Safari Prints + Dogs in Cars

Human House Harvey, safari
I don’t if I’m craving a change of scenery or it’s all of the amazing animal prints I’ve seen in stores lately, but I just can’t seem to get enough of this look. So this week I’ve decided to round up some favorites for myself, my home and my pup in the safari theme. –Stephanie

HUMAN – I think it’s time to spice up my wardrobe with these sassy leopard print shorts. And while I don’t have a toddler of my own to rock these boots, I couldn’t help but include them on my wishlist. Just too adorable!

HOUSE – It seems as though I can’t keep a room decorated the same for too long. I yearn for renovation, redesign and remodeling! So in order to keep things on a smaller scale (and budget), I’ve decided to start switching up the rugs in any given room with new patterns, starting with this fun zebra one.

HARVEY - This may be taking the jungle theme a little too seriously this week, but I think this rope lion toy is too adorable. A little king of the jungle for my king of the jungle.

Continuing with some wonderful dog photography, I thought I’d share this series from photographer Martin Usborne called Dogs in Cars. I’ve always been captivated by these photos as I think Martin truly captures the emotion behind the experience.

Martin Usborne, Dogs in Cars

Martin Usborne, Dogs in Cars

Martin Usborne, Dogs in Cars

Martin Usborne, Dogs in Cars

You can check out more of Martin’s work here, including portraits from the Crufts Dog Show in England.


Jennifer Coyle

Omg these dogs. You’re so right about Martin capturing the emotion. I love it! Also sad that the rug is sold out already!!