10 Cute Poufs

DesignSponge Pouf Roundup
One of my new favorite developments at home has been Hope’s tendency to perch herself on top of Julia’s tiny red knitted pouf in order to look out the window. I was never a big fan of poufs, but now I keep spotting them in stores and wanting to bring them home so I can create more tiny perches for Hope around the house. So today I thought I’d roundup 10 Cute Poufs I wouldn’t mind adding to our home to add a little extra seating- even if it’s just Hope using them most of the time. From stripes and Moroccan leather poufs to vintage Kilim rug, faux fur and burlap poufs, there’s something here for every style. And, if you’d prefer to make your own we have two tutorials on D*S for making poufs/beanbags that let you customize things or save a little money if you’d prefer to make something on your own. xo, grace

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Image above: Knitted Pouf $129

Image above: Bhadohi Diamond Pouf $450

Image above: Knitted Yellow Pouf $79.95

Image above: Faux-fur pouf $250

Image above: Moroccan Kilim poufs $156+ each

Image above: Moroccan Wedding Blanket Pouf $575

Image above: Round swirl felt pouf $159

Image above: Striped Pouf $116 (Available in other colors)

Image above: Kilim Pouf $89.99

Image above: Leather Pouf $275 (available in MANY more colors)

Image above: Burlap Pouf $125


Hi Grace – love these – can you fix the captions as some don’t relate to the product shown above?

Jennifer Coyle

The round swirl felt pouf at West Elm is very tempting, especially at the price! Poufs are great, I’d love to make my own sometime. I’ve seen tutorials where you knit or crochet a ball and then take an old duvet and stuff it inside.

Kristin S.

Kind of pretty aren’t they?! I wonder – How heavy are these usually? What do you think they are stuffed with?


LOVE these! Would you do a pouf DIY? I’d love to get stuck in. Actually- what is inside a pouf…?


These are great – I especially like the kilim pouf. I’m with Sophie – a DIY pouf blog post would be amazing!


This post comes at a perfect time! I have an empty spot in my living/office area and have been thinking about poufs, so thanks for sharing these :)


Love some of the poufs listed, a few I haven’t seen before. Like the Kilim Pouf from Target but sadly its link isn’t working.

Grace Bonney


i’m so sorry- it’s showing on their page, but the direct link keeps breaking. i think it may be sold out? so sorry.