Best of the Web + Sarah Ellison Wallpaper

Instagram has become my favorite way to stumble upon beautiful new homes, shops and designers. Yesterday I was clicking around our #dsnicerug hashtag and stumbled onto a home the featured the gorgeous work of Sarah Ellison. Sarah is the Style Editor at Real Living Magazine in Australia, but she also designed a stunning line of wallpaper that I can’t get enough of. Her brand new ‘Light of Heart‘ collection is the sort of soft watery look I crave when the temperatures start to rise and I can’t wait to see in person. In the meantime, you can check out (and shop) the full collection online right here. xo, grace

sarah-ellison-mint-zigzag copy

Best of the Web This Week:


Best of DS This week:



I agree – instagram is a great way to find new and fresh inspiration. I love this wallpaper – it’s gorgeous, bright and lots of fun!
Thank you for sharing! x


Oooooh THANK you for the Martha Stewart “Ask Me Anything” link – so entirely awesome!! The biker dude who admitted to listening to Martha’s podcasts? Priceless!

Maria G.

I would never have thought that handmade wallpaper can look so nice. Once I have tried to do the same thing but my wallpapers appeared to be inaccurate and rather clumsy so I had to change them. This one looks really fresh.