Team Obsessions: Grace’s Top 20

As the creative community around us grows and changes, so does the way we work, create and share content. This year, Max, Amy and I decided that we’re going to do a lot of our product-based content over at Pinterest. We all enjoy (and prefer) spending the bulk of our time pouring ourselves into longer-form posts that require large amounts of research, interviewing and personal writing. Those posts get at the heart of what we love and work best in the format of a longer post here at the main blog. The online community is now using Pinterest as its main shopping and product-searching tool, so we thought it would be fun to embrace that format and keep a lot of our regular roundups on Pinterest. It makes it easier (and faster) to find the products you need and lets us pin and collect products naturally throughout the week. So to kick things off, I’m rounding up the 20 pieces I’m obsessing over this week. Some of my favorites are above, but you can view my full roundup right here! xo, grace

Image above: some of my obsessions from this week. Click here to view all 20 and their shopping links.


I just installed the pendant versions of the Ranarp IKEA lights in my studio. They are certifiably awesome! Durable matte white powder coat, quality brass-colored hardware & fun cord to boot-I love them! But they don’t stay in stock at the stores very long–predicting this will definitely join the classic ranks of the Malm & Billy series–everyone you know will have one soon haha!


I hope they include skin care obsessions. I love your recommendations.


Actually not a fan of having to go over to pinterest-It takes me off ds and makes me less likely to go back. It was much easier when it was included here w links :(

Grace Bonney


i’m sorry that it bothers you, i understand that it’s not always fun to have a change. we did our best to make sure it wouldn’t add any additional clicks to the process (our sources are always after the jump, which is one click for you). statistically, people just aren’t clicking through for sources anymore, and all our hard work goes down the drain. so we decided to move this type of content to the place where, according to our numbers, the majority of people are going for products.


Sarah C.

So mad! For whatever reason, Ikea is not carrying the Renarp in California at all (probably Prop 65 or something). SO MAD!


Loving the media links you’ve included lately. It’s almost as if the blogging world is experiencing what the print industry went through when blogging took off. I never understood how Pinterest hurt the blogosphere, but I get it now. I think you’ve come up with a good solution.

Lucia L.

@ Sarah C. I was in the Ikea in Emeryville and they had the Renarp floor lamp and the pendants, but they weren’t sure when the clamp lights would be in again.

Grace Bonney


thanks, i think you nailed it. and i agree, it’s completely like blogs and print. i was upset about it for a while and realized it’s just the natural course of things. but as someone who prefers writing longer form posts, i’m glad the blog is still the best place for that :)



Looking forward to continuing to follow along on Pinterest as well. Personally, I really enjoy the longer posts you do here and am always impressed by the depth of research! Happy New Year!

Katy Gilmore

Hooray for the longer form posts – my very favorite! And happy new year, and writing! to all of you – looking forward to those posts in 2014!