Embrace the Snow: 10 Winter Movies

The polar vortex has turned me into a weather bore. I can’t seem to help myself – the weather is all I want to talk complain about. (No joke. I groaned yesterday morning when I saw that it had snowed again). In an effort to get myself out of my winter bad mood (and due to the fact that I’ve been watching more movies that usual), I picked out 10 movies with beautiful snow scenes. Of course, in some of the these movies (I’m looking at you Serendipity), you’ll have to suspend your disbelief – People are way under dressed for the weather and do things like hang around outside to declare their love, or lie down on a freezing wet ice rink. Romantic, but in real life, you’d be taking it indoors. Sigh. I think it’s going to take more than 10 movies to get me out my winter funk – but here’s to trying! Let me know your favorite winter movie in the comments- I’m desperate for new things to watch. -Amy

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Image above: Living in: Little Women

Image above: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Image above: Living In: Edward Scissorhands

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Image above: Living In: Cider House Rules

Image above: Living in Bright Star

Image above: Living in: Groundhog Day

Image above: Serendipity

Image above: Living in: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

Image above: Living in: Fargo (I don’t think you can talk about winter movies and not mention Fargo)

Image above: Living in: Dr Zhivago


Beautiful Girls is a must-watch for me every winter – and it’s streaming now!


I cry every time Beth gets the piano. Every. Damn. Time. This is a great list! One of my favorite winter movies is Wonder Boys.


I’m with Casey, I cannot get through that Little Women scene without my chin quivering (even thought I watch it every year)!

Theo Winterwood

I remember when the weather got cold and wintery, my best friend and I would do a double feature of “Fargo” and “The Shining.”

Still both my votes for the chilliest, snowiest, winteriest movies I’ve ever seen.


I like to watch Auntie Mame – the bright colours keep me warm.


Second Cup. (Scott Pilgrim) Ha! Oh Canada. Truth be told, their coffee keeps me warm many and office day here in chilly Ottawa.


Lars and the Real Girl is another great movie with lots of snowy scenes in the backdrop. :)


Two more for the list: Groundhog Day made me think of Meet Me in St. Louis. Also, Barbara Stanwyck in Christmas in Connecticut is one of my favorites.


The Family Stone is a Christmas movie, but it’s also a great winter movie. The house is old and cozy and everyone is piled with sweaters and robes to keep warm, And I can barely get through the brief scene near the end when Diane Keaton is looking out the window and is so happy that it’s finally snowing! Another good snowy movie that you’ve featured wonderfully here – Love Story!