D*S Pattern Book: Tartan Vs Gingham


Text by Amy Azzarito. Design by Maxwell Tielman.

Check out Amy’s Past & Present post about Tartan for more history!


Very interesting! I’ve always wondered about the difference between these. Really liking this series.

Elsie Collins

I’d like to clear a few points here on tartan vs. plaid. Tartans are specific patterns and colors that originated in Scotland, as a way to identify each clan, as far back as the 10th century. Each proper historically based tartan is associated with a particular clan, which is why the wearing of the tartan was banned by the English after the Highland Clearances of 1745. A plaid is more of a bastardised version of the tartan, and has no historical significance. That said, a proper taran cannot be called a plaid. I am of the MacPhee clan of the 10th century in Colonsay, a tiny island in the inner Hebrides.


so is a gingham on a colored back ground a tartan?
if the tartan is on a diagonal is it cut on the biases?


So by your own definition the picture labeled gingham is not gingham?


In this single piece, you’ve spoken my mind more articulately than I EVER could.