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On Sunday I found myself facing an all-too-familiar feeling. I was crouched on the floor of the furniture shop Nightwood, trying to convince myself that I had a reason to buy the gorgeous Turkish rug in front of me. I rolled and unrolled it several times, trying to imagine how and where I would use it at home. Then I dipped into my Minimalist Challenge bag of tricks and told myself to put it down and come back and get it the next day if it was still there. But then I couldn’t put it down. I kept going back to it and decided to employ one of my last-ditch minimalist loopholes that lets me feel a little bit better about buying something I just can’t walk away from: the one in, one out rule.

In exchange for buying the rug I’m now so in love with and testing out in different parts of our apartment, I’m cleaning out not one, but five major pieces from my closet. This is intended to drill home the “don’t buy new things” test, and also to help me remember that buying something impulsively means I have to work twice as hard to keep things clean and uncluttered. So while I was gathering things to donate, it made me start thinking about why I seem to have one weakness for impulse buying: textiles. From striped rugs and narrow flat weave runners to handmade wall hangings and doormats, I have the hardest time walking away from a beautifully made textile. I don’t know if it’s the texture, pattern or being able to see handmade details added in (like the tiny animals in this Turkish rug), but rugs in particular are my weakness. So I thought it would be fun to turn my current obsession into a chance to check out other people’s favorite rugs. From bold stripes and shaggy Beni Ourains to colorful flatweaves and beautiful rag rugs, I’m dying to see your favorite rugs.

Whether it’s one from your own home, a friend’s or just something you see out and about, upload, tweet or email your favorite rug photos (#DSNiceRug) and we’ll share our favorites here on D*S. I can’t wait to see the explosion of pattern and color on everyone’s feeds! xo, grace

Click through to see 10 of my favorite rugs from D*S sneak peeks…

Jessie Webster’s colorful dining room rug.

Sasha Ritter’s bright rug.

Lance DeWalt and Quoc Nguyen’s bold and colorful rugs.

Lou Mora and Sarah Yates’ hanging rug.

We love the patterned rug in Christine and Evan’s SF home.

Grace Hsiu’s beautiful bedside rug.

A colorful Peruvian rug from Derek & Kristin’s home.

I love the tiny bird rug and yellow patterned rug in the Estonian home of Liina Viira.

Nadja Lavin’s great pink striped rug.


I’m a rug and chair fan who can’t indulge in either. More photos of your new rug, please, when it has settled into a spot where you think it will stay a while?

Jessica S.

Grace — Upon first viewing this image, I totally thought that your “A.Alasko” cheeseboard was resting on your runner. It wasn’t until I perused Nightwood’s inventory on their site and recognized that your runner is still listed for sale, that I was able to get a clear perspective on how it looks!

Thought you might get a kick out of this. It’s just a little something that I picked up on.


I am also a sucker for rugs – I just love the texture they bring to a space! I think you made a good purchase, rule or no rule.


I really like your gorgeous rug collections especially the Turkish rug. You absolutely made the right purchase for that. It gives more attractiveness to a room. I am loving your sense of taste. Keep us updated!