30 Inspiring Images from DS Readers: #DSLooking Favorites

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This month we asked you all to share what you see each day, on your walk to and from work or just around you. The idea for this hashtag was inspired by Alexandra Horowitz’s recently published On Looking: Eleven Walks with Expert Eyes. The idea of taking a fresh look at the familiar world around you was just so inspiring to me as I often feel like I’m running from place to place – not seeing or even hearing (headphones!) the world around me. I’ve been trying to be mindful of taking notice of my surroundings, but it’s nice to have a bit of a reminder. One of my favorite things about Instagram is getting a little glimpse of other lives both near and close. Thank you all for sharing your world with us. (If you want to see all the photos, you can see them here.) If you missed our interview with Alexandra Horowitz, you can read it right here. -Amy

Images above: Ellen Louise Freeman

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Image above: Ben Mullins‘ shot of this “Port of Entry” is so haunting.

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Design Sponge Instagam
Images above: Ellen Louise Freeman

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Tess Girard brought some beautiful wooden texture to the table.

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Image above: Palm trees and shoes by Melanie_Abrantes

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Image above: Some gorgeous sky and nature moments from Trang Ta

Design Sponge Instagram
Image above: Succulents captured by Winsomehollow

Image above: This is what February in Miami Beach looks like according to mbkoeth

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Image above: Shannon David found some beautiful spots.

Image above: spotted by glittermountain

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Images above: Sophia Moreno-Bunge made an appearance in both our rug challenge and the looking challenge. Claps all around!

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Image above: Colorful hoses captured by Ellen Louise Freeman

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Image above: Jessica from Sand & Snow Blog took some gorgeous photos of daily life for this challenge.

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Image above: Pink and Red Booth from Amy C.

DesignSponge Instagram
Image above: A fountain made entirely out of coral from sandsnowblog


Design Sponge Instagram
Image above: A scene in Ashville captured by entopticon

Image above: Amazing clouds captured by tabithasley
Image above: dianeondeerfoot braved freezing temperatures on her moving walk and was rewarded with a neon kiss

Image above: ConcreteJungledDC captured her favorite door in DC

Image above: Sunset in DC by Emma4590

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Image above: Fresh citrus and pink trees from Valerie Lily’s feed.

Image above: kjoronen’s walk to work

DesignSponge Instagram
Image above: ShopCuriosity labeled this photo “shortcut”. It’s Stoll’s Alley in Charleston.

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Image above: Katy from Winsome Hollow took some lovely photos of her day-to-day life.

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Image above: Brooklyn’s frozen landscape, from Ariele Alasko


I just passed by that Port of Entry sign an hour ago! So cool to see something from Northern Kentucky on DesignSponge!

Anoush Alexnde

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