Best of the Web + New Eskayel Wallpaper

I’ve had pattern on my mind all week as I clear out my desktop folders and realize how many wallpaper patterns I keep ‘clipping’ and saving online. Eskayel recently launched a new collection and I can’t get their soft watery designs out of my head. So many wallpapers over the past few years have been about high contrast and shiny detailing, which is fine, but I really love the way Eskayel’s papers have a softness about them that blends into a room so well. Her newest series feels like dipping into a cool dark cool pool- always a nice feeling to end the week on. I’m heading out now to go through 10 years of D*S posts for a very special project coming up soon. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend from memory lane. xo, grace



  • DIY Concrete Table at Weekday Carnival: I’m obsessed with Riika’s projects, and this one is fantastic. It looks modern and professional and I’d chose this over another pom pom project any day.
  • Which Orange Is The New Black character are you?: Enough said. I got RED. I did not see that coming. But now I kind of love it.
  • Corn Husk Flowers: Britney at The House That Lars Built is channeling Austin Scarlett with this amazing post on the flexibility of corn husks. She’s making flowers, but as a material, it’s a great piece to explain how versatile it is. I may need to experiment with them this weekend.
  • How do fashion trends start?: Just in time for fashion week, Fast Co. takes a look at the Trend-ology, a new exhibit at the Musuem of of FIT that examines the source of fashion trends.
  • We love this animated look at last year’s battle between “realistic” and “flat” design. It’s just one more example of how the shifts between ornament and simplicity are never-ending in design history.
  • Although New Yorkers were generally all miserable about this week’s bout of winter weather, some Instagrammers pointed out that, between all the horror, there was some real beauty.
  • The Paris Metro, reimagined: These proposals to repurpose unused Paris metro stations are AWESOME.
  • Photographs from the Sony World Photography Awards: I could stare at these all day. There’s so much LIFE in these photos.




Love the Rorschach (did I spell that correctly??) look of the wallpapers. Very organic and watery :)

Audrey Wright

The Astral-night is amazing. I love how they capture the abstract cosmic patterns. It’s still pretty detailed, but kind of washed, so it’s not heavy on the eyes. Brilliant, i think. Good catch ;)


I’m in love with that wallpaper by Eskayel – any recommendations of finding similar print on fabric to reupholster some chairs?

Maria G.

This wallpaper looks very unusual. I have never seen such an ornament before. The color is very mild and it will have a calming effect. And of course it will not irritate, because once I had bright yellow wallpaper. At first it looked pretty but in a few days I deleted it because it was making me crazy.