How To Draw Hearts With Circles: A Geometric Love Story

by Grace Bonney

Last year I was blown away by a beautiful video from Justina Yang of Fiber Lab in Vancouver, Canada. Justina emailed me her latest project, which was a mind-blowing paper recipe video. She used paper to recreate all of the ingredients for a croissant and “baked” them in a playful how-to video that I constantly watch when I need a little pick-me-up. It’s nothing short of perfect. So when we chatted over email I couldn’t help but ask if she’d consider sharing something with us on the site and she was kind enough to create a very special Valentine’s Day production for both math and art lovers. In a three-part video, Justina shows you different ways to create hearts using a simple circle. From “curve stitching” and chalk cardioids to “sweethearts” created with food and cupcake liners, Justina creates something so inspiring, exciting and romantic with the magic of geometry. A huge, huge thank you to Justina for creating this wonderful video for us- this was such a special Valentine’s treat. xo, grace

Please check out more of Justina’s work on her website, Etsy shop and Facebook!


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