15 A-Frames I’d Like To Visit

It’s funny how internet searches can lead you down the weirdest wormholes of information and inspiration. Almost 10 years ago, I did some work with a great neon company in Brooklyn. Through a mutual friend, I found out the company’s founder is now living in Woodstock, NY in an A-frame cabin. That made me think about cabins and summer vacations, so I started looking at pictures online. That led me to the website Cabin Porn (I hate typing that word, sorry.) where I spent wayyyy too much time looking at anything tagged #A-frame.

I’ve always loved the simplicity of an A-frame. The structure is what you would think- an A-shaped, triangular home that is open and airy all the way to the rafters. They’re relatively simple to construct and seem to work so well as woodsy getaways. Whenever I see one, I’m transported to a mini vacation-land in my head where all I have to do is make pancakes and read the paper while drinking coffee. So I thought I’d kick today off with 15 of my favorite A-frames from around the web that make me not only want to run away to the Catskills, but inspire me to embrace a bit more “country living” style in my own home. xo, grace

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An A-frame in Big Sur, California from Dave Smooth.

Cabins at the Caldera Arts Center by Sarah Abbott.

Vintage A-frame cabin designs, via Grey Haas

a-frame post
A tiny guest room A-frame painted black, via Tia Borgsmidt/Bolig Magazinet

A ‘Japanese Forest House’ in Oregon

A minimalist A-frame via Oysho

AMAZING A-frame bookshelves in the home of Lille and Edith, featured in Marie Claire Masion
A modern A-frame getaway in Yosemite via Sunset Magazine

Screen Shot 2014-02-09 at 7.49.01 PM
A modern A-frame via Fast Company Design. I love the way a coat of black exterior paint makes an A-frame feel so modern and fresh.

Possibly the most gorgeous modern minimalist A-frame ever, designed by William O’Brien Jr., via Trendir.

Screen Shot 2014-02-09 at 7.54.02 PM
Jonya and Brad’s Oregon A-frame via Apartment Therapy

Screen Shot 2014-02-09 at 7.56.11 PM
A mid-century modern A-frame in Atlanta via Northcrest Modern

In Style_JordanaBrewster
Actress Jordana Brewster’s amazing A-frame home, featured in In Style Magazine

An A-frame from a 2009 issue of Readymade Magazine, via Design Public

Screen Shot 2014-02-09 at 8.05.14 PM
Theresa di Scianni’s A-frame home, photographed by Anne-Claire Rohe for Petits Papiers

Diane C.

I’m in love with the beauty of all of these! Simple and so perfect.


I grew up in a 70’s built a-frame in rural New Hampshire. What I wouldn’t give to live in that house now!


A-Frame architecture was always my least favorite style of home… I think I may have to re-think my opinion! There are some awesome designs here! (However, those 50s and 60s A-frames still don’t cut it for me!)


As a newly married couple in the ’70’s, we used to drive to a little tourist town in southern Indiana (Nashville, in Brown County) just to see an A-frame built in the woods. Oh how we dreamed of having an A-frame! I drew pictures and had it all decorated in my mind. I still love A-frames, and slow down when I see one. Maybe someday yet.


Where I grew up there was an A-frame house on a backroad in the woods over looking a river. As a kid I always thought it was the home of the 7 dwarfs. Any time see an A-frame now I can’t help but smile. They are really lovely.


I prefer this to crazy-hipped roofs with inoperable dormers…way less water problems with this shape.


A-frames always remind me of my first Fisher-Price dollhouse with the little people (and dog)! I spent many house imagining life in that space.


I can’t help but say, A Frame homes are like a permanent and more grown up version of a tee-pee, and come one, who doesn’t love a tee-pee! I think there was an article in WSJ recently about them. Not only did I eat pancakes in mine as a child, but I dreamed endlessly without barriers. Put some syrup on that!

Emily Travis

My family has an a frame in Glen Haven, Michigan, and I LOVE it. It’s on a stretch of chore that’s since been converted into national park. Quiet, peaceful. My grandma used to stop at the Herman Miller outlet on her way in. It’s full of simple mid century goodness. Makes me smile just thinking of it. You should stay a week this summer! It’s the most relaxing week I have all summer.

Heath Ashi

Oops, #4, #5 & #11 are not A-Frames. A pitched roof does not an A-Frame make … “steeply-angled sides (roofline) that usually begin at or near the foundation line” -Wikipedia. Number 5 (Jonya & Brad’s) is actually a mid-century modern Rummer Atrium.

Julia Brabec

Hey, that’s my house! (2009 ReadyMade Magazine, New Hampshire A-Frame) I’m always thrilled when I see my little gem getting some media love.



Swoon. A-frames just have a sense of nostalgia like nothing else. This made me feel so many feelings. :)


When I was a kid I thought A frames were underground houses, with just the roof peaking out ;)



You are so welcome!

And thank you for the daily inspiration. Design*Sponge is truly a bright spot in my day as I hammer away at a seemingly never ending thesis!



Hi there – I own a four storey A-frame in Wellington New Zealand – I love it!


We own the little back and blue A frame in your story and you are welcome to visit us anytime! We live on Vancouver Island, BC. Thanks for the mention!