A Day In The Life of Fox Fodder Farm

I could stare at photos of beautiful flowers all day. Thankfully there are so many talented florists and gardeners across the world that share their work, from bulb to finished arrangement, online. One of my favorite florists to follow on Instagram is Fox Fodder Farm. Founded in 2011 by florist and gardener Taylor Patternson, Fox Fodder farm is Based in Brooklyn, NY and produces some of the most romantic floral designs, events, fragrances and soap. Everything Taylor produces has a sort of elegance and ease to it that feels like it came right from the garden before it was photographed or handed to a client. Getting to peek inside the daily life of Taylor’s flower world is a real treat for me – I envy anyone who gets to spend their days surrounded by flowers, plants and horses. I know it’s hard work, but man, having a horse to pet doesn’t hurt. Thanks so much to Taylor for letting us take a look inside her day! xo, grace

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Its 6 am, my room is a mess, and I don’t want o get out of bed. I can hear the wind outside and it’s coooooooold.

NYC Flower Market. What pulls me out of bed at 6 and where I spend most mornings. Could be worse. They have complimentary coffee and donuts as well. Such gentlemen.

This is my car. My best friend. One day I’ll be a more organized packer. Right now things just get shoved in where they’ll fit.

Have my regular accounts and an event for Shinola today. This is Shinola’s Showroom. I want it to be my office.

Back at the studio… Responding to emails and then distracting myself by playing with flowers. The list of “To Do’s” is long. Too long…and not terribly efficient.

The view from my studio…

I skipped town a bit early and headed down to Delaware to visit the family.

And Ted…

Brought these luxe ranunculus home with me to make something nice for my momma. My dad rolls his eyes whenever I show up with buckets of flowers because I tend to leave a mess in my tracks. (See photo #1) This broom was casually placed next to the bucket by him as a kind reminder. Thanks, Dad.

I picked some Witch Hazel from the garden and made this. Just realized I haven’t eaten all day. Thank God I’m home and Mom’s cooking!



i love that in the first photo, it seems as though she is texting, but upon closer inspection, she is actually admiring a rose. THANK YOU. lovely post.


Oh goodness!!! I’m a nurse and love helping people but there’s not too much beauty around me. How I’d love to be in a profession where beauty is all around me!!! So lucky!

ginny branch

i love this! i so could relate to many things- messy car, long to do list, best part of the job being people you meet… sounds like my kind of gal!


I want to brush my fingers across Ted’s eyelashes. I imagine he wouldn’t like that much though.


I love that you are so wrapped in sharing your love of beauty that you forget to eat.
That’s always a good day in my book!