Best of the Web + A Valentine for Max & Amy

As we wrap up and prepare to head out for the weekend, I wanted to take a moment to send a very special Valentine to the two people who inspire me, support me and make me love every day of my job: my truly wonderful Brooklyn co-workers, Amy Azzarito and Max Tielman. These two have been not only creating wonderful and exciting work for Design*Sponge, but have been the greatest daily support for me for the past few years. Working across the desk from talented people like these two is truly a gift and today I want to send them a huge THANK YOU and a very big hug. I couldn’t be luckier to have them as my work Valentines. I hope all of you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day, too- whether you’re celebrating solo, with friends, family or loved ones, I hope everyone gets a little surprise message of love. Lots of love from Brooklyn, xo, grace

Best of the Web This Week:


Best of DS This Week:

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Best of the web, indeed! I’ll have a full queue for tomorrow. Sat&Sun are always coffee and blog/web mornings :)


Orla Kiely is such an inspiration. Her icon pattern, “the stem,” along with her others are simple, innocent, and youthful, which to me translates to trustworthy and secure. Aren’t those the type of things I want to surround myself with?


The Design*Sponge family! It’s so great to see each of you pursuing your own interests on the blog, and making content that is personal and thorough. It’s obvious how much you want to support each other!
Happy Valentine’s Weekend!


I’m sort of distracted by that hearty chocolate roll.. but this is a great list. I actually enjoyed reading about Eva Chen and her “diet” and how often she breaks it. I think it’s amazing how someone can balance healthy and unhealthy eating. Well I guess you just have to be true to yourself, as long as you have fruits and vegetables and exercise, you can eat whatever you want as a reward to your hard work. I admire her now. :)