Best of the Web + Weekly Wrap Up

The weather report is tempting us with promises of warmer weather this weekend, so our D*S team is packing up and heading outside to soak up some sun. We’ve got some exciting peeks coming up next week, from great hotels and home interiors to a look inside the lives of our favorite photographers. Also, a roundup of the BEST home fabrics around. Until Monday, we hope you all have a wonderful weekend! xo, grace

*Images above from one of my favorite beachy homes over on Homepolish’s site right now. Home design by Vanessa De Vargas (this is her beautiful home, too!) and photography by Bethany Nauert.

Best of The Web This Week:


Best of D*S This Week:



Audrey Wright

I like the clustered ornamentation going on in the first photo! I’ve been thinking about it and it makes perfect sense to focus most of the ornamentation and detail into the most essential corner of the room and leaving all the other walls close to blank.
The contrast breaks up the boring six plane structure of a room and helps identify points of interest.
Very good design decision, in my opinion. Thanks for sharing and have a nice day!

Jeff Marlon

This is some very creative design work. I think powerful graphic designing needed to created such type of perfect image. I really appreciate the designer.