#DSHealthyStart Favorites

slow down
I never expected to be someone who enjoyed social media so much, but I have thrown myself head first into Twitter and Instagram full-force since the beginning (Facebook and Pinterest were tougher sells for me) and have loved every minute of it. From real-time conversations, ideas, tips and feedback to inspiring images and behind-the-scenes looks at people’s lives, I’ve loved the way that these outlets have let us get to know each other better. Our hashtag challenges and posts were inspired by social media and today we’re sharing our favorites from the #DSHealthyStart project! I expected to see an awful lot of green juice for this one (and there were definitely some juices to be seen), but I was thrilled to see people interpret this challenge in broader ways, including spending more time with their family and pets to taking time for meditation, cleaning and making new friends. Thank you to everyone who shared their healthy starts with us and huge digital high five to everyone out there who’s working on making 2014 a happy, healthy year- in whatever way that works best for you. xo, grace

[Image above: Kccesiro (Instagram): Slow Down]

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Paul Henderson: Poached eggs turn health food into comfort food.

Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 6.35.22 PM
Slinksmom (Instagram): More tea, less clutter.

photo 1 copy 3
Polly Rowan (Instagram): Juice!

photo 1 copy
Sheepish Grin Knit Co. (Instagram): Enjoy the simple things, like leaving peanuts for the birds. And eating snow.

photo 1
Chase’s Garage (Instagram): Drink More Water (this video is adorable)

photo 2 copy 2
Hello She Wrote (Instagram): Quit Job, Learn Photography, Travel!, Make new friends. (I love the idea of making new friends- what a great spin on healthy starts!)

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Elsie Tuttle (Instagram): Spending more time outside, in fresh air, even when it’s cold. Worth it so far!

photo 3
Made by Ciel (Instagram): Freshly picked herbs from our garden alongside fresh produce from the farmers market. All ready to juice or be added to dinner tonight.

photo 4 copy 2
Paige W Posladek (Instagram): Tennis with @carterp #dshealthystart

photo 4
Stephanie Rittak (Instagram): Commercial workouts! (Such a great idea for squeezing in a bit of exercising during TV time)


Yay glad my juicing was in there! thanks. Loved looking through the pictures that others hashtagged. x


This is too much fun and truly makes me want to drink more water, hang out with seagulls and do squats while watching tv. Cheers, everyone! Thank you!

Kristen C

Thank you for including my photo! This was fun and I loved seeing what everyone came up with. Looking forward to future D*S challenges :)