A Day In The Life

A Day In The Life of Rinne Allen

by Grace Bonney

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Rinne Allen is one of my favorite artists around. Not just for her beautiful work and creative ideas, but because she is part of one of the most supportive and wonderful art communities I know: Athens, Georgia. I’ve loved getting to follow all of Rinne’s creative projects over the years and getting to visit her studio during our 2011 book tour, but I was curious to see what she’s been up to lately. And man has she been working on some great things. Not only is she working on Hugh Acheson‘s new book, but she’s got a new project with Susan Hable in the works and some fun ideas of her own. Thanks so much to Rinne for sharing these beautiful (food and flower-filled) peeks inside her daily life. xo, grace

*You can get an extra peek inside Rinne’s beautiful home right here! Also, if you found this video via Instagram, the video music is “Love Me Like You Do” by The Mythics

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wake up time: even though i technically rise before the sun is up (i have small children), i do love the way the sun streams in our windows in the early morning…

around 9 a.m.: i love that i can walk my children to school. here, i am walking my younger son to his playschool a few blocks away.

he goes to school at this sweet place, arrow …it’s wonderful! (full disclosure: i started arrow with a friend 4+ years ago, when my older son was a baby…it is now a non-profit and run by a wonderful staff, but i am still deeply involved).

my morning commute: we live in one of the oldest neighborhoods in athens. my studio is in the house next door to ours, so i walk along this sidewalk each morning to get there (although sometimes, i cut through our garden). this wall and these pavers were laid in the 60’s by the previous owner, along with the plants and trees you see. i love that they add some personality to the streetscape – it is nice to see some green as you walk down the street…

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for those who are familiar with my studio, i recently moved my desk into the blue room…it gets great light and i love the original wall color. on my big work table sit a few Beauty Everyday books that are waiting to be shipped, some layouts for an upcoming book project, and my big basket of props for a photoshoot later in the day.

mid-morning: i am working on a fun project with my friend susan and i need to edit some images on the computer…here is a detail of my screen showing some images of her garden roses from the summertime – it is nice to look at these bright pinks on a winter’s day!

all is not peachy in the studio…part of it actually flooded a few days ago, so thankfully my husband is here to help me build new shelves…and organize the mess the water left behind.

ahh, my photoshoot…yum: i am working on another book project with my friend hugh. today we are shooting at his restaurant, 5 & 10, although most often we cook at his house. this table is full of all the dishes we have shot so far, and will become our lunch, shortly.

our shoots are very relaxed, thankfully. i love these quiet in-between moments…nothing earth-shattering here, just simple beauty.

my lunch: grilled leeks, black eyed peas, artichoke-something, and a few other bites…it is fun to taste the food after a shoot – i can vouch that it really is delicious!

…and i was lucky enough to get to finish the cobbler!

flash-forward to late afternoon: i am off-duty and now with my kids and their good buddy. there is a huge fallen tree in an open field down the street and it is a regular destination for climbing and fort-building. i love ending my days playing like this. a reminder to those who need a boost: play often!

night-night time, for my kids…i also love ending the day reading books with my children. they LOVE books. often, their books inspire me as much as anything i do throughout the day.

evening: my bedroom window, at night.

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  • I lived a few doors down from her! I love how cozy and overgrown the exterior of her house is. That’s one of the best streets in Athens :)

  • Love this! Her photography looks so perfectly casually throw together. Maybe after a 10+ years of working I can create such loveliness too.

  • LOVE!
    Such beautiful photography!
    Rinne- can you tell me who makes your tunic/shirt in the first photo?! I’m on the hunt for the perfect tunic and I LOVE it!

  • Really a lovely sentiment about how we should live…slow down and savor every minute because life’s too beautiful to waste. Thanks for the reinforcement!

  • I love to visit with Rinne when I am in Athens with my daughter, Susan… and I love, love, love walking down the winding pathway behind her house.. I could pitch a tent down there and spend the night! She is so talented and creative…and to top it all, a sweetheart!

  • Thanks, grace et al, for this great series…!

    A few replies to inquiries…

    Mm smith- the book is called ‘The Little Island’ by margaret wise brown

    Sarah- my tunic is by matta, from a few seasons ago…

    And, vikki, the flowering shrub in the first photo is a quince…