Design*Sponge Black Book: Knobs

One of the questions I get asked most often is how to spruce up a rental apartment without breaking your lease. So many people have landlords who won’t allow paint or hanging heavy things on walls, making it feel like you have no choice but to accept things as-is. But I’m a big fan of embracing a good, old-fashioned hardware change when you’re up against a tough lease. Unlike paint and major structural changes, hardware can easily come off and move with you when you go (just be sure to save the existing hardware so you can swap it back!), so today we’ve selected our 20 favorite KNOBS for sprucing up drawers, cabinets and any other furniture that needs a little facelift. Since most local hardware stores carry great basics, I’ve chosen to focus on a few high-quality brass and nickel basics in addition to a larger range of special knobs that feature unique materials or designs that will make your furniture really stand out. I hope you’ll enjoy them! [If you’d prefer to try making your own DIY knobs, here are two projects we love!] xo, grace

*Please note: these Black Book guides are focused on online shopping so that readers everywhere have the option to order. We posted a list of fantastic vintage, salvage and brick & mortar shops we love for hardware, too, if you’re looking for something outside of these guide parameters.

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Image above: Metallic Driftwood Knob $10-$12

Image above: Gold-Flecked Blossom Knob $16

Image above: Faceted Ory Knob $10

Image above: Jefferson Knob $5.40

Image above: Swirled Geode Knob $18

Image above: Beehive Knob $10

Image above: Crossed Cabinet Knob $30

Image above: Talia Ball Cabinet Knob $8.32

step and ball cabinet knob - brass web
Image above: Ball & Step Knob $25

Image above: Clear Glass Knob $19.55

Image above: Bookcase Knob $5

Image above: Silvered Mirror Knob $8-$10

Image above: Streamline Handle $14

Image above: Coki Knob $14

Image above: Hawthorne Knob $14

Image above: Madison Porcelain Knob $10.19

Image above: Glass Bubble Knob $8

Image above: Faceted Ory Knob $10

Image above: Octagonal Deco Cabinet knob $7.59

Image above: Sandstone Knob $14

Lauren Elyse

I thought I was the only one who loves hardware! I have replaced them on one dresser and our tv cabinet. (The dresser has 2 different sets painted, patterned knobs that I alternated; the tv stand has ones that look like mercury glass.) Could you do a set of drawer pulls/handles next please? Thanks!


I’ve got a dresser that needs new hardware, if it makes it through the move, I’ll look into a few of these!


Nice roundup! World Market often has nice hardware, too–for a little less pricewise. It’s not as lovely as Anthropologie’s, but in a similar vein. Looking through the new West Elm catalog, I saw hardware similar to the swirled geode above. I think West Elm’s is larger.


I love knobs almost as much as I love buttons! Is that weird? Oh well, too late to change me. Checking out your selection was fun – thanks!


Those are gorgeous, I love the gold and glass ones. I’m guessing no one here is from the UK …