8 Oversized Posters I Love

For the past few years I’ve been all about editing down my collection of prints and posters to focus primarily on larger pieces. Nothing fancy or expensive, just something large enough that it can command a larger wall-space without feeling as cluttered as a gallery wall can. So far that means we only have a few pieces hung on the walls, but the ones we have are bold and beautiful and always seem to start a conversation. For me, that’s the power of a large piece- they grab your eye and make you think. So this morning I decided to round up a few oversized prints and posters I’ve been bookmarking online. It can be expensive to frame really large pieces, so I love that most of these look great just with a few clips or pins to attach them to the wall. xo, grace

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Image above: Antelopes by Steven Beckly $50

Image above: Astronomy Poster by The Curators Prints at Etsy $65

Image above: Radicchio Vegetable Poster by Anek $85

Image above: Crystal Poster by Debbie Carlos $50

Image above: Print Club Boston Poster $100

Image above: Swan Feather Print by Trina Cary $50-$100

Image above: Marilyn Monroe Selfie $53 (I don’t know why, but I think this is hilarious)

Image above: Be Yourself Poster from Marideestudio $38


Wow- love a lot of these. I think my bathroom may need the Club Boston print..I wonder if I could tile them as a wallpaper…


That’s because it IS hilarious. Totally cracked me up this morning!


Love these, My room really needs one of these on the wall somewhere (if i can fit it in with all my other pictures!)


I am OBSESSED with that crystal print! I am a fan of large, oversized prints and canvases – I think sometimes one large piece is a great way to bring a bunch of smaller pieces together. Thanks for introducing me to some great art!


Thank you for this! I have been struggling to find large-size affordable posters.

Maria G.

The poster with Oscar Wilde`s quote caught my attention. I started t think that it has a deep philosophical and psychological senses. We tend to forget that we should appreciate our personality because each of us is unique.


Ok I feel like a grandma for asking this question but how do people hang these big posters? I have one I really like but don’t want to pay to have it framed and can’t seem to think of a way to hang it so it doesn’t scream COLLEGE DORM ROOM. Any thoughts?


Love all of these! I would add another artist to the mix too–Claire Nereim. Definitely worth checking out her posters!