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DIY Project: Campaign Style Cork Board

by Erin Souder

Design*Sponge Campaign Corkboard DIY
When it comes to keeping my office organized, I’m always up for new things. Paper stacks and various supplies tend to disappear from my thought if they’re not kept in a visible place. Although so many ways to showcase inspiration surface daily, I’ve found that if organization is the least bit fussy, I won’t do it, so nothing works as well for me as a good, old fashioned cork board. Since I don’t want my office to look like a grade school, I’ve come up with a more chic way to dress up my cork board and make it seam like a legit part of my decor, rather than an afterthought. –Erin

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-1′ x 1′ cork squares with mounting foam (mine came in a set of four)
-16 1.5″ brass corner braces
-64 #4 1/2″ brass screws
-Super glue

Design*Sponge Campaign Corkboard DIY


Step One: Squeeze a little bit of super glue onto the back of your L bracket. If your bracket has engraved part numbers or wording, glue onto this side so that you’ll get the smooth side facing outwards.

Design*Sponge Campaign Corkboard DIY

Step Two: Place the bracket into the corner of a cork square and use a screwdriver to gently screw it down. The glue will hold the bracket secure and the screws are more about the finished look, so don’t screw them in too tightly or your cork will break apart.

Design*Sponge Campaign Corkboard DIY
Design*Sponge Campaign Corkboard DIY

Step Three: Use your mounting squares to fix the cork to the wall.

Design*Sponge Campaign Corkboard DIY

The whole project is so easy and is a much more stylish take on a universally needed office or home organization tool.

Design*Sponge Campaign Corkboard DIY

Design*Sponge Campaign Corkboard DIY

Design*Sponge Campaign Corkboard DIY

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  • i have used mounting squares in the past to install cord boards, but upon taking them down in a rental apartment i found they took chunks of paint with them! any advice as to how to avoid this problem?

  • I was overjoyed when I found this, thank you!! After scouring through 100s of nauseating bulletin boards on Pintrest this was a blessing. Only. One. Problem. All crafting stores sell these cork squares but none are thick enough for the above mentioned screw size. You get screw overhang on the back… Bummer. Any ideas?

    • Hey Hilary,
      I use two corkboards on top of each other to get the thickness I want. Just glue them together.

      and thank you for the idea Erin!