10 Second How-To

10 Second How To: De-Thorn A Rose

by Maxwell Tielman

At this time of year, you will likely see shops filling to the brim with bouquets of red roses—a sure sign that Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Along with heart-shaped boxes of chocolates, the bouquet of red roses is a perennial classic—one of the most enduring, tried-and-true Valentine’s gifts. Although roses might seem like a no-brainer option, they are not without their perils. Take the prickly thorns that lurk beneath a rose’s seemingly innocuous bloom, for instance. Nothing puts a damper on a romantic night faster than a mangled hand and a trip to the emergency room. So, if you’re planning on gifting roses this Valentine’s Day, err on the side of caution and strip those bad boys off!

If de-thorning roses isn’t exactly your forte, fear not! The wonderful gals from Brooklyn’s Poppies & Posies were kind enough to share two of their techniques for removing pesky thorns from rose stems. The first of which involves a floral knife (or any kind of small knife). Simply hold the knife’s blade at a downward angle against the stem and cut each thorn away with a downward pulling motion. You can also go the more “professional” route and use a thorn stripper, the claw-shaped tool that florists use when stripping thorns from roses en masse. Simply clamp this tool around the stem of a rose and pull down in one swift motion to remove all of the thorns! Easy peasy! Let’s hear it for beautiful, timeless and thorn-free romance! Stay safe, everyone! —Max

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