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I’ve been ready for a little textile change at home, so I’ve been watching Etsy and Instagram for great new fabrics. While I’ve got a bunch bookmarked, there’s one that keeps popping up in my mind over and over: Fayce Textiles. Designer and illustrator Kim Rosen has a decade of experience in the industry and is now creating hand-drawn patterns on beautiful unbleached linen. I love how subtle the linework is in all these patterns- they’re graphic and modern but still feel clean and classic enough to work in just about any space. I’ve got my eye on this one in grey, but I’m excited to order samples of the full collection and try them all in person. Click here to check out the full collection from Fayce online. And from everyone at D*S, have a great weekend! xo, grace

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Thank you SO much for the feature Grace and your kind words, what an honor!


Totally agree on the Barilla issue being lightly handled; at least it was mentioned. I know it’s not the opinion of the employees (I hope!) so by boycotting I worry that I’ll harm their livelihood (not likely with such a global operation) but the chairman’s, and yet you can’t help but assume the apology campaign is just damage control. I try to buy from small local producers now. The graphic is awesome!

Maria G.

I like all such unusual things and clothes. Even if I don`t buy them I like to look at them and feel inspiration. The idea of dress made of cream caught my attention and impressed me a lot.


Dear Grace,
Which link corresponds to the succulent and cactus prints featured in the lowest mosaic of thumbnails?
Thank you….I would really like to track them down.


Yes, these Fabrics feel like classics and the styling on the website is fabulous too!