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A London Home that Keeps Things Simple

by Amy Azzarito

Saffron Hunt and her very soon to-be husband Adam Holland (and their two year-old mini schnauzer, Hudson) have only lived in this South London home for six months. The couple moved to the neighborhood to test the waters before buying their own home in the area. Saffron has spent the last 10 years styling bands, music videos and commercials and now works as a creative director in a similar field, and a year ago, she paired up with a friend to launch, Fate London, an online home goods store. So when it came time to put her creative styles to work in her own home, she was up for the challenge. While there’s not a specific style that she’s aiming for, she loves to mix natural materials, raw wood and exposed brick with leather, wool, and silk – all in fairly muted tones against soft whites and creamy charcoals. She then interjects the couple’s personality through sprinkling the little bits and pieces that they have either picked up on travels or have some sentimental value – the things that tell a story. Thanks, Saffron and Adam! And a big thank you to Jessica Alexander for the lovely photos! –Amy

Image above: I have noticed that there is something very comforting and equally liberating to live in a space of your own making, and we have many plans and ambitions for our new home, right now we are just appreciating what we have until we have time to move things further forward. The big heavy wooden cupboard we found for just £20, it is a beautiful piece of furniture that we will never give up. The old U.S flag was an sent to me by a good friend in California, I used it for a photo shoot and it has been up on the wall ever since. I try to get out to the states as much as possible, I just get an overwhelming sense of ‘home’ from even the first time I ever arrived in San Francisco. The photo in the reflection is a photograph by our photographer friend David Ryle.

Image above: We love sitting around our big farmhouse table with friends. There is something about a big table in the kitchen that just feels so comforting. The lovely Ercol candlestick chair was a bargain I found at a market. The vase is something I picked up from Selfridges ( I also work as part of the Selfridges windows team) The ‘A’ print I got for Adam for his 30th birthday. The black triangle marble trivet (with coffee pot on) and white marble hexagon candle holder both from our store.


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Image above: We have lots of old favorite gig posters and adorable photos of friends and family cluttered on the wall in gilt and wooden frames, I picked up the desk from an old art studio. Here is an example of how much  I love mixing old and new, muted and gilt.
There is a beautiful photo of my dad who we lost suddenly out-of-the-blue two years ago, this photo is of him driving a boat when we were young, I love this photo so much. The Mexican Dia de Muertos guy is something I got on my travels.

Image above: I hung this feather necklace in a frame to just work with textures.

Image above: These are various bits and pieces that we have collected from travels, the brass vase is actually a huge cartridge shell that I got at a funny little antiques market in Malta last year, I loved the weight and patina on it and could only see vase when I looked at it, my friend remarked on the fact that something designed for destruction eventually would be used to hold nature/flowers. I make these glass prisms which sometimes hold sand and feathers and photographs, in this instance, some stones that someone gave me. Also in this collection, there is a photobooth photo of all our family when we were young peering out of a little gold frame, another a little nick-nack from Paris and a feather given to me by my mum, all these items have stories and together the layer up into a meaningful landscape that bring warmth, personality and history to the home.

Image above: This is Hudson who has the biggest soul and is still a puppy at heart. We would be lost without him now. I also love having wooden flooring throughout (bar the bedroom) it feels very grounding, which is really important to me. I also love having a garden full of bird song and that sense of peace that nature brings. It is vital in London to be able to have your own section of this, just to get a break from the city from time to time.


Image above: We have had these tea chests for years, I could never throw them out, they are part of me and will always suit the feel of any house we live in.  The black & white huge flower print was flown in from the States when I was researching for products for the shop.
working with textures is great especially in such a tactile place such as the bedroom, I love the wool blankets, silk oriental cushions and velvet combination.

Image above: I hang this very heavy beaded top on the wall just so that I can see it all the time, it just seems to work with everything else around it. When I was younger, I used to work at Habitat in Brighton and I saved up to buy this very expensive classic fan, it still works – it is a trooper and probably my first intelligent buy and insight into the benefits buying great quality and classic style. More feathers collected from various trips away around Europe and diptyque candles – my favourite scent is mimosa.

Image above: I have quite a lot of perfumes – friends and family keep adding to my collection.  This bathroom has so much light pouring in, that I wanted to keep everything white – I love how well the white shelves and glass work.  I keep my hair pins and bands in the cute little grey pot from Anthroplogie. The glass box is from Selfridges and the wooden box is my jewelry box that I have had since I was 4 yrs old!


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  • I love the black and white floral print! Do you mind sharing the name of the artist or where you purchased it? Thank you!!

  • @ Erin– I’ve admired that print for a long time! The artist’s name is Debbie Carlos and you can find her work on Etsy:)

  • Is it just me, or are the sneak peeks getting more and more tightly cropped? I’ve always loved the minimal approach DS takes to showing us rooms, but lately it seems like so many peeks are emphasizing the “peek” at the expense of showing us any interiors. The peeks are more like a stream of vignettes and instead of drinking in every detail of a room like I used to, I find myself frustrated as I try to understand what piece of furniture I’m even looking at, let alone how it’s positioned in relation to something in the next frame. This is like a series of displays. It’s exhausting.

  • What a lovely home! There is something very cozy about the room featured in that first picture.

    Would it be possible to find out what neighborhood their home is in? I completely understand if South London is as specific as they’d like to get, but I’m just curious.

  • This is lovely, lovely space. I love all of it, and especially the comment about how “Liberating it is to be in a space of your own making”. That just about sums up what a home should be and feel like!

    @Stacey–I agree about the vignettes. It’s nice to see the details up close, but I too am a ‘space’ person–I like to get the full view along with the details to get a better sense of a place.

  • I would love to know how she got the flag to stay like that permanently. I’ve wanted to display a flag indoors just like that, but it moves around too much.

  • I love this beautiful home! That large letter A print is amazing…where is it from?

  • i agree with stacy! Grrr show me the room! (get one’s photographer to shoot long shots) please please please please people these houses are too gorgeous to not see!

  • AAAAHHH maybe I am just really tired but that bed looks like the most comfortable and inviting bed in the whole wide world!!! Beautiful house!

  • Beautiful! Please do share the source of the A print, would love to have that in my home to honor my two beloved A folks. Thanks!

  • Beautiful home. Perfectly designed and so personal which is exactly what a home should be. I love the mix of styles and the Gold additions throughout – Gold always adds warmth and glamour to a space :O)

  • What I lovely home. But I agree with a few other commenters who said, I sure wish I could see bigger shots, like of the whole living room for example!

  • I will second, third, and fourth this question: Can anyone tell me where the “A” print is from? Been searching to no avail….

  • My dog Darby, is nearly identical to your puppy Hudson. What breed is he? Darby has a west highland terrier mother, and a Maltese father?

  • I keep checking back on this comment thread to see if the source of the “A” print has ever been revealed … any clues?