D*S Pattern Book: Toile

Design*Sponge / Toile Pattern

Text by Amy Azzarito. Design and Illustration by Maxwell Tielman. Toile imagery from the British Library.

jacqueline | the hourglass files

Love that there’s a post on toile de jouy. I love discussing textiles. At its most basic, toile is a french word for fabric or the muslin pattern of a garment. But toile de jouy is often shortened to the colloquial nickname toile like you said. It was printed with engraved copper plates and could depict either floral or scenic designs. Some of the more modern versions by contemporary artists are quite stunning with different motifs than just florals or pastoral scenes. Also, toile de jouy does not have to be a single-color print, but those are the most popular. Thanks for this post Amy and Maxwell!