10 Illustrated Travel Guides

by Amy Azzarito

I’ve had travel on the brain lately. A few weeks ago, I re-watched one of my all-time travel favorites – An Idiot Abroad (Not for everyone, but it appeals to my dry sense of humor). I got stuck in a bit of a travel show spiral and it made me excited to hit the road. My travel wish list is growing longer with every one of these books. But for now, the books are less expensive than a plane ticket. Happy armchair travels!  –Amy

Image above: One of our all-time favorite illustrators and lifelong New Yorker, Julia Rotham created an homage to her hometown. Filled with interesting historical tidbits, off-the-beaten path spots to visit, and interviews with locals, it’s the perfect book if you’ve been to the city a million times, live here or have it on your bucket list: Hello, New York: An Illustrated Love Letter to the Five Boroughs (out March 18, but available for pre-order).

Image above: Lisbon Travel guide written by Philip Kennedy, a writer for the Fox is Black. Bobby Solomon wrote a great review of the book right here.

Image above: Tokyo: A Very Brief Introduction: a tiny guide to Tokyo to help you learn how to navigate the city.

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Image above: Monocle’s Illustrated Guide to Turkey in issue #59, the cover illustration was created by Satoshi Hashimoto.

Image above: Graphic USA: Miniguides to 25 Cities by 25 Top Designers – 25 independent designers from 25 U.S. cities captured the unique vibe of their city creating a witty, insider-y design guide.

Image above: City Cycling Europe – a box set of illustrated guides to biking through eight European cities – London, Paris, Berlin, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Milan and Antwerp/Ghent

Image above: Paris Line by Line – Max wrote a great review of this book right here.

Image above: An Illustrated Journey: Inspiration From the Private Art Journals of Traveling Artists, Illustrators and Designers -If you’ve ever wanted a peek into the travel sketchbooks of artists and illustrators, this book is for you.

Image above: Meanwhile, in San Francisco: The City in its Own Words (available March 18, available for pre-order now) is like having an insider guide you around San Francisco. Wendy MacNaughton spent months getting to know neighborhoods in San Francisco and the book tells the story of neighborhoods in the city from the people who know it best.

Image above: from A Map of the World:The World According to Illustrators and Storytellers – a collection of more than 500 maps by artists, illustrators, and designers

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