Before & After: Two Rooms Transformed with Recycled Pieces and Thrifty Finds



Kitchen and bathroom renovations, if done on a full scale, are notoriously expensive.  Even minuscule things like paint and tiles, when added to items like faucets and appliances, have a tendency of driving the price tag up into the stratosphere. It should be noted, however, that if one is willing to expend the necessary elbow grease, a beautiful, full-fledged room transformation is possible without dipping into the proverbial college fund. Take Sophie Leger’s recent home renovation, for instance. When Sophie and her husband decided to renovate their New Brunswick home’s bathroom and kitchen, they maintained a comparatively low budget by turning to repurposed and cheaply-sourced fixtures and doing most of the handiwork themselves. It certainly paid off—the end results are a far, far cry from the drab “befores”—bright, airy and modern, with a bit of rustic charm! Check out all of the photos plus Sophie’s design notes and sources after the jump! —Max




sophie_ba_kitchen_2 sophie_ba_kitchen_3 sophie_ba_kitchen_4 sophie_ba_kitchen_5

“We renovated an entire kitchen cupboard to give an open feel,” Sophie notes. “We also removed the old cupboard doors and had some simple Shaker-style doors made. We put up a subway tile backsplash and replaced the faucet, countertops, and fixtures.” Light fixtures and countertops from IKEA. Faucet and subway tile from Homet Depot. Hardware from Lee Valley. Cupboard paint, “Evening Hush” by Behr.





“Since we were on a tight budget,” Sophie writes, “we opted to refinish in an eclectic style. We basically had to gut the entire room and start from scratch. We added wainscoting from floor to ceiling, repurposed an old dresser into a vanity, swapped out the dated lighting for a barn light fixture, replaced flooring, and added a pane glass door.” Mirror, sink and faucet from Home Depot. Antlers from a local antique shop.


Kitchen budget: Approx. $2000

Bathroom budget: Approx. $1700 (including new tub)


Just checked with my mom, and the antlers definitely came from her little antique shop in Moncton! (A credit in the description would be great since we have a website)

Anyway thanks for featuring such a cute place!


I love seeing this type of feature. It is nice that people can do beautiful things themselves and with limited budgets.
Nice work home-owners!


I really like the simple layout of the kitchen, not to mention the tile used on the walls and the deep shade of gray used for the cabinets. Love it.


oh my gawd! I grew up in Dieppe! Never ever ever thought I would see some Maritime representation in DS. Awwwesome!

Suzy Quinn

Beautiful. Any way to find out the exact type of butcher block from Ikea? Thanks!


Love both rooms! The kitchen tiled to the ceiling adds so much style. Love the deep gray color of cabinets. Can you give out the color?

Jeri Schulten

I want a vanity like that but I’m intimidated with how to:(! Do you have a link showing at details in how to do this?


This is remarquable what you were able to do with a tiny budget. You have a talent for interior design! Bravo!

blake eames

I am more than a little amazed that even with doing all the labor yourselves, that this kitchen reno was 2000…wow

Nicely done.


If it’s possible to find out where those handles are from, I’d love to know. (We live in Vermont, so Canadian retailers are accessible to us too.) Thanks!


Any information where the bathroom ‘barn’ light fixture is from?


Dana we bought them from but I did find the same ones at lowes afterwards for much less :)


Amazing job! Wowza! Congrats! I love so many of the little details!


Wow! I can’t believe you did all the by yourselves! Congratulations. Both rooms look awesome and you brought in so many great details!!! Way to go!


Amazing! I would love to know how it went taking the old countertops off in the kitchen, as I am dying to do that but the hubs says no due to to damage to existing cabinets…how did you do it?!


Where did you get the bathroom sink I’m trying to find one similar and must not be searching properly?