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20 Woven Wall Hangings to Inspire, Buy or DIY

by Grace Bonney

I’ve been a textile nut for as long as I can remember, and I’ve so enjoyed watching the way that vintage-style woven wall hangings have come back in style. Whether they’re flat weaves inspired by the 50s or thick woven pieces taking their cues from the 70s, I think all woven wall hangings are a great way to add texture, color and interest to your home. So today I rounded up 20 inspiring examples – some you can make, some you can buy and some you can just bookmark for later inspiration. If weaving seems intimidating, don’t worry – some of these projects are remarkably simple to complete and have so many possibilities for customization! xo, grace

*Check out more beautiful examples of woven wall hangings at home right here!

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A gorgeous weaving from Karen Kimmel’s LA home.

Fantastic DIY Wall Hanging Project from A Pair and a Spare

DIY Sisal Rope Wall Hanging project from D*S

Weavings by All Roads Textiles

DIY Wall Weaving Project by Smitten Studio

Wall Hangings by Himo Art on Etsy

DIY Yarn Hanging Project by Creative Bug

Julie Galdo and Cody Cloud‘s amazing wall hanging.

Jess Lorass’ bedroom in Calgary has a beautiful weaving from the 50s.

DIY Wall Hanging Project from Design Love Fest

Morgan at the Brick House found some AMAZING vintage fiber art.

Weavings by the incredible Maryanne Moodie

Weavings by Native Line


A DIY Minimalist Pom Pom Wall Hanging project by Jessica Comingore

Weavings by New Friends
Weavings by Brook&Lyn

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  • I have a piece by Janelle at All Roads, and it was recently featured as a photo in last weeks sneak peek. It is one of my favorite pieces and I am so greatful to have the opportunity to own this amazing weaving by a amazing person. Congrats Janelle on this feature so deserved!!!

  • Love love love this. I’ve been super fascinated by weavings and fiber art lately and I really want to learn how to make cool stuff. Thanks for this.

  • Love this post! You really need to check out Pilgimage by Jess Feury for some truly gorgeous weavings! jessfeury.com I’ve been meaning to bring this amazing artist to your attention for a while now!

  • Weaving makes such a neat hobby and the possibilities are endless. I learned at my local Art Center (www.therac.org) last year and I love it. I have done a dozen different weavings that my friends love to have on their walls too. Nothing quite as professional as these but the design process is so fulfilling and the execution feels ever so wonderful.

  • If you’re interested in freestyle-type weaving, try googling “Saori”. It should appeal to the anarchist in all of us- there are no rules and definitely no weaving police. Fascinating history, too.