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DIY Project: Painted Drinking Glasses

by Grace Bonney

I’m a big fan of quick makeovers – projects that take only a few minutes to make, but make a big difference. This painted drinking glass project is a great example. In just a few steps, your drinking glasses become personalized and the possibilities for variations are endless. –Emma Noréhn

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-A container
-Porcelain paint
-Glasses (cleaned and dried)



1. Pour the glass paint into the container. And then place the glass on the bottom and tilt the container to make the paint flow. (If you have a lot of porcelain paint you can just dip the glass directly into the paint, too).


2. When you are happy with the result, let the remaining paint drip off before you place the glass upside down to dry. When it’s dry, follow the instructions on the porcelain paint pot for drying/setting.

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  • Do you have samples of other colors? Sorry, but this does not look appetizing. Looks like someone put a cigarette butt in there.

  • Any chance you could provide a link to where to buy porcelain paint? I see mostly paint markers online. Thanks!

  • Cool! Neat idea.

    Sue- It looks like Pebeo Porcelaine 150 Paint, which is available in 46 colors.

  • I think the color is beautiful; although I might do blue instead to go better with my kitchen. Anyway – lovely. Thanks.

  • The thought was a great idea! I would agree with others on maybe using a lighter and brighter color due to it looking kind of dirty. But your kitchen may be black and you wanted to make a quick one to match! But either way, great little activity!

  • I love this idea. It’s simple and great for an instant gratification project.
    I think the reason it looks “dirty” is because it looks like cloudy tap water was used.

  • This is fantastic! I’m a big fan of quick projects too. Could also use this as a great way to add colour to your dishes! Reminds me of the fogged glasses I bought from Target a few years ago. Thanks from one Emma to another!

  • I love the dark smokey look…this would tie in nicely with my Holmegaard water glasses. Thank you!

    p.s. What the heck is everyone drinking that would stain a glass that colour? Tar?!

  • I love it! Since I cook and bake a lot, I have a rule that I do not keep decorative pieces on the counter which are not strictly *useful*, which limits my decoration to almost nothing. However, I keep a glass pitcher on the counter I use for cooking and this would be a perfect and super easy way to add color to it and to my kitchen. Yey! Thanks for sharing…

  • While this is a clever project, if you read the instructions/literature on that particular brand of glass/porcelain paint (which looks to be Pebo brand) you will find that it is not considered food safe and should not be used for drinking glasses unless the paint is on the outside of the vessel, even when cured. Please see this information from Pebo:

    “Dear Customer,

    Thanks for your interest in our product.

    Our products Porcelaine 150 and Vitrea 160, although not containing heavy
    metal (lead…) and validating the norm EN71 for toy, aren’t “food contact”
    products. The plates and other objects of use wich are used or exposed to
    food should not be painted.
    Paint can be applied on decoratives surfaces wich are not intended to be in
    contact with food or beverage.

    We wish you will enjoy using our product anyhow.

    Best regards

    The customer service”

    Similar information is included in the packaging details of the product, and the information on the product website.

    When working with art supplies, particularly ones meant to come in contact with food, it is very important to read all safety information, as many pigments contain heavy metals or other toxic elements.

    This project could still be for decorative use, or, if painted on the outside of the glass, for drinking.