my daughter!

Christina Zagarino

Hosting friends for a long morning of coffee, crafting, and catching up!

Kamaldeep Kaur

I love baking vegan oreo chocolate cupcakes. So delicious.


Handmade birthday cards from my nieces, who themselves are the sweetest thing an auntie could ever wish for!

George Ann Over

The sweetest things in my life are my sisters. Love my family. They are always there for me and I for them.

J White

The sweetest thing in my life is a lazy Saturday breakfast with my roommate/little brother/best friend. Don’t tell him that :)


The serenity of our Sunday morning routine: wake up by 9, watch CBS Sunday Morning together over coffee, breakfast and then yoga. The best way to book-end a week.


The sweetest thing in my life would have to be my WIFE! Last night’s surprise foot rubs earn her the top spot :)


My sweet thing is my 1914 Farmhouse, with a huge front porch and vintage porch swing found by my sister in law and restored by my hubby. Play spot for kids, relaxing spot for a glass of wine for parents.


The smell of the bed just after my husband gets up in the morning. I am always tempted to crawl back into it instead of pulling up the sheets and making the bed.

Becca D.

Most definitely my two mutts. The amount of joy they bring is simply immeasurable.

Emily Dere

One of the sweet things in the current chapter of my life is a three piece stainless steel tea set. Bought on a whim at a charity shop in London for 5 pounds, I thought they were ridiculous and I would never use a a 2 cup teapot or a tiny steel creamer to make tea for myself. But now that I’ve moved back to the states, they remind me of my time away and make me slow down and enjoy brewing a cup of loose tea with a drop of milk. And maybe a biscuit. Or two.


Delicious Swedish coffee with my Finnish-Swedish husband in our cozy little kitchen :)


One of the sweet things in my life is my bar cart that I have taken more pride in equipping lately. Its a beautiful brass bamboo and glass cart that I got for free (!) and its one of my favorite things in my house.


One of the sweetest things in my life right now is that my man and I (FINALLY) managed to reset our internal clocks to accommodate a new morning ritual. Rather than busting out the door with just enough time to get to work, we rise early and have about an hour to enjoy an actual breakfast, a lovely cup of coffee and each others’ company.


The sweet thing in my life is my little 2 1/2 year old lady. Love her.


The sweetest thing in my life is my husband. He is the best!


The sweetest thing in my life is Wren, my lab-poodle-shar pei mix. She is lovingly dubbed a “labradoodlepei.”

Linda Laine

THe sweetest thing is to see my kids all asleep in their beds; snuggled up and lightly snoring. It is the prefect antidote to the noisiness of the day.

Janette Yamaguchi

My little ghost child. He chose the moniker himself.

Kristina M

the sweetest thing in my life is my wonderful boyfriend who makes me smile every day :)


A sweet thing in my life right now is feeling my second son kick my belly from the inside. :)


Sweetest things for me are my KITTENS Coco and Clover, sisters aged 11 and 6 months
that I fed in the wild with their mother Chloe, then brought home when each was about 3
months old. They are the most loving and affectionate kitties who make life sweeter every
day! Would love to have a volume of Sweet Paul’s reciepes and beautiful images, and just
walking through Anthropologie is pure heaven.


the sweet thing in my life right is time and cuddles with my new(ish) hubby :)

Katie F

One of the sweet things in my life is the way my tabby cat Clementine tucks her head beneath my chin and begins to purr against my chest when I pick her up.


Many sweet things in my life, but right now, both of my (very sweet) babies sleeping at once is the sweetest!

Jade Sheldon-Burnsed

A sweet thing in my life is waking up, wandering to the kitchen and finding a cup of tea ready for me from my husband before he left for work.


One of the sweetest things in my life is my baby. Thank you for the giveaway!

Alisa Luciano

Sweetest of the week – baking Smitten Kitchen’s Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake with my three year daughter (with my ten month old daughter watching) for my husband’s birthday!

Lauren Park

The sweetest sight today was a pair of daffodil buds ready to burst. Oh, the anticipation of and relief of spring!


The sweetest things in my life are my husband and my dog, Scout. My husband is always making me laugh, cheering me on in life while Scout’s happy demeanor always lifts my spirits! They are the best!


One of the sweet things in my life, other than cupcakes, are my friends. I’m lucky to have wonderful people in my life who help create sweet memories that can I look back on. Thanks for the giveaway!

Kait Ross

My sweetest thing is my Siberian Husky, Zeus. He has taught me so much over the years and has been a true companion through thick and thin. I love him more than anything!


My roommates, who are the best friends a gal could have!


So exciting! The sweetest thing in my life are the Sunday morning breakfasts shared with my man every week. We’re usually cooking up my favorite french toast with blueberry sauce and brown sugar bacon. mmm! Looking forward to this coming Sunday breakfast already!


I don’t even own one (yet), but I’m in love with greyhounds. Their faces and personalities are so sweet.


My sweet thing is my little family unit. They make everything life throws at us worth it.


A sweet thing in my life is my utterly darling little daughter.


oh this is so hard! a few sweet things in my life would be my new home and my wonderful boyfriend whom i share it with…and it wouldn’t be complete without our adorable pup zola!

Melanie P

The sweetest thing in my life is my 14-month-old daughter. Watching her learn about the world and become her own little self is the best part of my day.

Jessica F

My sweetest object is my dad’s wedding band. He passed away unexpectedly before my wedding 6 months ago. I had his ring remade into one for me to wear the day of. We used his gold and diamonds, and I added turquoise stones to it. It gave me something special and unique of his to have and wear the day of the wedding, and I haven’t taken it off since. It reminds me of how much he loved my mom, and I hope to follow in those footsteps and have the same future with my husband.


One sweet thing in my life is the way the sun shines through the window for an hour or two starting around 3pm. It’s like a warm friend cheering me through an afternoon slump.

Jenn J.

One of the sweet things in my life is getting to eat breakfast with my mom every morning. I am so lucky to spend time with her!


Right now the daffodils my boyfriend brought home on a whim are in full bloom, a sweetly perfect arrangement of color next to my new marble mortar and pestle.


My sweet thing: lazy Saturday mornings sipping my coffe and making breakfasts of pancakes or biscuits that all my sleepy sweet things enjoy waking up to.


The sweetest thing in my life are my community of friends!


My sweet thing(s) are my two baby boxer pups. They are the joys of my life, and even on my worst of days, they bring a smile to my face as they do the wiggle dance to greet me when I walk in the door. :) Thanks for the giveaway!!


The sweetest thing in my life right now is that my husband and I just bought our first house!

Kathy Davis

The sweetest thing in my life is my 20 month old granddaughter, Nellie. We didn’t think we would ever have grandchildren due to health reasons, but surprise. after 8 years of wanting a baby, we were blessed with Nellie.


My cat, Batman, who even as I type this is trying to rub against my hands. He’s by far the sweetest, and dumbed, cat I’ve ever met.


My sweetest thing is when my dad, mom, and I can tomatoes every summer using my great-grandmother’s recipe.

heidi kalinski

I love cooking for my husband. it’s always sweet making things I know he enjoys!


My husband – always able to surprise me with chores done/food cooked/a clean house! love him.

Natalie Avery

One of the sweetest things in my life is my husband’s hugs– he gives the best hugs! When we were getting our engagement photos taken, our photographer commented that we hugged like we had just met after a long absence. I’m so lucky to get those great hugs everyday. It’s my favorite part about coming home!


One of my sweetest things? Literally my sweet little strawberry plant my husband gave me two years ago after I was gone for a week on a gig. Every June I get the most adorable little berries and they’re perfect for eating right then and there in the yard.


The sweet thing in my life is my 5 week old daughter Lulu. Even when she’s fussy. Even when she’s crying. Even when I’m changing diapers at 3 A.M. ❤️


(。◕ ‿ ◕。) The sweetest things in my life are the simple pleasures in my everyday world. I like hot milk tea and comfort foods, fashion steals from sales at my favorite stores, when friends snapchat me their most hideous faces, snail mail in my inbox, having a few moments of free time to just sit down and do whatever I want, anything.


Oh the sweetest things in my life are my cat who is 19 and my dog who is 17. They always make me feel so good no matter what is going on in my life…..unconditional love for sure!


My new fox tattoo, current favorite part of my body!

Chelsea T

The sweetest thing in my life is the friendship my 4 yr old daughter has with her kitty. He’s a reformed orange tom cat from a farm in Idaho, and he LOVES that kid. He lets her hug him, carry him, dress him up in doll clothes, and his only retaliation is an onslaught of purring.


My family is my sweet thing. They bring me more joy than I ever imagined possible.


The sweetest thing in my life is my the fact that my children (ages 3,5,7,12,16) all still love to cuddle up on the couch with me and watch a movie. They love snuggle time!


Of course my family is the most sweet of all and adore them, but if I were talking sugar fix the ice cream parlor in my neighborhood makes the most perfect chocolate milkshake!

Castle Swanson

The sweetest thing is having our grown kids WANT to come home and hang with us and with each other for the weekend.


The freckles on my sweet boys face and the loving touch of my dear husband are pretty sweet and special.


The sweet life – riding my “surgical scrub green” bicycle to brunch with friends in Portland OR.


Enjoying down time with my daughter in our new home is sweet.


A sweet thing in my life is afternoon naps with my black and white pied Frenchie, Luna. I’m in grad school so have some time at home during odd hours of the day, and I relish these small moments of peace and dog snuggles.


Today… the Biscoff cookie and tiny maple cupcake with my Earl Grey tea, yum!


Almost two months ago (my how time flies) I adopted two sweet sweet kitties. Despite their smelly litter and propensity to stage races over our sleeping bodies at 5am, they are my sweet things.


Awww, my sweet kitty, Noelani! Thanks for the giveaway! XL


Sweet Paul AND Anthropologie? Yes please! The sweetest thing in my life is my 5 year old son, who often wakes me up smiling inches from my face….even if he just wants to go downstairs and watch cartoons.


The sweetest thing is waking up on a sunny day to a bowl of granola and bananas.


Sundays, yoga classes, and cups of tea are a few of the sweet things in my life.

Heather Larsen

The sweetest thing in my life is watching my girls belly laugh at something silly we experienced together. #imsolucky


One of the sweet things in my life is my Sunday evening dinner time. My husband and I slow down from the chaos of the busy week to make a special seasonal meal together, set the table with flowers and candles, and revel in the relaxing together time at our little two-seater table.


I’m on vacation and plan on watching a lot of Murder She Wrote. It is a sweet life indeed!


My current sweet thing that I’m obsessing over: berries! I’ve been adding different types of berries to my garden and am loving the white raspberries (so good last summer, they’re just starting to bud out now) and the new kiwiberries I just planted!


My wonderful husband – I’m pregnant for the first time and he’s so loving and sweet!


Sunday morning yoga followed by coffee and a croissant at the French bakery next door :)

kath connolly

The sweet force in my life is friendship. The sweet time in my life is coffee in the morning kitchen sun. The sweet thing is a tie between the new dishwasher and a treasured painting. :)

Lauren Harper

A sweet thing in my life is sneaking off to my favorite coffee shop early on Friday mornings (Batdorf & Bronson coffee @ Dancing Goats ATL). Even though it’s not on the way to work, it makes me so happy & ready to start the day. :)


My sweet 2 year old son… Who makes it hard to keep my grandma’s treasures out (old music boxes of carousel animals)

Kate T

Cadbury Mini Eggs. Completely and absolutely addicted. It’s a problem :)

Jamie G

My 18 month old niece, Ruth, is pretty darn sweet. Good luck everyone!


My iced coffee with chicory and my two sweet kiddos!


My 5 month old son’s oh-so-chunky thighs. They’re like a delectable pastry. Also his hysterical baby giggles. To me, there’s nothing sweeter.

Rachel Cartucci

My little Papaw left behind a recipe for an Italian chicken and rice dish which I treasure and make very often…it’s the best thing I have ever eaten….I wish I knew what to call it.

Melissa Wilson

By breakfast-in-bed-making boyfriend. Sometimes I’m not having the best or most speedy morning, so I’ll get the occasional surprise of breakfast in bed. Complete with espresso, fruit salad and my favourite: peanut butter, honey and banana on toast. All delivered and shared together. It makes weekdays pretty rad.


A sweet thing in my life is pouring more than one cup of coffee for me and my friends in the morning.


the first patch of yellow daffodils after a very long winter

KC @ Hurst Domestic

my husband. couldn’t have made it through my mom’s passing and all the ups and downs of dealing with that over the last year. he even planted a garden in remembrance if her in our yard. i love him so… :-)


Coming back home after being away at college! & being able to go to all my favorite places with my sister


our adorable 8 year old puppy. he’s unbelievably sweet and loving. wish he’d never grow old!

Rebecca M

My two-year old daughter, when she talks, when she laughs, when she sleeps! It’s all very sweet.


I have a sweet life because I’m happy! My husband makes me happy! I’m grateful that we have each other and that we support each other! He’s sweet because he loves donuts lol!


The 10-year-old dog I’m dogsitting this weekend is the sweetest


Breve lattes at the coffee shop downstairs. Yeeeeeesssssss.

Kate enchelmayer

My 17 year old cat with cancer, eating poached salmon and then coming over to cuddle with me.


My sweet thing? My boyfriend searching for my hand to hold in the night while he’s still sleeping. Oh and Valentine Warner’s orangey honey buns. Is two cheating?


My babies in mamamade knits . Or them as sleeping cherubs under their cozy quilts.


The sweetest thing in my life is my dog’s energy in the mornings. I never need an alarm clock when he’s around!


That my 8-yr-old son is still willing to hold hands with me when we walk down the street!


Perusing Target’s paper goods area with a Starbucks vanilla latte in hand, without kiddos in tow. For more than 20 minutes.


The sweetest thing in my life is that I get to make rhubarb crumble (and bake) for a living. I hope it makes my customers day just as sweet!


My sweet baby girl, I just can’t get enough of her!


My sweet sweet type 1 diabetic son who inspires me and keeps me in check every day with what is important in life xxx


Right now it’s the fresh spring flowers on my kitchen and entry way tables. It’s like breathing new life into our home after this long winter.

Pat Schwab

Jimmy Fallon’s clips in my inbox because something on them usually makes me laugh.


My favorite sweet treats are carob chips– despite the fact that many people (my family) find them totally disgusting!


Recent sweet thing? Homemade Samoa-inspired cheesecake, deliciously heavy on the caramel and toasted coconut.


One of the sweet things in my life is my son :) he is growing up so fast!

Evangeline Brown

The sweetest thing in my life at this moment is our youngest cat, Lucille. She knows when we are going to bed and dashes up before us, gets on the foot of the bed, and pretends to be asleep. Then when we are in bed she chooses one of us to sleep on.


Spring tulips and daffodils blooming in my garden are my favorite sweet thing right now, and there are cherry trees in bloom all over town, which are just incredible.

Emily Travis

One of my sweet things is the laughter I get from the words that come out of my kindergarten students’ mouths. So funny!


A sweet thing in my life at the moment are Peeps! I wish they were more readily available outside of Easter season but I like to get them while they last. Who knew sugar covered marshmallows could be so addictive?

Millie Thomas

my beloved grandmother’s homemade strawberry and rhubarb compote swirled through warm vanilla bean rice pudding!


picking fresh basil from my new herb garden to add to my pasta for dinner – the sweetest of simple pleasures


the smell of my little girl after she has had a bath and is all ready for bed :)


My family is the sweetest thing I have but but living as an expat in Australia for a short time is a pretty sweet gig too!


Quiet and restful Sunday weekend afternoons with my fiancé and my pup

Anna Freda

My vintage Hamilton watch my dad gave me. It belonged to his brother, but he passed away when my dad was a teenager.

Sarah S.

The sweetest thing in my life are my adorable nieces. They always know how to brighten auntie’s day!

Sarah S.

The sweetest thing in my life are my adorable nieces. They always know how to brighten auntie’s day!!


My sweet grandparents. They’re the cutest couple ever(:

Penny Johnson

The sweetest thing is having all 5 , their spouses and our 5(soon to be 6) grands around our Christmas dinner table for our traditional home made noodles and chicken! We need to become more creative as time goes by to come up with seating because I will ALWAYS want us around one table!


The chocolate mud cake from the Red Bridge Cafe in Campbell town, on my commute to school :)


My family naturally. But the vintage green leather wing back chair I thrifted last weekend is up there too. ;)


sunny days, each day is a good oportunity to begin from zero and trying to be happy!


My sweet daughter! A 16 month old who laughs at her own jokes, climbs on top of anything she can and always lights up the room :).

Caitlin T.

The sweet things in my life include yummy vanilla lattes at the local coffee shop with my husband and homemade biscuits slathered in butter and jam. Congrats to Paul on the release of his book!

Madeline Mcelaney

The sweetest thing in life right now is when my baby decides to sleep through the night :)


It’s a tie between my 5-year-old son and my dewberry cream pie. ;) Both are super sweet.


I am reasonably sure that my dog maud is the sweetest thing in the whole wide world! ;-)


When I think about it, there are many sweet things in my life, but two of the sweetest are my dog and my boyfriend. After a rough day, they always remind me of the good parts of life.

Jennifer S

There are a few sweet things in my life that I’m grateful for and loving at the moment. The first is my boyfriend. The second is my extremely comfy bed. The last thing would be this chocolate sour cream bundt cake that I made recently.

Izz Samolis

The sweet thing in my life is my pup Sunny. She is a bright ray of sunshine everyday and always greats me with the biggest smile and the greatest excitement. She can make a not so great day just melt away instantly.


I love those up scheduled moments in my life where my children (now teenagers) and I randomly end up snuggled on the couch together reading our books under a pile of cozy blankets.

leslie redick

Me on my little balcony, feet on railing, head on cushion, book, delicious icy drink, delicious decadent snack……SWEET!


Sweetest thing….morning cup of coffee made by my husband, every day of the year.


Although simple, coffee dates with friends after a long stressful week are some of the sweetest moments in my life.


The sweet thing in my life would be my baby Shih Tzu, Enya. There’s never a negative thought attached to her.


Every morning when I pick up my 2 year old daughter out of her crib, she gives me a hug. Sweetest thing ever.


Enjoying low-key evenings with my family around a wonderful home cooked meal.


My sweet, sweet 11 week old boy is the sweetest thing in my life!

Mary Beth

Getting home late and creating a yummy, make-shift dinner with my love. Best part of my day.


One sweet thing in my life is the coffee truck I stop by every day on the way to work. The coffee is deliciously strong, the baristas are kind and energetic, and I love that I’ve found a place to become a “regular” in my city.


The sweetest thing is the Cocina Criolla cookbook my grandmother left me when she passed. It’s full of handwritten notes.


The sweetest thing for me is a slow weekend morning, a pot full of hot coffee and a home cooked breakfast on the table, a copy of NYTimes and all the time in the world.


The sweetest thing in my life is curling up with my littles and reading them a good book (harry potter, at the moment!)


Waking up late on a Saturday night to a full breakfast in bed. Thank you boyfriend :)

Greta Wesslen

My husband, my rabbit, and my students make my life sweet!


The sweet thing in my life is ceramics – it’s the closest I’ve ever come to meditation and keeps me connected to my mother.

Brenna R.

One of the many sweet things in my life is my dog Phineas. He’s a mutt and he’s been my best friend for only a few years , full of a lot of ups and a lot of downs.


The sweetest thing in my life is this wonderful sunshine we are getting later and later into the evening. It makes everything more sweet!


There are so many sweet things in life but my top three are:
My sweet, loving and amazing partner
My sweet, incredible son
My sweet and cozy weiner dog

Zoe Michaels

The sweetest thing in my life is my family. My two and a half year old daughter reminds me to slow down to enjoy the simple pleasures of life, like the sound of spring rain on a umbrella or the taste of a cookie still warm from the oven.

Jeana B

My sweetest things are actually my Things…Thing 1, 2 & 3. My sons (18, 17 & 14) have been a joy to raise. Thanks for hosting such a great give away!


My comfy bed with fresh linens. So relaxing and feels like a getaway without having to leave home.


The sweetest thing is being able to work side by side with my husband (and our pup) almost every day.

Tiffany K.

One of my favorite sweet thins in my life is making weekend brunches with my boyfriend. We’ve mastered perfect bacon every time and incredible buttermilk pancakes from scratch, along with some other regulars. Its my favorite part of the week to do something we both enjoy together and truly relax, unwind and focus on the important, sweet things in life.


The sweetest thing in my life right now is my 2-month baby girl. She’s all smiles, along with cooing and snoring. Never thought I’d love to hear someone snore :)


Chocolate. I eat some every day as a treat for accomplishing tasks. It makes ME a sweeter person.


So many sweet things! The joy of live music from up close, of an especially delicious homecooked dinner, of dancing in the kitchen, of my husband getting all teary-eyed at sappy movies…


My husband and daughter are the absolute sweetest things in my life. But if I had to pick to pick an object right now, I’d have to say my sewing machine. It’s awesome AND it creates things!


My sweet things are my husband, my 3 children, our new apartment, and my grandmother’s tea cups.

Zoe G

One of the sweet things in my life is the incredibly inspirational architecture school I attend. The intellectuals and dreamers that surround me make my life sweeter every day.

Kirsten Medcalf

Sweet is the man who scrambled to put his shoes on quickly at airport security to ask me if I wanted to have a sandwich with him. He offered me his lettuce from his sandwich because my lettuce was limp. Best (worst) sandwich I ever had.


A very sweet thing: sitting at my desk by the window, snoozing cat in my lap, drinking coffee, reading blogs, listening to the rain fall outside and knowing that winter is finally over (at least in Brooklyn)!


My cozy home with my family in it, the sweetest thing :)


Some of the sweetest things in my life today are the bunch of purple freesias I bought at the market this morning, the cut grass candle from The White Company that’s burning next to me and a batch of banana bars with rum frosting that I baked yesterday afternoon!


Sweetest things: Friends-family-food (a winning combination), a well-made cocktail, and my 7-foot grand piano.


many sweet things in my life but the most sweetest is my family:)


My daughter and our two cats Meerah, who purrs when you say her name, and Diamond, who drags clothes out of the closet and loves to be held upside down. Thanks for chance to win this cool giveaway!


the sweetest thing in my life is my 9 year old daughter – even when she’s sour!

Kathy Weisner

The sweetest thing in my life right now? Our 17-year-old granddaughter whom we are raising. She has taught us patience, compassion and understanding.


The sweetest thing in my life is the unconditional love I get from my husband and my kitty Ivy!

Jessie Rae

The sweetest thing in my life is my furry friend, Icarus. A friend had me watch her cat for her while she went out of the country. That was 5 years ago. She was a sweet surprise and is now my permanent houseguest. Even my boyfriend is used to her by now!


The sweetest thing in my life is the relationship I have with my husband and my grandma’s scone recipe that is perfect with clotted cream and strawberry jam.

Helena M Gassis

Currently the smile off my nephew Nil is the sweetest in my life. I never thought that little pixie could do that in my darkest days to light up with sunbeams.


the sweetest thing(s) in my life are my parents. i moved to chicago in January and they have been nothing but supportive and encouraging. i love them to pieces!


I work in a bakery, so most days are filled with too much sugar! but life is *always* sweet ;)


sweetest thing is my handsome cat, jiro. he keeps me company every night with snuggles on the couch.


I love to bake and make people smile, for me right the sweetest thing, is to hear my autistic son talk to me and ask me for cupcakes, cookies or cake, that absolutely makes him smile :)

Kris Miller

My family has this special recipe called Lime Chocolate Delicious, which is a combination of lime gelatin, chocolate crumbs, and yes, deliciousness. So this is my sweet thing – not only this amazing and sweet dessert, but memories with my family that come back whenever I eat this treat.


my airedale is my sweetest thing, every day I’m coming home to a smiling and happy dog

Melanie Clayton

My doggies, my hubby, family and friends make my life so sweet. Of course, shopping at Anthro would totally rock my socks!


My sweetest things are the time I spend with my great-nephews watching them grow!


Totally loving the 2, and only 2, dark chocolate kisses that I am allowing myself these days in my effort to eat better.


The sweetest thing is cuddling with my husband and my puppy on the couch while listening to music.


I have a treasured object that I actually got from Anthropologie! It’s an Eiffel Tower ring holder. :)


My husband is the sweetest thing in my life. We are undergoing some pretty big changes right now, but together we can face anything.


Thank you for the giveaway! Waking up to my husband each morning is the sweetest thing in my life right now, after many years of long distance. :)

Deborah H.

I love the things my grandmother left me….an antique sewing machine and a beautiful old nightstand


Making a tent out of blankets for my little girl and boy.


My favourite sweet thing right now is being in my hometown. We have a beach an hour away and right now the wildflowers are in full bloom and just lovely. Makes my soul feel alive.

Kim B.

When I wake up in the morning I tell my little Japanese Chin dog to “come and get (his) sugar”. He yawns, does a downward dog stretch and makes his way around crevasses of blankets and pillows to spoon my tummy. He lays his head next to my heart and I give him tons of rubs while telling him that he’s such a good boy for protecting me all night while I slept. If I hit one of his sweet spots while petting him, he’ll lick my arm. If it’s a really sweet spot, he gives me little bites. Hard to have a bad day after that ritual every morning.
I get all that love from a dog that spent the first four years of his life in a dark barn with 9 other dogs in his tiny cage. He barely got fed, didn’t know what a clean bowl of water was and had never felt grass under his feet. He reminds me every day to live in the moment and enjoy the good things in life. He is the closest thing I’ll ever have to heaven on earth.

Christy Wheatley

The sweetest thing in my life is my gorgeous boy. He is 4yrs old and autistic and makes me smile everyday. He is my sunshine and the light I live by, just beautiful.


Awesome! The sweetest thing for me is my baby asking me for a kiss. She just started doing it and it blows my mind.

Krystal Morley

I work in a tiny café where we serve delicious yeast-based pancakes (called ‘Flappers’)- I top them with sliced oranges, blackberries, and maple syrup. So fabulous!


I keep a pair of carved wooden elephants on my dresser. They were a gift from my grandfather to my grandmother from when he was stationed in india. I love seeing them everyday.


The sweetest thing in life right now is passing the 12 week mark in my pregnancy – having made it through weeks of nausea, I can finally enjoy food again. Hurrah!


My kindergarten students, while full of wiggly energy, are also so full of love and creativity.


So many sweet things in life… My most treasured recipe is my Gigi’s pecan sour cream pound cake. Delectable!


super sweet: my partner surprising me with a pair of yelena bryksenkova prints that i had pinned on pinterest months ago. no occasion at all! it was incredibly thoughtful and i will remember what a wonderful surprise it was every time i walk past them in the hall.


easy going sundays at home drinking tea, painting…and trying to keep my siamese from walking through the acrylics!

Stephanie B.

Becoming a stepmom before having children of my own means a whole heap of challenges that constantly have me doubting myself and my ability and oftentimes focusing on my failures. When my stepdaughters randomly tell me that they love me or make me something in art class, well…I think few things feel sweeter at those moments.

Wendy Casterton

Rose quartz. Not sure why, but i think it’s sweet and it reminds me of growing up.


The sweetest things in my life are my 3 little kids. They make me smile.


The sweetest thing in my life is when all of my kids (working or in college) come back home for a family gathering. These reunions are so precious to me!


My sweetest thing(s) are my two chihuahua’s who cuddle in my bed every night like little stuffed animals.


A sweet thing in my life is my grey kitty Samuel who wakes me up each morning in bed :)

Amy J.

My sweetest thing is the new bakery in town. I love pastries!

Joan H.

The sweetest and most beautiful thing in my life is our little great grand daughter. Her smile lights up the room and melts my heart!

Caitlin Rapoport

The rare lazy sunday morning reading on the couch with the whole family. Me, my boyfriend, and our two cats snoring on our necks. all is right with the world.

Sharon Duke

Today’s sweetest thing was finding a yummy linen look tile for my bathroom at 30% off! It only took me a year to find just the right tile. I know right away when something is perfect, and do not settle for anything less.

Terri Jaenisch

My two cats: K.C. Rocket and Augustus Purrbox.


One of the sweetest things in my life is time spent with family, whether it’s a birthday celebration, a holiday or a spontaneous get-together. Those times are the best, the sweetest.


Our family uses a cheesecake recipe that’s simply golden, it’s always expected at any potluck or as a dessert at one of the family functions. Funny enough, it’s not even our recipe, it’s the old Lindy’s NY cheesecake recipe from years ago.


My grandfather’s pocket knife. A little, simple red pocketknife. Used it today to slice my cheese on my lunch break.


Sweet is going to be: my backyard once this winter finally finally ends.


My fluffy Maine Coon cat Maggie is something sweet in my life! At least when she’ll let me cuddle her…

Tracy walker

My phone has been my sinfully sweet indulgence. Keeps me on schedule, saves all my recipes, clippings and articles in one place. It connects me to my family and friends thousands of miles away. Captures and stores milestones and memories. Reminds me to exercise and eat right (eh or slightly better ;)) And most importantly, my phone tracks public transit. WHAT???


Snuggling on the couch with my sweet husband under a bright afghan crocheted by his grandmother with our sweet kitty perched on the top of the heap!


I splurged and bought all new bedding in January. That’s definitely my sweet thing and I get to enjoy it every night!


I never understood this until I had a dog of my own, but dog snuggles.


The sweetest thing in my life at the moment is my 4 year old daughter- she’s close to 5- but her toddler like hands are still chubby and darling, the one piece of her “little kid-hood” that’s left!


The sweet thing in mh life is the time I take away from everything to go on mini adventures, whether it be a trip or cooking something new or even tryig out a new craft (and horribly failing) it is the hghlight of my week, every week!


My two best guy friends, who I have known for over half of my life, taking care of me and making me food when I’m sick.

Suzanne V

One of the very sweetest things in my life is the way my 15-year-old basketball-mad, video-game loving son will glance over at me from his couch and send his lovely tender smile to me on my couch when we watch a funny film together.


The sweetest thing in my life is my husband, Veit! He eats everything that I cook or bake and tells me he love it. Nothing is sweeter than being appreciated for your efforts!

Carolyn Conrad

The sweet things in my life are my boys barreling in through the kitchen door from some adventure together and my two year old daughters sweet songs about everything under the sun.

Louisa Clarke

My fiance! He proposed on New Year’s Eve, and now we’re planning a bash! I cannot WAIT to marry the heck out of him!


Snickerdoodle Fudge!
3 cups white chocolate chips
1 can (14 oz) sweetened condensed milk
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1 1/4 tsp cinnamon
Cinnamon-sugar mix for sprinkling on top.
In a medium saucepan melt chocolate chips and sweetened condensed milk over medium-low heat. Stir continuously. Once completely melted together remove from heat and stir in vanilla extract and cinnamon. Pour into a bread pan lined or 8×8 inch pan with parchment. Sprinkle cinnamon-sugar mixture over the top. Let chill for 2 hours. Cut into one-inch squares.


One of the sweetest things in my life are my family photo albums. I love looking at beautiful photos of my parents in their younger days, my childhood vacations, birthday celebrations, the house I played grew up in, and my extended family that I don’t get to spend much time with anymore.


The sweetest thing in my like are my husbands kisses and the little snores my yellow lab puppy makes when he snuggles with me. It’s so loud but just melts my heart.


Sunday mornings, a sweet & light cup of coffee, perusing through one of many many cookbooks I have acquired over the years, maybe even a fire in the fireplace if the weather permits…these are some of the sweetest moments!


Being 8 months pregnant, the sweetest thing for me is the amazing experience of creating a new life. From feeling my daughter’s wriggles and squirms to my lovely husband helping me get my shoes on in the morning. Loving it x

Meg Matsui

I have three sweet kids: half japanese american, half german, born in Switzerland, raised in Austria and they all love good food and good design!

amy weber

sweetest thing: hands down my boyfriend, especially when we are making things together – everything from gourmet meals to jewelry and gardens.


A sweet thing in my life is a card my friend recently sent me…


the sweetest thing in my life is the little girl cooking along side me.


The sweetest thing in my life is the love of God that I see in my husband. And the excitement he has when I make his favorite chocolate chip cookies.


Homemade soup on Sunday nights – no recipe, just use whatever tidbits are about. Last night was a meaty vegetable and it was wonderful. Thanks for offering the giveaway!


My cat is so sweet. She was hungry for dinner so she came up and licked my leg. My male cat bites me before meal time…


Good friends that live: just upstairs, just down the hall, just across campus. And we’re all there for each other.

astria m

Honestly the sweetest moment in my life would have been a domino magazine before the issue was cancelled. I would curl up on my club chair while drinking hot coco cooing over the latest trends. My life has changed so much over the past 7 years. I lost my job and gotten pregnant all around the same time. Even though my situation changed dramatically I still continued to buy design magazines from anthropologie to escape my every day routine. However my prioritizes have changed once my little girl was born. I wasn’t able to buy all the pretty things I saw in those magazines. My husband and I had to pinch pennies and make our living situation work without sacrificing my love of art and design. So now my sweetest moment is the look on my daughter’s face after making something for her room or beautiful craft I’ve seen in sweet Paul’s free webzine without spending hardly anything. The look on her face is priceless. Thank you! :)

Astria M

Well honestly the sweetest moment in my life would have been a domino magazine before the issue was cancelled. I would curl up on my club chair while drinking hot coco cooing over the latest trends. My life has changed so much over the past 7 years. I lost my job and gotten pregnant all around the same time. Even though my situation changed dramatically I still continued to buy design magazines from anthropologie to escape my every day routine. However my prioritizes have changed once my little girl was born. I wasn’t able to buy all the pretty things I saw in those magazines. My husband and I had to pinch pennies and make our living situation work without sacrificing my love of art and design. So now my sweetest moment is the look on my daughter’s face after making something for her room or beautiful craft I’ve seen in sweet Paul’s free webzine without spending hardly anything. The look on her face is priceless.


The sweetest thing in my life is the framed vintage needlepoint I brought home with me from a visit with old friends this weekend — it reads “The distance to a friend is never far.” The perfect keepsake of a lovely trip.


The most recent sweetest thing – sleeping in on Sunday morning with my husband – while all the kids are out of town – heaven!

Karen C

The sweetest thing in my life is the relationship I have with my best friend and sister Angela :). It is something that I have truly grown to cherish.

Gina Alderman

The absolute sweetest thing in my life is my daughter! But aside from that I will say the sunshine after this long, dark, cold, snowy winter we’ve had in these parts. Also, really lovely ice cream, tulips, leisurely cooking times and sleeping in!


My family is the sweetest thing in my life. My favorite edible sweet things are Jacques Torres chocolates!


The sweetest things in my life are my daughters. hands down :)


Lemon rosemary scones and watching my 11 year old daughter play with her younger cousins.


The very first recipe I learned by heart – tiramisu. Definitely one of the sweet things!

Jessica Hougen

My boyfriend. Before meeting him I was single for 8 years. He was definitely worth waiting for!


My one-eye 14-year-old cat, Bells, is one of the sweetest things in my life. She loves to nap on my outstretched legs and snuggle under the covers at night.


One of the lovely sweet things in my life is the camellia bush I’ve got in a pot on our back porch. I bought it a few years ago because our patio felt sad and desolate and the moment I brought it home, our space felt warmer and homey. Now, no matter how bad my black thumb gets with forgetting to water it and leaving it in the shade for weeks on end, it flourishes every season. A beautiful, un-killable plant that brings me a dose of sweet joy every day.


My life is filled with sweetness but my nieces take the cake. Emma and Audrey are so clever and always brighten my day.


My son is the sweetest thing in my life. He just brings joy wherever he goes.


The sweetest thing in my life is my pet potbellied pigs. They are singing for their supper right now, little cuties!


The sweetest thing in my life is my pet potbellied piggies. They are singing for their supper right now. Little cuties!


My sweetest thing right now is enjoying the nice weather in the hammock on my back porch!

Jo Nguyen

My morning cup of tea while reading the news in the morning.

carrie w

Well I happen to have quite the sweet tooth, but it is prejudiced toward homemade sweets and very dark chocolate. Mmmm yes.


I am grateful for all the sweet things in my life — especially my friends who fill my days with so much happiness!


The sweetest things in my life are little kisses, especially when followed with the phrase, “I love you, Mommy.” It’s sweeter than pie to me (and lord knows how much I love pie.)


My new Sunday tradition: dutch babies with honey and lemon.


my two dogs are definitely on the list! they are so sweet

Stephanie B.

Since I became a stepmom before having kids of my own, I am often plagued by self-doubt and fear that I’m failing. When my stepdaughters tell me they love me or make me something in art class, well, there are few things sweeter than that reassurance that I’m doing alright.

Candace Anderson

My daughter Hannah is one of the sweet things in my life, she’s so supportive and she’s such a unique individual it blesses me that she is my daughter.

karen bye

A black and white photo of my mother feeding me pudding in an old 50’s highchair, framed and hanging in my kitchen


My husband, when he whistles around the house and isn’t aware of how on-pitch and sweet he sounds. Plus, I’m a fan of Sweet Paul! Thanks for the excuse to think of something sweet today : ]


The very sweetest thing in my life is my little pooch, Smokey. He’s a rescued pomeranian chihuahua mix who has one crooked leg and the heart of a lion. Even with his “Nemo leg” he can still hike mountain trails faster me.

Mary Kate

Watching my daughter toddle across the room before she even realizes she is walking, and butterfly kisses from my son.

Jo S

I know it’s such a cliche, but my husband is the most consistent sweet thing in my life.


One of the sweetest things in my life right now is that spring is coming! I am never happier than when it’s beautiful and warm outside!

Heather U

The sweetest thing in my life is my wonderful boyfriend, his most recent act of sweetness was sending me this link :)


My sweet thing: weekend mornings with my husband, children, and my coffee! Sun streaming in and some spring daffodils….


Most of my fridge is filled with jams made by my mother. Can’t get sweeter than that!

Angelica King

The sweetest thing is buying a house this year and slowly making it into a home..

Desiree Dunbar

My dog I rescued named Bailen is my sweet thing.

Julie C

My sweetest thing is my 14 year old mutt, Lucy – she truly is the sweetest thing!

Julie C

My sweetest thing is my 14 year old mutt, Lucy – she truly is the sweetest, most loving best friend!


The quilt my mother just made me to cozy up under as I finish writing my dissertation!

Lisa Sullivan

My collection of heart shaped rocks…all gifts from from family and friends. From the enormous one my son (he was about 8 at the time) dragged up from the tidal pool on Mother’s Day, to the ones used as place cards for summer dinners on the porch, to the small collection found on walks, these never fail to bring the warmest and happiest thoughts into my mind. It was never an intentional collection – just happened over time but they hold incredible memories and I treasure them now.


Making Bakewell Tarts on a sunny Saturday morning is the sweetest thing!

Bianca Smyth

Sweetest thing is my green stone from New Zealand, I wear it and feel impowered by its healing energy…. Thanks x

Lawrence M

Nanaimo Bars – a layer of graham crackers and nuts, a layer of custard, and a layer of chocolate and coconut.


My precious daughters…love them more than anything in this world :)


The sweetest “thing” in my life has got to be my five grandchildren, ranging in ages from two to 18…SWEET! ♥

jenni o

My sweet daughters, nothing better than their smiles to brighten my day

Sue Green

My 2 1/2 year old granddaughter and her “new” three month old brother are the sweetest things EVER!!!


This is a bit sappy, but here we go. One of my favourite cookies to make is a soft, chewy version of a ginger snap, which my friend calls “ginger sparkles”. I’ve been making them for years, and I made them for my boyfriend’s parents the first time I met them. They loved them. We’re a long distance couple, so I don’t see him often; whenever I make them now I think of him and of meeting his family (and adorable dog). They’re all pretty sweet too.


Weekend brunch with the boyfriend, which is a rare occurrence and oh so treasured!

Juniper Odom

Saturday brunch with my husband! We both work full time and these relaxed weekend mornings is my sweetest thing


My sister. She is just the sweetest, most lovely person. I hope she thinks I’m pretty sweet, too! :)

Anna Peck

My most recent favorite sweet thing is both sweet in taste and sweet in sentiment: David Lebovitz’s Salted Caramel Ice Cream. Of course the flavor is amazing. The ice cream has a smooth, lovely texture that stays perfect over time. But the most enjoyable part is making it: taking the time and patience to create perfect caramelized sugar (twice), then having the satisfying feeling of straining into the ice cream maker, and finally the anticipation of scurrying around the house – trying to keep busy while waiting for it to churn.


A bookshelf packed with my favorite novels, cookbooks, arts and crafts references is one of the sweetest things in my life!


Sweetest thing: My girlfriend picks me up for work every day with a nice snack, a cup of coffee, and a bag of gym clothes, so we can head straight to the gym together.

Hope Hassell

The sweetest thing in my life are my recent memories, that now lay around my house as random art projects and pieces of driftwood.

Beth C

My sweets are my husband, my corgi, Zephyr, and my two nephews!

…and maybe a corgi-shaped cupcake? That’d be pretty sweet.

Emily J

Those wet sloppy kisses from my toddler and the cooing cuddles from my infant are the sweetest things that I could ever have.

Alicia G

My best friend & dog, Monster. And Cake. I do love cake and dogs.


Upon reflection my life is so blessedly full of sweet things. At the moment I’d have to say it’s my six year-old nephew. We’ve been spending more time together & he’s just so much fun & not to big for cuddling yet :)


Sitting down for breakfast with mom and drinking tea in our pajamas :)


The approaching Spring weather is definitely a sweet thing in my life right now. Bring it on!

Alexandria Dupont

When I wake up every morning I think about one new thing that I have to be thankful for. The number one sweet thing in my life is my old and cozy home I get to use as a blank canvas every day.

tiffany m a

My sweet thing is a glass jar full of odd and/or pretty things i had collected during the years i lived in greece. every one reminds me of something different, and they all smell like the ocean :)

bethany tse

My sweet toddler slowing down enough to fall asleep on my chest. :)


One of the sweet things in my life is cozying up in bed with a pint of Ben and Jerry’s and watching TV shows about smart, funny women while my two cats pile on top of me.

Elizabeth Ann

My new lime juicer! Next time I make key lime pie I won’t have to squeeze limes until my hand goes numb!


my husband who is far more romantic than me is my sweet thing


A sweet memory is making apple dumplings with my great-grandmother.


early morning snuggling with my husband while we are still half asleep

Nicole S.

A sweet thing in my life is my framily – those friends that have become family. They are the loveliest group of people, and fill my home with laughter and joy!


One of the sweetest things in my life is my kitten, Ruth Benedict; I wouldn’t be surviving late night reading (I’m a grad student in anthropology) without some kitten paws to distract myself with.


My sweetest thing is my little dog, Honey. Pure unconditional love in a 7lb package :)

Gennie Stafford

The sweet thing I’m loving right now is Pistachio Pistachio ice cream!

Morgan Krhin

One of the sweetest things in my life is cooking amazing food from scratch and enjoying it with a wonderful craft beer with some of my closest friends. Together, we create a wonderful sense of community and share stories that make each other laugh. So much love there.


When my feral sons – identical boys, aged 6 – curl up into my sides for snuggles that know no separateness. That is my version of sweetness incarnate..

Morgan Krhin

One of the sweetest things in my life is cooking a meal from scratch and enjoying it with a wonderfully delicious craft beer with some of my closest friends. We create a beautiful sense of community and share stories that make us laugh. So much love there.


My special needs kitty Callie who sleeps next to my laptop while I work.

Jenna O

My sweetest thing at the moment is my job, I love it!

Melissa S.

My little Jack Russell, Miles, who snuggles with me at night and wakes me up on weekend mornings by sitting on my chest and licking my chin.

Victoria McCafferty

The sweetest thing in my life is my husband when he brings me a cup of coffee in bed! After 26 years of marriage, this small act fills my heart with joy,

Susannah B

The sweetest thing in my life is my little black and white cat, Pixel! She brings me so much joy.


The sweetest thing in my life at the moment is career change! Tomorrow I leave the field of criminal defense for small-scale organic agriculture. xo


The sweetest thing in my life is my sweet cat Franklin. Remind me that I said that the next time she pukes on my favorite rug. Just kidding. I can never stay mad at that face!


Sweet thing: the family Victoria sponge recipe (makes the best cake in the world!)


The sweetest thing right now is FINALLY feeling that springtime sunshine on my skin after such an impossible (for this CA girl) winter on the east coast!


The sweetest thing right now is FINALLY feeling that sunshine on my skin after this impossible (for this CA native) winter on the east coast!


I love my “one line a day journal” it’s full of great memories and the cutest book!

Willow Mayorga

The sweetest spot in my life is the garden that I create every spring. For three years it was a community garden–a brown patch of land or overgrown grass that I transformed into a jungle sanctuary. I may not be handy with a sewing machine or a master in the kitchen, but give me a patch of dirt and some sunlight and I will turn it to a land of pea trellises, sunflower villages, greenbean towers, tomato trees. Now, for the first time, it is our own home with a yard, and our toddler gets to join in the adventure. Soon I will make him a teepee out of vines and show him how to eat salad on the go. He will know peace and healthy eating!


Berger Cookies, which I discovered on a trip to Baltimore and now have to special order. Basically a really dry cake-like cookie with about three inches of fudge layered on top. Which sounds insane but is sooo good.


A sweet thing in my life is being thankful for a fulfilling job despite it’s challenges!


My two tabby cats are the sweetest, softest things in my life.


The sweetest thing is snuggling in bed with my husband, admiring the hard work we’ve done to transform our room into a cozy, calm, and rejuvenating oasis.


My great grandmother’s pancake recipe. It has come with me on many an adventure and to every new city I’ve lived in along the way – Cape Town, New York, Washington, DC, and Chicago. It has been at the heart of many cherished memories and traditions with family and friends and has helped me to connect with home when I have felt far away. They are they perfect treat for a middle-of-the-week breakfast-for-dinner or an ideal way to kick off a weekend.


Sweetest things for me are my KITTENS Clover and Coco, sisters aged 6 months and 11 months. I fed them in the wild with their mother Chloe, then brought them home when each was about 3 months old. They are the most loving and affectionate kitties who make life sweeter every day! Would love to have a volume of Sweet Paul’s recipes and beautiful images, and just walking through Anthropologie is pure heaven.


My sweetest thing is my family… But can anyone resist a warm bath and a cup of tea?

Lauren D

I am a sucker for honey. . . I love all the subtle flower and regional difference can completely change the taste – I currently have 6 different honeys in my pantry.


My sweet thing today was watching my six month pitbull puppy wait very very patiently to get to eat his birthday cupcake.


One of the sweet things in my life today is the way the sun comes in my living room in the afternoon. I love having a day off from work to enjoy the simple beautiful things of my apartment!

Erin Sulla

My favorite comfort food snack lately is yogurt peanut butter dip with apple slices. Pb is my fave!