Leela Cyd’s 10 Favorite Things

One of my favorite ways to spend some down time is losing myself in the world of photographers. From their incredible Instagram feeds to their blogs full of behind-the-scenes shoot tips, I love peeking into the lives of the people who create the images we all love so much. One of my favorite photographers is Leela Cyd, who recently moved from Portland, Oregon to Santa Barbara, CA. Her days are filled with sunlight, beautiful food and photoshoots that I would love to see in person. Today Leela is sharing her 10 Favorite Things with us, from her trusty Linus bike to her morning bath and daily walks. I hope you’ll enjoy her favorites! Thanks, Leela! xo, grace

*You can check out Leela’s fantastic blog here, too!

Click through for her list in photo and list form or click ‘play’ above to watch her clips!

1. My Linus Bike – The first fancy, luxurious, grown up thing I ever bought JUST FOR FUN. It’s a dream, I’m obsessed!

2. Dave’s succulent garden — My husband’s little potted plant zone outside of our cottage is going crazy right now, and he made it all from neighborhood clippings (don’t tell the neighbors), every time I go in and out of our house, I smile at this sweetness.

3. Indian Food buffet lunch – we’re gearing up for our return trip to India in the Fall (we lived there 5 years ago), and I’m super good at eating Indian food!

4. Lotus Land – visiting this crazy garden estate built in the 1940s in Santa Barbara is heavenly

5. Morning bath – nothing better than starting the day off with bubbles and relaxation

6. Morning commute – since moving to Santa Barbara from rainy Portland, I can’t get enough of my bike riding through this ridiculous California sunshine landscape — this is the view from 1/2 way to the studio, it’s insane!!

7. Making pictures of pretty things – I am so happy to have made a career out of following my dreams. I’ve been playing with little saucers, picking flowers from the garden, baking cookies and arranging tea parties since I was a kid . . . this is a good day at work!

8. Sky – Just look at these fairytale colors!

9. Setting a an afternoon tea for myself and a friend. I love to regroup and relax with some libations and a chat before the day is done.

10. Vito – Walking, cuddling, stroking and doting upon the family dog (Vito — he’s a Cirnecco del’Etna, a Sicilian breed if you’re curious) is definitely my favorite thing.

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Leela is my absolute favorite photographer! We’re missing Leela in Portland – happy to see you on DS, cutes! XO


I just went through Instagram and blog. Her photos are just fantastic!
Thanks for sharing!!!