DS Healthy Start 2014

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I spend way more of my downtime falling in (but loving) Instagram black holes than I’d care to admit. I click on one person’s feed which leads to another and then a fun hashtag and the next thing I know…it’s midnight. As much as I’m always resolving to limit my screen time every day, it’s just not going to happen in the foreseeable future. So I found a way to combine my unhealthy vices with my healthy ones.

Starting this week, we’re going to launch a series of new columns that showcase the talent, inspiring projects, interiors and moments from our creative community– all through hashtags (#). We’ll pick a theme, an idea or a challenge and collect entries via hashtag, the best of which will be showcased on Design*Sponge. I find the vast majority of my inspiration on Instagram right now, so I thought it would be fun to keep that idea (purely visual inspiration) going on the site in a way that highlights the talent outside of the blog world.

This week’s challenge is all about HEALTHY STARTS. Tell us yours by January 22nd and we’ll showcase our favorites here that Friday. Here’s how to enter:

  • Take a photo of what you’re doing to start the new year in a healthy way
  • Upload it to Instagram (#DSHealthyStart) OR Post it to Twitter (#DSHealthyStart) OR email it to us here (Subject line: #DSHealthyStart)

Our team healthy starts are above and below. Here’s hoping we can all stick to them…at least a little bit. xo, grace

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Max’s #DSHealthyStart

Grace’s #DSHealthyStart

Amy’s #DSHealthyStart: More yoga! I braved freezing cold to go yesterday, and I’m never sorry when I do. I feel the best when I make an effort to go four times per week.


Love this new column! Instagram has to be my favourite social media site for discovering new artists and such. Everything feels a bit more laid-back and fun for some reason.

As for healthy starts, one of mine is to exercise at least three days per week. To do so, I’ve signed up for hockey for the first time in years and I’m getting back into Zumba. :) Now for the visual part of this challenge hehe.


As a husband of a RDN (registered dietitian nutritionist), I would recommend that Grace change the No Processed Foods to Less Processed Foods. If you make a mistake, you won’t beat yourself up about it and toss the whole goal altogether. I’m around my wife’s practice a lot and this is something she would recommend. Also, if you reduce the sugar by reaching for sugar substitutes keep track of how you feel. A lot of people are intolerant to sugar alcohols (words that end in ‘ol’ on the ingredients list, like xylitol) and don’t know why they have cramps, bloating, and bowel discomfort. Sugar alcohols are natural diuretics that are commonly found in sugar-free gum, mints and even toothpaste. Good luck on your healthy start because I definitely need to follow Max’s.


This sounds so fun! I’m going to join in now. I’m trying to stick to a good exercise routine (gym 3 times a week) and have lots of healthy fruit and veg.


How timely–I just Instagrammed this morning’s green juice! Your goals are all in line with mine. :)


I decided to start my new year off with a 7 day cleanse from whole foods. I have really adjusted alot of my diet since last Fall, and continue to make changes. This book looks good.


I have this weird thing about absolutely loving even years! I’ve been waiting for 2014 since the start of 2013! I even planned my wedding for this year, especially because I couldn’t deal with an uneven number!… so this post is perfect for my new healthy eating habits. A big no to diets that destroy your system and kill your metabolism! a big YES to eating real food that make your body work for you!!!!