14 Paper Flower DIY Projects for Spring

DesignSponge DIY Paper Flowers
This past weekend was like one giant smile. I slept in for the first time in I don’t know how long and the weather finally tipped above 50 degrees, letting in the sun and giving some freezing New Yorkers a little taste of spring. I immediately wanted to open up the windows and buy some new plants, but then I saw that yet another cold snap and more snow (When will it end??) are coming. So I decided it was better to focus on something less dependent on actual light and warm temperature to grow. I’ve been watching paper flowers online for a while now, excited to see them grow into an area where truly beautiful and sophisticated versions are now available to make or buy. I’ve always associated them with something a little more cutesy than grown up, but these 14 options are elegant and perfect for dressing up a table that could use some color, but doesn’t quite have the outdoor weather to make (a nature version of) that possible yet. So here are my favorite DIYs that prove just how stunning (and sometimes, easy!) paper flowers can be. Happy flower-making! xo, grace

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Image above: Coffee Filter Flowers!

Image above: Airy White Paper Flowers by Jeffery Rudell

Image above: Incredible Plum Blossoms by Rebecca Thuss and Patrick Farrell

Image above: Giant Paper Flowers by Ruche

Image above: Paper Daffodils by House That Lars Built

Image above: Paper Flower Garland by Lia Griffith

Image above: DIY Watercolor Paper Flowers by 100 Layer Cake

Image above: Paper Flower Bouquet by Oh Happy Day

Image above: DIY Crepe Paper Anemones by Ruffled

Image above: DIY Crepe Paper Flowers by The Bride’s Cafe

Image above: Crepe Paper Flowers by Craftberry Bush

Image above: Paper Flower Narcissus by House That Lars Built

Image above: Because everyone loves a little SCALE- DIY Paper Flower Backdrop by Oh Happy Day

Image above: Twisted Ribbon Tulips by Rebecca Thuss and Patrick Farrell at The Knot Blog


These are all stunning. I think I am going to try my hand at the Paper Anemones by Ruffled this weekend. It’s pretty warm here in LA, but it is supposed to storm over the next few days (yay! weather!) so I am going to stay inside and write and craft.


Ha! Read the title to this and got so excited to see the roundup of paper goodness, only to find my very own yellow coffee filter flowers included in the bunch. Nearly forgot about those! Went back and read comments from the last couple of years — made me smile. Thanks for that :)

Off to open the rest!


WOW, these are totally gorgeous! Love the paper bouquet, so pretty I’m getting married in a few months, so going to bookmark that one!


Wonderful..Those are so beautiful..They look so real flower, I’m gonna make it someday..Thanks for sharing


A boy in high school once made me a paper rose to use as an icebreaker to ask me to a dance. I was so amazed that I said yes. When he picked me up, he had made me a paper rose corsage to match my outfit. I’ll never forget that. They were very much like the coffee filter roses you have here. We only went on the one date but it was memorable!


This is a big portion of my life, but my flowers are folded first. I am out on a limb with excitement for all these DIY’s. Thanks so much. I have the crepe paper ready. Karen


This beautiful list of craft projects was added to our family’s Friday Finds link-up! We made the beautiful coffee filter peonies already and they turned our beautifully. We can’t wait to try them all out!


Anything made with paper is beautiful. Such a fantastic variety. Must try a few of these.


Wow they are just beautiful, I usually work with the real thing, but I love the textures that the paper creates.


Thanks for this collection and including mine in your gorgeous picks. I feel honored.


These flowers are just wooow… dont know if these are easy to make at home but i really like the look if these ones.
You can also try these flowers here. Paper flowers


I admire everything about Thuss+Farrell. Their works are inspiring, looking at them alone made me want to be a crafter.


These are all so beautiful! the colors and the different style give you so much variety to choose from! we can’t wait to try them, we just tried these recently: http://www.ananasa.com/blog/how-to-make-paper-flowers/ and we loved them! Mix these roses in with some of these and we have a gorgeous handmade bouquet! Thanks so much for sharing this, we appreciate anything DIY! Your blog is great and always has amazing ones!