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Flower Glossary: Anemone

by Grace Bonney

Design*Sponge Flower Glossary / Anemone
One of my favorite flowers, but one of the trickiest to pronounce, is the Anemone. As the frost starts to die off, anemones seem to pop up in all of my favorite flower shops and I inevitably start bringing small bunches home to decorate our dining table. I’ve always loved the frilly collar around these flowers – they seem to frame the petals so proudly. This is the perfect time of year to grab even a single anemone stem – they have such a beautiful, gestural movement to them that they can hold their own in a vase just as well as in a bunch. xo, grace

Additional Information about Anemones:

  • Family: Anemones are a part of the Ranunculaceae family
  • Varieties: There are over 150 species of Anemone, ranging from Chinese Anemone and Greek Anemone to Desert Anemone and Snowdrop Windflower.
  • Cost: Around $3 per stem.
  • Fun facts: Anemones keep growing and twisting even after they’re in a cut arrangement. They will bend toward the light and can add a beautiful gestural line to even the simplest arrangement.

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  • I love anemones! I wanted these exact kind (white with black hearts) for my wedding but sadly the florist we were required to use by our venue told us they could get them and then got the all white/green hearted ones instead, and very sad looking ones at that. We swapped out for other all white flowers (I think tulips and roses, since they didn’t tell me until the night before the wedding and that was all they had) which was so sad! Luckily this was the only thing from the wedding that didn’t go well, but I still sigh every time I see one of these beautiful flowers! My sweet husband gets them for me as gifts now to make up for it :)

  • These are so lovely. I love that they mean “anticipation.” I feel like I am anticipating a lot of good things in my future, so I may need to pick up a few stems for my desk.

  • According to Ovid, Adonis turns into a red anemone after he is killed by the boar. Some writers used to call the anemone the “Adonis Flower.” I love anemones, and carried a bouquet of white ones with black and navy centers on my wedding day.