Design*Sponge #NeatFreak Challenge
Over the holiday break, I came face to face with the limits of my tidiness. I’ve always been a relatively neat person, but over the past few years, I’ve gotten a little too comfortable with clutter. My solution has been to donate or toss anything that seems to be not working, but I should have been assessing the way I use the parts of my home to see if a better storage or organization system could have made things more functional. Thankfully I now share a home and a life with someone who is infinitely more organized than I am. Julia has introduced me to all sorts of organizational systems that I never would have tried myself, and it’s made our home run more smoothly in every possible way.

While I’d been clunking around and tossing my treasured collection of vases in our cabinets without a system, Julia had a great idea: Lazy Susans. I was never able to find (or reach) half the things I needed in our cabinets because they were small and got buried too deep behind other things. So Julia picked up some inexpensive Lazy Susans at the Container Store and now I can easily spin them around to find exactly the vase I need without digging and clanking things together. That simple change also had the effect of making everything inside the cabinets look neater and more organized- hence the inspiration for this week’s DS Hashtag Challenge…. #DSNEATFREAK. If you’ve tried out a new cleaning or organization method that’s blowing your mind with its effectiveness, email, Tweet or Instagram it with the hashtag #DSNEATFREAK by the end of the month and we’ll post our favorites on D*S!


I have a ton of lazy susans in my cabinets. I also use one huge one in my fridge. It is so handy!

Rosane Tardin

Yes, the idea sounds great, but wonderful is “…Thankfully I now share a home and a life with someone who is infinitely more organized than I am…”
Grace, this looks so GOOD!
Congratulations and a lot of joy!