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A Colorful Midwestern Home Filled with Flea Market Finds

by Amy Azzarito

Thirteen years ago, Jennifer Harrison-Ciacchi, and her husband Raymond Ciacchi Jr. built this home in Euclid, a suburb outside of Cleveland along Lake Erie. And built is not a euphemism – they hammered nails, drove screws, painted walls.  This is one handy couple. They are the owners of Sharkey and Son Construction Co. located in Cleveland. The couple has five children who are all grown and out on their own. They also have a love for rescuing dogs and now have five rescues – Max, Mila, Maggy, Rigby and Ernesto. Five must be a lucky number. They have a love for East Coast style homes and since they live on a lake, they decided to channel the look of a Maine cottage. To keep things fresh, Jennifer changes the look every four years. It sounds like an expensive prospect but with her flea market and garage-sale savvy she’s able to keep the budget in check. (But, Raymond does say that the basement is a bit like an antique mall – I’d love to sign up to shop there!)  Thanks Jennifer and Raymond and a big thank you to Anisa Rrapaj for all the lovely photographs! –Amy

Image above: This room has had the most transformations, but sitting in front of the fireplace now I can say I have found contentment with my latest decisions. The rug is a Moroccan boucherouite rug from Morocco. The painting is a signed oil I found hidden in a warehouse sale for $20. It has the coolest old wooden frame around it.

Image above: Some of the first things I ever purchased for our home are in this room, our dining room. The lights were from a garage sale. I found them wrapped in garbage bags on the floor with all the beads in the bottom of the bag. When I got them home and put them together, they were awesome – for $3. The chairs are from the historical Cleveland- based Higbee’s from their ice cream parlor that was located in the basement of the store. I purchased 6 of them for a $1 each and reupholstered them with a cowhide rug I had. The rug I got on ebay from Turkey is a 13ft kilim rug, I’m in love with it and the color it brings to this room. My table was out of a flower shop, it’s what they used for their work station. The top has an amazing patina which adds to the character.


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Image above: The steps were carpeted and one day I decided to rip it off, and I must say I am happy with that decision. This floor is an open floor plan and having the steps painted was a great way of drawing your eye to the design of the decor. The planters are West Elm, the throw is from Ikea, the pillows are Anthropologie and Target.

Image above: The best thing about this photograph is those brass shelves. I garbage-picked them two weeks ago. Rug, pillows and stool are all Nate Berkus from Target.

Image above: The brass clock was a garage sale find. The artists behind the paintings are sisters who I recently discovered on Instagram –NG Collective. The cabinet is from Ikea and I call the display on top my “stuff” collection.

Image above: My friends found this vintage tulip table for me at the thrift store. I love waking up in the morning and sitting here with a hot cup of coffee watching the snow fall outside. My chairs are vintage outdoor Russell Woodard that I found on Etsy. The light, rug and brass curtain rods are from West Elm.

Image above: This stool means a lot to me. It was my grandmother’s stool. She used it in the garage to stand on when she couldn’t reach. The weaving is from Janelle Pietrzak whom I just adore. She designed this one just for me.

Image above: I found this cabinet in the trash on a tree lawn and drove home with it on the roof of my car. Score!


Image above: This is my quiet place, when I need to get away from the noise I come up to our bedroom and look out the window that faces the lake and grab a moment for myself. I purchased this hat trunk from one of my best girlfriends, Shannon Vance, owner of Stash Style located in Cleveland OH. I found the lamp at a garage sale for $1 and the African rug at an estate sale for $10.

Image above: My headboard is a giant barn door that I purchased from a friend. It took my sister and I two hours to get it up to our bedroom located on the third floor. She still likes to remind me of it.  The blanket is a vintage coverlet from a local thrift store. The pillows are from Anthropologie and Target.

Image above: Bedroom nook! The chair I did in an upholstery class. I found the unicorn pillow at an estate sale. The little wooden side table is a pig emulsion container. Luggage and furs are from a garage sale.

Image above: I am crazy for vintage jewelry and accessories. I bought the vintage tool boxes from Stash Style – they have hand painted tools in them with hooks, so it made it easy and fun for my collection.

Image above: I don’t like to see TVs as part of the home decor, wires etc. So I had bought this cabinet from Reincarnation, a local antique store, for my husband to put his tools in in the garage. Well, shortly after, I realized that I loved it so much that I brought it in the house to make it our TV / entertainment / electronics etc. cabinet. Yep, our TV is in there. This is where my husband and I cuddle under the blanket and watch all of our recorded TV shows. There’s windows all the way around this room so we call it the enclosed porch. In the summer, we love to open the windows with the summer breeze off the lake and sit in the morning and drink my coffee.

Image above: When the kids lived with us, this was their media room, their hang-out space. Once they left I finally got the office I have been wanting. This old tool cabinet was a find on Craigslist for $35. Everything is original, when I washed it I made sure I didn’t wipe off the handwriting that labels the drawers. It speaks of someone’s hobbies, it has its own stories to tell from each drawer, and I love that about it. There are huge leather handles on each side and those are the casters it came with. The popcorn maker I found at a flea market; it will make a cute terrarium for me one day.

Image above: One of the best pieces I have ever found, my desk! The whole thing is painted pink and seafoam green, it’s galvanized metal with doors on one side. I found it in Springfield Ohio’s flea market extravaganza they have twice a year. The poster is from a warehouse sale for $3 and the owl light from a yard sale for $5. These are some of my favorite treasures in this room.

Image above: To keep the flow of color for the room, I made this wallpaper wall out of plywood, trim and Anthropologie wallpaper. My work table is an old flower cart my mom found while shopping at garage sales 10 years ago for $5. I made the lamp shade out of galvanized metal and hung it over an Ikea chandelier. The copper steeple piece came from a local church that was having their roof replaced.

Image above: Ikea shelving, and this chair was in a dumpster behind a store. I walked in and asked if I could have it. They told me “go ahead,” so I did. I reupholstered it and had the base redipped in chrome and now I have a beautiful Milo Baughmann chair for close to nothing. That’s cool, if I must say.

Image above: That little outdoor thermostat is an old New Orleans advertisement piece that I found the summer of Katrina and it’s close to my heart for many reasons due to that tragedy in our country, and may I add it still works. I have a mad obsession for jackalope mounts, you see them all over in the photos here and there. But the wooden rosary is huge and awesome, I recently found it at an estate sale for a gift, but once I hung it there I couldn’t part with it.


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  • this is one of my favourite homes in a while. and i look at A LOT of homes! beautiful and interesting with wonderful texture and patina and stories everywhere!

  • This might be my favorite home I’ve ever seen on the internet. I love every little bit of it. Thanks for sharing; I am feeling so inspired! xoxoxo

  • love your home Jennifer! I love the stories behind each piece, and I am so jealous of your major finds! Lucky you. I love how you blend so many styles together, but keep it well edited and cozy. Your rugs are beautiful! Thank you for letting me make a piece for your house! xoxo

  • Which IKEA cabinet is that by the fireplace? I love the wood placed underneath – great, stylish idea!

  • You mention a couple favorite Cleveland antique stores – do you have others in northeast Ohio? (I’m from Shaker Heights!) Love, love, love your place.

  • This is one of the most love-filled homes I’ve ever seen. Thank you, thank you, thank you for giving us a view of all your treasures. I’ve been divesting like crazy but somehow continue to acquire “keepers”. You’ve given me dozens of new ideas on how to rearrange and I’m fired up for a change in my surroundings. Mille grazie!

  • Wonderful rooms, wonderful stuff! I don’t always like Flea Market stuff, but your is wonderful. Thanks for sharing with us.

  • Wow!! This home is FABULOUS! I am so inspired as I have a very similar aesthetic, but am not quite so great with the execution. Can’t wait for the weekend when I can start re-arranging and redo-ing!

  • I’m having a hard time believing that the woman in the picture has five grown children who’ve left the nest. You look great, Jennifer! And your house is so much fun!

  • What an inspiring home…my husband and I are in the process of putting the last one through college (four). It’s nice to see a fellow mom move on to the next stage in such a gracious and comfortable way. All your treasures show such a wonderfully collected life. Gives me a new perspective on all our quirky collected pieces. (As a practicing commercial Interior Designer, sometimes I’m too far to see the forest through the trees.)

  • I’m completely speechless—this home is amazing. I wish I could tag along on one of your estate/garage/thrift shopping trips. Mine are never so fruitful!

  • Undoubtedly one of my favorite homes I’ve seen here on DesignSponge. Every single vignette was so interesting. Made me want to know the story behind each and every item. The feeling I had looking at these images is what I hope to aspire to one day in my own home.

  • Yeah…favorite Internet home tour in the history of ever. And perfect hair. I might just Single White Female her.

  • this house is yummy eye candy. there is so much creativity and personality in the arrangement of everything. its really a work of art. thanks for letting us take a look.

  • I love the eclectic sense of style. One of my favorite Cleveland shops(Reincarnation) is well represented here! They have amazing pieces. I’ve also made trips down to the Springfield Extravaganza for some unique finds. I agree that favorite things are the ones you stumble across. Way to represent Cleveland!!!

  • Westside girl here…I love your home, and am super-jealous of your lake view. You have a great eye for “stuff!” Thanks for sharing.

  • Just when I start to think that all the homes on here look the same something like this appears and restores my faith in DS. Beautifully curated home that doesn’t look contrived, I love it.

  • whoa. this home is dreamy. congratulations, you have real talent!
    and i must echo the other comment…jennifer, you have five grown kids?!?!?
    sheesh, i only have two little ones and need to step up my game;)
    lovely home, thanks for sharing.

  • I love “when the kids lived with us ” … Jennifer doesn’t look a day over 25 ! terrific style and great vintage finds, well done on the long room. Extremely moderrrrnn ! :)

  • This place is amazing! You Anericans and your garage sales and estate sales. Sigh. Well, at least we have Paris.

  • This home is warm and fun. That is the exact way I would describe Jennifer. Contagious energy and spirit. Her home exudes creativity and the love of all things vintage! Rock on Jennifer!

  • I never comment. EVER. But I am compelled because this flea market goddess is brilliant. Well done. Love it all!

  • Love .this . Love ,loving!!! Lovey!! Jennifer we have 6 dogs and you’re my favorite new designer-type person!

  • Your home and all your flea markets finds are inspiring. I’m constantly searching for just the right pieces for our home. Being patient is hard! I think it’s great that so many pieces have a story behind them and that you seem to sincerely love each one.

  • Just wanted to let you know that after seeing this home, I went home last night and ripped the carpet off of my stairs almost immediately after walking in the door! I had been so nervous about whether I should do it or not for FOUR YEARS, and after seeing this lovely home, I thought, ‘what the heck?!’ I have to say, I am so glad I finally did it! Thanks so much for the inspiration!! xoxox

  • Jenn- Your house is beautiful and I’m lucky to get to sit and hang in these rooms! I’m so excited that you are joining us in Round Top next week. (Sure to find lots of treasures) Design Sponge if you liked this ladies home in the winter months, you should see it in peek garden weather;) did I mention the pool and better yet pool house bar? Summer right around the corner! Cheers

  • Jennifer, you have FIVE grown children? Did you have the first one when you were 2? You look 30. AND, you’re home is really, really cool.

  • What a fabulously unique and interesting home. I love the stairs – they are striking and chic. I love all the personal artifacts and the amazing furniture finds. The black scheme with hints of gold/brass is great – really lifts the scheme and adds warmth. The pops of colour from rugs and furniture are spot on – what a feature that red chair is. I adore the luggage cases stacked as a footstool/table. A creative haven and great inspiration :O)

  • The beauty of this house can’t be explained in words because it goes beyond that! I’ve been able to see the house in person and pictures don’t even do it justice! This house needs to be pictured in every magazine and Jen’s creative mind has made this house so special! Perfection and elegance are everything about this! Jen you are amazing!!! :)

  • Great design and placement! I’m from Springfield and have spent many weekends at the flea market. I lived in Euclid in the early 70’s. Higbee chairs are a great find! Very special house.

  • Have to agree with Sue above…..way too cluttered for me. No place to rest your eyes. There are some nice pieces, but you can’t see them for all the animal skins and stuff all over the place. With some creative editing it would be lovely.

  • The woman pictured must be one of the kids. She certainly isn’t old enough to have kids of her own. Young and beautiful!
    I like this house. I like that everything has a story. I like that ugly things were made beautiful, that discarded things were rescued. It isn’t my personal style–I don’t have the time or talent to do the same–but I greatly appreciate it here.

  • Layers and layers and yet no clutter.
    Black and white and yet so warm.
    Eclectic and refurbished and yet so thoughtful.
    Seen it before and yet so very refreshing.

  • Wow, I feel compelled to head on out to Cleveland and do some serious dumpster trawling, flea-marketing and trash day cruising! But I suspect it’s all in your eye, Jennifer, along with what I can only call super-serendipity. And the air at that Lake must be magic, if you’ve got 5 grown children! But dogs and kids do keep you young, Bravo for your beautiful, love-filled home.

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  • You have children that are out of the house? You’re gorgeous. You look way to young to be able to say that. Ha. Your home is gorgeous. You have a great eye for style, and a great bargain. Would have loved to see pictures of your rescues as well, but I did see one of them lounging around the breakfast nook. Too cute!! I can’t believe some of the things you have pulled out of the trash. Lucky girl.

  • So happy I’ve found your website! I am a proud thrift shopper, and up cycling furniture is a passion of mine. This post was super inspirational!

  • Your so talented!! Love your house. I myself am a thrift store decorator. Just wish I could but it all together like you have. Great job!!!!:)

    • I loved all of this! Where is the sofa/chaise from? It would be perfect for a small living room space I have.
      Thank you,

  • I was so glad to see the brass shelves in your home. I bought mine over 30 years ago, used, and was wondering whether to keep, discard, or paint. You just answered that question for me. I love it and your home is beautiful!

  • As a fellow Clevelander (who now resides in DC) and flea market lover I must say I am in love with your home! I’m obsessed with black, white, neutrals and pops of color. Your place has a story and that’s awesome!