D*S Pattern Book: Herringbone

Design*Sponge / Herringbone Pattern

Text by Amy Azzarito. Design and Illustration by Maxwell Tielman.

Erin Fletcher of Herringbone Bindery

The herringbone pattern can also be found in bookbinding as a sewing pattern; used when a binder sews a book on cords. The pattern is never seen however because it will be covered with leather. But none the less, it’s a beautiful sewing pattern and became the inspiration for the name of my binding business.

Louise from thedasherie.com

“The Romans discovered that when the Vs of the herringbone pattern pointed in the direction of the traffic, the road was particularly stable and strong”. This is the kind of detail I love.

I love herringbone parquet and although I couldn’t afford the real thing I did find some extremely realistic lino. My house is small and I laid it so that the Vs made the narrow spaces look wider and I do think it helps (with a few other tricks) to make the place feel as large as possible.


Now I added Herringbone Bindery link to iPad desktop to keep handy as we’ll ;-) ..I love bookmaking and learning about the origins of patterns in art & everyday things! Thanks…