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DIY Wooden Cake Stand

by Grace Bonney

Kate’s DIY Recycled Cupcake Stands were one of the most popular projects we’ve ever run. They were cute, easy to make and were a great way to make use of older plates. So when Aimee from Twigg Studios came up with a fun spin on the idea using a wooden candlestick, I was totally game. Her version uses an inexpensive candle base from a craft store so the total cost is less than $10. Add a homemade cake or cupcake and you’ve got a great Valentine’s Day treat for you, friends or loved ones. xo, grace

The full how-to is after the jump!


-Plate (It should be in proportion to the stand. A huge wide plate may require two candle holders to keep it secure)
-Candlestick holder


1. Turn the plate over and mark the center with a pen.

2. Place a quarter-sized dot of super glue on the (bottom) center plate and on the top of the candlestick holder.

3. With the plate glue-side up, press the top (glue-side) of the candlestick holder onto the center of the plate where the glue is. Press firmly until they’ve adhered fully. If you have anything you can weigh the candle holder down with, place that on top. It will help the base and top adhere more securely.

4. Allow to dry for at least 4 hours, then flip over and you’ve got a stand!

Try making different sizes and heights to group together on a table as a creative centerpiece.

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