DIY Project: Mirror Tray

DesignSponge Mirror Tray  2
The second I heard there was a spray that could turn clear surfaces into mirrors I was intrigued. Struck by how many possibilities there are for such a product, I got to work dreaming up some off-the-wall ways to use this remarkable mirroring spray. I created these geometric mirrored trays in just a few easy steps. They’re quick and simple so let’s get started! -Megan

The full how-to after is after the jump!

Here’s what you’ll need:

-Krylon Looking Glass Spray

-A clear plexiglass tray

-A can of clear topcoat

-A can of colored spray paint (I used green)

-Painter’s tape


1. Using painter’s tape, mask off a geometric shape on the underside of your tray. Be sure to cover the sides so that you don’t end up with color in unexpected places. Next, coat the surface with the spray paint. Once the paint is dry, remove the tape.

2. Coat the exterior of the tray with the looking-glass spray. The spray goes on grayish, taking on a mirrored finish as it dries. Repeat this process 3 or 4 times to create an even finish.

Tip: The looking-glass spray is like spray paint, so be sure to work in a well-ventilated space or even outside if you can.

3. To protect the mirrored surface I sprayed a clear poly topcoat on the exterior of the tray. Just be sure that the mirrored finish is completely dry before you do this step; otherwise you could destroy the effect.

For more fun mirrored-glass projects, check out my Weekend Decorator column on the One Kings Lane blog!


Love it, thanks for sharing! Also had no idea there was a mirroring spray paint!


Do you have any idea where to find it in NYC? The Looking Glass paint? After seeing a lamp makeover using it, I have looked everywhere I could think here in the city and up near a friend’s house in CT! Thanks!


I might try this with an Indian inlay stencil. Mirror paint is the closest thing I’ve seen to the opal look I want to recreate.