10 Cozy Reading Nooks

As I pulled my snow boots on again for yet another morning slog through the park with Hope, I found myself wondering if I’d ever have the motivation to work away from the couch again. Although I’m excited to make our office prettier, part of me just can’t find the motivation to do anything but work in a pile of blankets and sweatshirts at home. Inspired by that giant pile of comfort, I thought it would be fun to find some inspiration for creating cozy nooks at home. While I primarily find myself working in nooks like this, rather than reading, I’m hoping these cozy spots will inspire most of you to read or relax in them, rather than crack open a laptop. xo, grace

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Image above: Jessica Helgerson’s “Tiny House” Sauvie Island home, via Martha Stewart Living. Photos by Lincoln Barbour.

Image above: A colorful spot for reading, via Secret Berbere

Image above: Mandy Pellegrin’s cozy reading nook

Image above: An attic renovation by David Hotson Architect with interiors by Ghislaine Viñas, via Dwell Magazine

Image above: A sophisticated reading nook at Houzz

Image above: Gorgeous under-stair reading nook, via Paper Blog

Image above: A child’s closet turned into a reading nook (in editor Pilar’s Brooklyn Home), via Martha Stewart Living

Image above: Paul Massey’s amazing home, via Desire to Inspire

Image above: Dark grey reading nooks designed by Nest Design Co., via Arianna Belle.

Image above: A dark and moody reading nook in Gemma Ahern’s home


The under-stair nook is my favorite, even though I am reminded of Harry Potter’s childhood living situation. The Gemma Ahern one is great, too–it feels like it would be a great place to read if it’s cold and rainy outside!


A nook as a work space…why didn’t I think of that? I think you’re onto something. Lovely and inspiring spaces as well.


It’s chucking it down here in London, a chair in front of a small file looks very appealing right now!!


Great ideas! I really like cozy nooks, and keep trying to find ways to carve out some spaces for one or two.

Jill Smith

Love the reading nooks was thinking having a door with a sign saying ‘reading time , only bother me if its urgent’ hanging on the door knob,