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Decorating with Mirrors: 20 Favorites

by Amy Azzarito

design sponge best of mirrors
Mirrors are every designers not-so-secret secret. From bringing in more light to making a small space feel larger to even adding a little drama to the space – a mirror is seriously your best design friend. (And you can find some seriously good deals on craigslist and at thrift stores) Here are some of my favorite mirrors from our sneak peek archives – everything from frameless round mirrors to mirrors in ornate frames and even a mirrored hallway. There’s plenty of inspiration to bring a little reflected light into your February Monday. –Amy

Image above: Elegant with a masculine touch: the ornate Versailles mirror softens the room while rugged pieces like the antique barn chair, 1800s shot gun and cast iron animals in this Hudson Valley home help to add a masculine touch.

DesignSponge - Best of Mirrors
Image above: This mirror is the perfect focal point for the living room in this 1920s Spanish Mission-style apartment building overlooking Sydney’s Tamarama beach

Image above: This mirror was once an old window from T. Boone Pickens historic home. It was salvaged and turned into a mirror. Perfect for this Southern California master bedroom

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Image above: The perfect mirror for the dressing area in this Philadelphia loft.

Image above: The gilded mirror above the drinks console was a stunning find at an antiques fair in a tiny town outside of the city of Edinburgh – where this glamorous home is located

Sneak Peek - Best of Mirrors
Image above: If you don’t have a window over your sink, a mirror is the next best thing. An added plus – it allows this homeowner to keep an eye on her young daughters while preparing dinner or cleaning up.

Image above: In this London home filled with travel finds the mirror frame was bought in Bali and glazed in the UK. (Above the mirror are old belts once worn by a Maharajah’s staff, bought in a street market in India.)

Image above: An ornate mirror adds a little drama to the entrance of this house in the U.K.

Design Sponge Best of Mirrors
Image above: A flea market find – this round mirror was the perfect backdrop for all the treasures displayed on top of an old cabinet in this L.A. home. 

Sneak Peek best of mirrors
Image above: This modern triangle mirror from MFEO has become the perfect spot to display favorite nail polish colors in this Brooklyn apartment 

Image above: This beach house just outside Sydney has been in Phoebe Gazal’s family for twenty years. The mirror above the art deco fireplace is the perfect nod to view out the windows. See all the photos of Phoebe’s Pittwater home here.

Design Sponge Best of Mirrors
Image above: A perfect entryway vignette in this Sydney home – a vintage faux bamboo entry table, with a green glass bottle and a captain’s mirror

designsponge best of mirrors
Image above: The angle of this mirror perfectly highlights the display of wood hanging over the fireplace in this Southern California cottage

Design Sponge Best of Mirrors
Image above: The mirror hanging over the fireplace in this Victorian Bristol home was one of those perfect vintage finds.

Design Sponge Best of Mirrors
Image above: A case of go big, or go home – a mirrored hallway in Manhattan’s Upper Eastside

Image above: A sunburst mirror hangs over the bed in this New Jersey home.

Design sponge best of mirrors
Image above: The vintage mirror handing in the entryway of this Chicago apartment was the homeowner’s first-ever auction purchase.

Design Sponge best of mirrors
Image above: A Venetian mirror is the final touch in this colorful room in a Victorian home in England.

Sneak Peek Best of Mirros
Image above: The gold framed mirror hanging above the fireplace in this Nashville home was a $30 Craigslist find

Image above: The giant mirror in the Dos Family’s Copenhagen living room was an Ikea find.

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  • I LOVE large mirrors used in bedrooms, for dressing and even brining further depth into a room. Someday (when I have the space) I hope to have one, and oh goodness, it will be put to good use.

  • very timely, I’ve been thinking about mirrors this week. I’ve never been that into them, but I’ve been thinking that a mirror across from my living room window would bring a lot more light into the room. I love that captain’s mirrors!

  • I noticed that all of these mirrors appear to have new mirror glass in them. Should the vintage or antique mirror glass be replaced with new in the frames? I have a vintage framed mirror and an antique mirror as part of a dressing vanity table set, but the mirror glass in both is foggy and has dark spots.

  • A stunning selection of mirrors – love them all. They are all so individually perfect for the space they are in. Totally agree with you, mirrors are transformative to a room, adding light and style. Beautiful :O)

  • Nancyinstil, I think if you look closer some of the mirrors are old and have dark spots. An old mirror is, in my opinion,much more valuable than a new one.

  • I’m a big fan of mirrors- when I was a floral designer at the historic Mayflower Hotel in Washington DC they gutted the Nicholas Restaurant that was there – the walls were covered with massive old beautiful beveled mirrors and I was lucky enough to finagle one. It was huge- 5 ‘ by 3’ and it looked beautiful leaning against the wall in my apartment and I was thrilled to have a tiny piece of history.

  • I love having mirrors around the house because I think they make my home look bigger, but I have never known how to make them work with the rest of my decor. However, after these ideas and seeing these pictures, I am full of ideas that I think would look great! I especially like the ideas of using unique frames to complement the other decorations. Thanks so much for sharing this!