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Flower Glossary: Flowering Quince

by Grace Bonney

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Every spring I find myself confusing cherry blossoms and flowering quince. Both produce beautiful pale pink blooms, but flowering quince is actually a shrub and not part of a tree like cherry blossoms. Both are lovely, but today we’re focusing on flowering quince. I find these branches are most beautiful right before their blossoms are fully opened. They make for wonderful structure in a large arrangement and they feel like a much needed dose of spring at a time of year when you’re ready for some color and lightness. xo, grace

Additional Information about Flowering Quince:

  • Family: Flowering Quince (Chaenomeles) is a member of the Rosaceae family.
  • Varieties: There are less than 10 species, some of which are hybrids. The majority are native to China and Japan.
  • Cost: Flowering Quince branches can be purchased in spring at most florists for around $5-$15 per branch, depending on size and quality.
  • Fun facts: The green fruit of flowering quince branches can be used to make jelly and are deer resistant.

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