Make Your Own: DIY Statement Necklace

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DIY statement necklace l
Let’s be real for a minute. Although television¬†commercials might try to convince you otherwise, if we all had to wait for our significant others to gift us the jewelry we wanted, most of us would have pretty empty jewelry boxes. I remember my grandmother showing me her jewelry collection and telling me that if you want something, you should save up and buy it (We only differed on our jewelry source of choice – hers is QVC and mine is Catbird). But I’ve taken her advice to heart and when I want to celebrate something special, I save my pennies and buy a piece of jewelry that I love. But my New York budget doesn’t allow for splurges as frequently as a jewelry-loving girl might wish, which is why I’m loving these jewelry DIYs. This one comes from Australian-born, Hong Kong resident Geneva Vanderzeil, who is also author of DIY Fashionista: 40 Stylish Projects to Re-Invent and Update Your Wardrobe, and founder of A Pair & a Spare. Since we went a little minimal with our last jewelry DIY, we asked Geneva to make us something that’s a little more of a statement piece.¬† -Amy

*You can buy a full kit to make this DIY right here, too!

DIY statement necklace a

Materials Needed
A piece of felt
Rhinestones (here, here, and here)
Jewelry plyers
Needle and Thread
2 end caps
A lobster clasp and jump rings

DIY statement necklace b

DIY statement necklace c
1. Cut out your felt into squares and then plan your design. You may want to draw it or copy the one we have created. Using a toothpick or skewer, put some glue onto the back of the rhinestones

DIY statement necklace d
2. Begin applying the crystals to the felt.

DIY statement necklace e
3. Continue creating your pattern.

DIY statement necklace f
4. Once you have made your pattern, let it dry overnight.

5. Cut out the pattern, making sure to cut as close to the crystals as possible so that the felt can’t be seen.

DIY statement necklace g

DIY statement necklace h
6. Add glue to the end caps and press them onto the ends of the rope.

DIY statement necklace i
7. Add a jump ring to one end cap and a jump ring and lobster clasp to the other end.

DIY statement necklace j

DIY statement necklace k
8. Sew or glue your jewel clusters to the necklace, making sure they are centred.

DIY statement necklace m
9. Voila!

DIY statement necklace n


Love this! I’m all for DIY jewelry. It’s so great to be able to create exactly what you want and not have to search for it. I posted a necklace DIY on my blog recently if you’re interested :)



Did you use the large end caps or the mini ones? The “mini” ones you linked are sized 1cm tall by 0.8cm wide, while the black rope you linked measures 1.3cm wide.


Did you use the the “mini” end caps you linked or the large ones offered on that site? The mini ones you linked measure .08cm wide, while the rope you linked measures 1.3cm wide.