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Design*Sponge 2014 Internships
Today we’re wrapping up this week with some extra excitement because we’re getting ready to add a few new team members to the D*S family. We’re a small but tight-knit group and this year we’ve realized we could use a little extra help around the office with a number of tasks that combine photography, graphic design and decorating. So we’re hoping to find two interns to join us this spring! The details are below and we can’t wait to meet some new friends who are excited to geek out over design, pattern and homes the same way we do. xo, grace

  • Must be free to work between the hours of 10am and 4pm EST at least 3 days a week.
  • Graphic design, photography and WordPress skills are a must.
  • We’re hoping for NYC locals, but are open to exceptional candidates in other areas as long as you can work on east coast hours.
  • All DS Internships are paid on an hourly or project basis, depending on an agreed upon schedule.
  • To apply, email us here, subject line “Internship” and include your resume and links to examples of your work online. Applications will be accepted until March 7th, 2014.

Best of the Web This Week:


Best of Design*Sponge This Week:



Apologies for being daft, but are you looking for each intern to have all three skills (graphic design, photography , AND wordpress knowledge) or perhaps a combination of the three (but maybe not all)? Thanks so much!!


Regarding the free perfume samples — they are not free as there is a shipping charge and they require all your personal data including credit card information.

Tomy Dev

i`d like to help and join your team especially i liked your blog so much, so if i had only two skills already is that enough for join !


Hello! I know the deadline is today, but do you have a rough estimate of when potential interns will find out? I’m too excited!


I’m with Jennifer! Since you won’t be able to respond to all submissions, I’d love an estimate, as well :) Thanks!!