valentine's day

Best Last Minute (Free!) Valentines

by Amy Azzarito

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A few years ago, Kate Spade put together a collection of e-Valentines designed by illustrators and designers – it was one of my favorite things ever. It was particularly great because a lot of the Valentines were about friendship rather than romantic love. Unfortunately, they are no longer offering those awesome e-Valentines so I scoured the web for some other great options. One of my favorite new options for Valentines is Pinterest’s Send a Valentine – the Pinterest team asked designers and illustrators to create some special Valentine’s cards. I picked a few of my favorites below, but you should check out the full roster right here. I still think there should be more Valentines that are friendship targeted – something sweet to send a close friend or sister or your mom. I’m just going to put that out there in the universe.  –Amy

Image above: by Michael O’Neal and Laura Brunow Miner for Pinterest Send a Valentine

Image above: free paper airplane valentine from NoBiggie

Image above: “You Make Me Blush” by Jessica Bruggink for Pinterest

Image above: Elf quotation (free) download from Tigerlilly Quinn

Image above: free downloads from Just Add Sparkles

Image above: (free) valentine downloads from illumecandles

Image above: (free download) from Paper and Pigtails

Image above: I Really Like You and You Make My Heart Race from Paperless Post

Image above: Jessica Hische for Pinterest’s Send a Valentine (love Jessica’s anti-Valentine here)

Image above: (free) downloadable cards for friends, co-workers or sweetheart from that’s pretty ace

Image above: xoxo tic tac toe valentine cards (free) from Nest of Posies

Image above: “You Float by Boat” by Jessica Bruggink for Pinterest

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  • Ahhh… yeah. I definitely should have read a little closer. That’s disclosed above. I would have appreciated more diversity though.

    • Christina

      By my count, only 4 out of these 10 are from the Pinterest series. Did you mean something else? However, I think the Pinterest collection was great because it represented a large range of different independent artists. I don’t think the Pinterest location of the images makes them less diverse.


  • Excellent! I was just about to panic after realizing I haven’t done anything for my son’s preschool class. Thank you! I’m gonna do the paper airplane one. Cute! Thank you!!

  • Grace, I did not mean something else, and I agree. The Pinterest collection featured a great range of artists. This is also something I value in the round-ups D*S does, which usually introduces me to new artists, stores, and ideas. So I was disappointed when I found 40% of the content in this round-up taken from another round-up that appeared in my inbox the same day.

    I wouldn’t expect 40% of your end-of-the-week “interesting stories” list to come from the same source. I appreciate the leg-work you guys do compiling these lists, and if this was something you worked on with Pinterest, that would have been great, but I felt like it fell a little short and there was something more to be desired.

    • Christina

      I understand your point, but I don’t think of Pinterest as a single source in the way you’re referencing it. I think of Pinterest as I would think of Google Images, it’s a research tool that brings up multiple independent sources, which is how we’re using it here. I would understand if they were all designed in-house by Pinterest or were all from one artist, but I’m glad that the Pinterest finds were from a range of different people.


  • Thanks for this. I search Pinterest on a (sometimes unhealthy!) daily basis and I didn’t come across this so brilliant that you highlighted it! Keep up the good work Grace!